Buffys Home!! :D

I am back iheartpaws.com/forums/image...

Unfortunatly I am not feeling very capable lol my flight and times zones mean that I have had two days one after the other with no night time! ie no sleep!

Thrown in a couple of posts x x albeit short n sweet ones >< also I see so many New members!! so pleased! there are so many posts and I would usualy go through and welcome everyone and hope to make them feel welcome! but today i am world-of-smilies.com/html/i...

So please forgive my lack of posts and hummour >_<

By the way, I had an amazing time at Sandals Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas!

I will fill you all in more soon probably tomorrow, just thought i would drop by and let you know i am back and alive x x x x

And i didnt smoke :D easy not to there!

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  • Welcome back Buffy! :)

  • ello

    did ya have fun?


  • Welcome back Buffy, assume you didn't bring back any duty frees? He he :D

  • Welcom Home Buffy

    We have all missed you hope you had a great time. you lucky thing and no smoking good girl. Linda

  • Feeling much more betterer today! he he am awake and lively again :D

    Thanks for all welcoming me back

    x X x X x

    Lol @ chocobunny, they do cigs in 1000 boxs now days! £27 Pleased I could put that money on the vodka instead :D

    Loadsa fun cheers dumplin x x swum with dolphins too! will post some pics on my space tonight.

    I sound like joss stone rofl I had to call the toilets 'restrooms' and vodka lemonade 'vodka sour' and every one calls every one 'buddy' or 'baby' lollol

    Big hugs my bestest internet buddy Boudee us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/...

    Thanks Volcano and linda I Missed you guys too x x glad your all still here and smoke free still!! Well Done guys!!

  • Buffy 50 days today for you today. Better have a large one well done

  • Oh ok thanks linda! large one it is then ;) hehe and double the large one because I reached the 1,000 ciggie not smoked!


    Ha ha and i just spotted I didn't delete the information i pasted to update my signature and it looks well confussing!! img189.exs.cx/img189/206/co... will edit it now s35.photobucket.com/albums/...

  • 1,000!! Very nice!

    It is actually fairly amazing to think about, those numbers really add up fast. Glad you had a good trip, welcome back!

  • Thanks Jemi x :)

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