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No Smoking Day
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Buffys Back :p

Hello everyone sorry for disapearing off :o

I have had terrible troubles with my Laptop, have had the bloody thing in bits on several occasions, replaced RAM and tidied up but it still don't work properly :(

It came on just before christmas and I haven't turned it off yet for fear it won't come on again! :D


I fell at the 9+ month hurdle! I am gutted to be such a fool after so long but hey ho I can't change the past but I can look to the future.

So here I am again!! Day 1

am using patches, as I tried to stop after a couple of weeks thinking after being a non smoker for so long that it would be a Piece of Pee.

More fool me, it wasn't that easy!

Liking the look of the new style Forum!! does that mean we have mods now too? :eek:

*hugs* my friends

~Buffy x x

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Hi Buffy. Good luck in your quit xxx

I will be with you on this quit.


Heya x x x x

Thanks x x x x did you fall too? you starting again today?


I did. I got to 2 months then was very silly.

Back to day 1. Can we do this together this time.

You did fantastic before so I am sure you can do it again. xx


We can do this, so nice this time to be quitting with friends.

We have no excuse this time right?!


~Buffy x x


Thats true. We can do this. x


:D Boudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehehehe missed ya loads too :(

Just hope my laptop stays with us for as long as i need it too :D

*BIG HUGS* for me Boudee


Hehe Thanks Boudee x x x x x x x

I am feeling Ok at the moment. I keep getting that feeling, 'go and have a fag' then oh no I am not doing that!! and I get a flash of panic but it goes in a second. Keep diverting my attention. Going to make some Fimo Beads in a bit, that absorbs my attention. Going to buy a jigsaw puzzle too.

Thanks for the graphic imagage of your boobs :eek:


Aw Boudee's x x x x I loves ya x x x x


Thought I would have just one more cig so ran back here instead :D

feeling passed now *tutz* roll on this smoke free year


Aye x x x x

Quitting is far easier when you don't smoke eh? *sigh*

Thanks hun x x


Youve given me more encouragement over the last few months E. than I deserve. Even when I failed you never made me feel bad about it so I never gave up trying. I think I maybe finally getting there now. Now it's my turn to encourage and be there for YOU. (I still look up to ya!)

Karen xox


Karen!! Your so sweet thank you, that bought a tear to my eye.

Thank you so much, for caring and supporting me x x


Hi Buffy, great to see you back here.. was thinking about you just this morning wondering if you were ok. Weird eh..:cool:

No wise words from me.. others have said it better than I could; just welcome back and all the best. Hope your laptop does what it needs to..:)


Hiya Steve x x x x

Thanks x x Good to be back too and back on track! ;)


Aw Buffy, to me you are the same superstar you've always been, really you've helped me so much it doesn't matter for how long you were quit or that you're on day 1 now, you're the same awesome inspirational Buffy to look up to, that's the kind of person you are hun and that comes out through your posts, here have a hug from me along with the best wishes for a great, happy and smoke-free New Year img.photobucket.com/albums/... I'll be here for you any time you need until you're back to where you belong, the penthouse xxxxxxxx


Buffy!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome home my little sweetheart, I have missed you so much, no one to giggle with, no one to stick up for me when people were nasty, I was all lost and lonely

well ok thats not quite true I had me mate pos and a few others, but you is the BUFF!!!!!!!

HI BUFFY!!! Welcome home hunny! You can do this as you have pulled many many people through the terrible rut of the nasty nic demon ~ so now we need to pull you...:D

BOUDEEEEEE - I know we love Buffy and we all missed her very very much, but :eek: You forgot all about poor me :( I was loving you in my own way, and I understand it doesn't meet the Boudee standards, but sniff sniff sniff, you could have a least said you loved me just to make me feel good!!! I think I will be off in my corner to sob now..........

YOU SH!THEAD!!! :p I must be chop suey!


Thanks ever so much Ns4m x x x x x

I will take on board every inch of support and strive back towards where i was!?

