No Smoking Day

Buffys Home!! :D

I am back

Unfortunatly I am not feeling very capable lol my flight and times zones mean that I have had two days one after the other with no night time! ie no sleep!

Thrown in a couple of posts x x albeit short n sweet ones >< also I see so many New members!! so pleased! there are so many posts and I would usualy go through and welcome everyone and hope to make them feel welcome! but today i am

So please forgive my lack of posts and hummour >_<

By the way, I had an amazing time at Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas!

I will fill you all in more soon probably tomorrow, just thought i would drop by and let you know i am back and alive x x x x

And i didnt smoke :D easy not to there!

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Welcome back Buffy! :)



did ya have fun?



Welcome back Buffy, assume you didn't bring back any duty frees? He he :D


Welcom Home Buffy

We have all missed you hope you had a great time. you lucky thing and no smoking good girl. Linda


Feeling much more betterer today! he he am awake and lively again :D

Thanks for all welcoming me back

x X x X x

Lol @ chocobunny, they do cigs in 1000 boxs now days! £27 Pleased I could put that money on the vodka instead :D

Loadsa fun cheers dumplin x x swum with dolphins too! will post some pics on my space tonight.

I sound like joss stone rofl I had to call the toilets 'restrooms' and vodka lemonade 'vodka sour' and every one calls every one 'buddy' or 'baby' lollol

Big hugs my bestest internet buddy Boudee

Thanks Volcano and linda I Missed you guys too x x glad your all still here and smoke free still!! Well Done guys!!


Buffy 50 days today for you today. Better have a large one well done


Oh ok thanks linda! large one it is then ;) hehe and double the large one because I reached the 1,000 ciggie not smoked!

Ha ha and i just spotted I didn't delete the information i pasted to update my signature and it looks well confussing!! will edit it now


1,000!! Very nice!

It is actually fairly amazing to think about, those numbers really add up fast. Glad you had a good trip, welcome back!


Thanks Jemi x :)


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