Don't sob in the corner hun, Boudee loves ya sooooo much, it goes without saying ;)

~ Saved ya Boudee ;) ~


LMAO ~ is there any saving Bou???!!!! ;)

Oh Buff, you will get right back to where you were in no time! You are a very strong person and you know this already!!! You have certainly played a huge part in getting me to 141 days thats forsure! Thanks hunny!!

So how was your Christmas and your New Years Eve?


Hi Buff

Just read your posts so sorry about your slip. Never mind nothing we can do about the past . We will all do this together buff all of us and by next new year we will be home free Lots of love Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


We will, we will!

This time we have all this established support and friendship x x x x


Aw Buffy, to me you are the same superstar you've always been, really you've helped me so much it doesn't matter for how long you were quit or that you're on day 1 now, you're the same awesome inspirational Buffy to look up to, that's the kind of person you are hun and that comes out through your posts, here have a hug from me along with the best wishes for a great, happy and smoke-free New Year img.photobucket.com/albums/... I'll be here for you any time you need until you're back to where you belong, the penthouse xxxxxxxx

Aw Francesca sorry I missed this earlier!

Thank you so much x x x x x I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful bunch behind me, willing me on x x x x x

Thanks again

~Buffy x x


hey buffy, long time no see, as I also fell off the wagon so to speak, I didnt know you had been away from the forum, great to see youre back on track though, Im positive you can do this, just think back to all the great advice youve given us lot in the past and that should see you through.

you and boudee are my inspiration, and I am coming back on the 7th, so dont you dare leave again, do you hear me missus? ;)


Charlene!! *hugs*

Great to see you x x x x x

I won't go anywhere, you just make sure you do come right back to us on the 7th ;) Deal???

~Buffy x x


Its a deal mate, patches and gum already in stock and raring to go.

ps- *huge huge hugs to you!* ive missed all you guys so so much, and I cant wait to come back to the forum properly! :D


Hehe glad your all stocked up :D It'll be great to have you back, missed everyone here sooo much!



I am sorry to hear of your blip, glad you are giving it another go good luck to you, you can do it.

Missed you on the forum so i have given Miss B your share of the stick i give you but she can take it?


Blimey !!

Blimey, I know I've not been on for about a month or so - but I was gobsmacked to see this thread !!

I guess that it's a good lesson for us all that ANYONE can slip (cos I think Boudee and Buffy are just about everyone's hero on here!)

But I'm glad to see all the usual suspects on here - and that everyone is enjoying a smoke-free lifestyle, which is dead nice. I really miss this thread.

I am dead proud that me and the Shark have managed to not smoke (despite me being off work for 6 weeks with a broken ankle/foot) - but to be fair, I do think that we haven't been out much, cos I can't walk, so temptation has been greatly reduced. Maybe everyone who wants to stop smoking should break their leg (don't try this at home kids!).

Well done everyone !! It's fantastic that whether you've had a blip or not, that everyone is still on here and working together to get off the fags !!

And obviously, if you ladies would like to cement your friendship with just a little kiss, I would be happy to hold the camera.:p



Lol @camera *sigh* See what I have been missing? :D

It was hard to say I fell, I don't want people to feel disheartened. I don't want to miss out on the support for me either?!

So all I can say is I was a fool *sigh* a couple o'weekend slips, then the odd 'treat' here and there then 'bang' you know the story!

The hard thing for me I think is that my partner smokes, they're always there in the drawer and I am reminded of smoking everyday! It's not his fault mind, but that's what made it easy to slip up.

I been smoking again now for about 2 months, after near 1 month i tried to stop just like that but was shocked to find it hard!

So here i am with patches this time. Party seasons over so should be ok this time ;) argh I am rambling again!!!

Good to see ya Max Love to shark, *hugs n Kisses*

~Buffy x x


Ah, what can ya do ?

Ah, it's easy done Buff. We've all been there and I kinda guess that's the point in having a site like this. We've all done it (a hundred times) so I understand exactly.

Just the odd one now and then. Then the occasional evening "treat". Then just one when you're out. etc etc.

I'm not being at all judgemental - like I said - I'm just proud of me and the Shark cos there were plenty of times when it could have gone either way but having each other to support each other helps loads. And that's exactly why you should be telling Mr Buffy that he should stop too !!

I'll give Mrs Max your love when I get home (in fact I'll probably give her enough love from both of us, but that's another story!) but take a massive hug from me and the Shark; you (and of course the omnipresent "hero" Boudee) have helped me and the Shark loads (and so has everyone else on this site), so I'm just glad to be able to offer some support back.

I was going to put "good luck" - but you know well enough that it isn't about luck. It's about strength - and you're mega strong !!


big hug



Hero Hero Hero

And how come no-one PMs me to see if I'm ok ??

It's the women that have it all................................



Aw thanks Max x x x x x x

My partner is doing the diet and weight thing first before quitting, he only smokes a bit at night, he doesn't smoke the cigs like me just uses them for a waccy baccy rollie of night :D hehe

However :D he just phoned and the dentist said (he just had an extraction) that he can't smoke for 3 days :D yayayayayay so he won't I know he won't.

Makes this early stage easier for me, would be cool if he sticks to it after but he won't.

When we went on hols he didn't smoke at all and was cool, but carried on at home. He smokes so little really.


Hooray !

NowI feel important !!

That's more like it.

You're forgetting that I'm just a simple boy at heart. Easily pleased, me.



Hugely?! What have you seen that I haven't eh??

Hope Max hasn't been favouring you! :p


hehehe rofl *blush*


Huge huge huge

Now now ladies, I don't want you to fight over lil ole me..........

And just for the record.............well, huge would just be a huge exaggeration..........


but at least someone has PM'd me !!




Hehe we wouldn't fall out over a 'huge' ahem :rolleyes: albeit not so *sigh*

Grats on that Pm hope she was kind to you ;) hehe


Hi boudee

Not long now for your half year you star.Few hours


Just think you have got right up the top of the hill it should be much easyer coming down the other side. If that makes sence Linda



Tommorow is 3 months for me too!!! Back to school as well.


Tally Ho team :D


My lot go back Tuesday :o

Going to take down the decs tomorrow


Hello all from a long time lurker... in fact this is my second ever post :eek:

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all and a big well done to all those who have decided to make the best decision of their lives and quit the yellow demon.

I also wanted to say to Buffy that it was 6 months ago a certain someone said to me

Grats on quitting !! welcome to your first week end of breathing deep :D

and I felt it important 4,000 non cigarettes smoked and nearly £900 not spent pounds later to say thanks, and return the compliment. You go girl!!!

Best of luck all, and again many, many thanks to all the wonderful people here.



Oh my :o

I don't know what to say.................

That reached deep and made me sit up and bought a wee tear to my eye :o

Well Done rodox you've come so far and well, thank you for making me feel like, oh i can't find the words. Thank you so very very very much

A Happy new year to you too!! Thank you x x x x x

~Buffy x x x x


WEll done Radox

Lovely of you to come back and let us know your doing well. Linda xxxxxxx


Ah, I just LOVE this site !

You just can't fault coming on this site first thing in the morning.

It's sooooo nice to see so many people being dead nice to each other and supporting each other stopping smoking. (I'm not that suprised that people support each other stopping smoking on here, as this is a stopping smoking website, but you know what I mean!).

It's dead nice and it's made my day start on a dead positive note.

Thanks - and good luck to the "readers" who never post but who have stopped since Christmas/New Year/Solstice etc

We really can all do this together:)


Hey Buffy. Wanna borrow my bike?

First time for a while I've looked on here and I must say I was a little shocked to see you had slipped up. Well good luck, hope you manage this time.

Love fatty


Hehe Morning Martin *mwah* Yup think I shocked myself there too :o

Just a plain old silly fool eh?

I'll give the bike a miss ta you go get on it again will ya!! lol

I'll stick to the warmth of the Gym :D

Good to see you glad your hanging tight x x


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