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Halfway home

Yep- I'm very happy to announce that today I join my fellow November (and early December) Quitters group at Halfway House and what a wonderful feeling it is! :D

To use a fell-walking analogy, I've done the hard, sweaty pull up from the valley floor to the ridgeline and from here onwards it doesn't look anywhere near as steep. The summit is still a fair way off but it looks so much closer than it did from back there and the view is already fantastic. :) I shall therefore take off my rucksack, sit on a rock for a bit, have a cup of coffee & a mouthful of chocolate, and enjoy looking back at where I've come from.

For any newbie quitters reading this, I can only repeat what many have said before (and will say again) which is that this time 6 months ago I could barely imagine getting to Day Two, let alone managing a week or a month. I could only gaze with envy and awe at those forum members who had scaled the dizzy heights of the 6 month plus room. Now I'm here I know it is achievable. Not easy, admittedly, but far from impossible and if I can do it anyone can (cliche city, but I believe it to be true for all that).

Finally but by no means leastly (? is that a word?) I'm 100% certain I couldn't have come this far without you wonderful lot-every single one of you. You've brightened up my day more times than I care to remember and I feel that I know you all so well even though I've only met you virtually. Please accept my heartfelt thanks with a big hug. I shall look forward to your daily company on the rest of my journey to the Penthouse. :)

Now, I think I promised my fellow November/early December quitters some cake didn't I? I think there's a lemon drizzle cake in there, along with a big fat chocolate cake and some muffins. I shall just unpack the rucksack...:)

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Congratulations!! I never had any doubt that you would get here.

Thanks for the cake .... but its champagne for the next stop :)


Hey Skiddaw,

I have been waiting for your post - last of the November Quitters.

A massive achievement - couldn't have been an easy journey, but you managed to get here all the same - well done!

You have been an inspiration to so many people on here - always coming back with a calm, measured response (unlike some ;)) and always positive -thank you.

Now, about that chocolate cake........:D


Hi Skiddaw,

Well if ever there was a person, going to succeed, it would be you,:) I am so happy for you, as you support one and all on the forum.

What a mighty way six months such a great mile stone for you.

I for one am so very very pleased for you, and hopefully following in your footsteps:)

A massive congratulations ;)


Massive congrats to you hun, you are inspirational on here with always a kind word when needed and very supportive of everyone, I hope you have something planned to celebrate today, you deserve it, xx


Thank you all for your very kind words. You've touched me more than I can say. :o What a wonderful bunch you are! Joining the forum was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I'm going to attempt to share one of our recent Lake District holiday pics as it just about sums up how I feel today. :) I should add that I have had to resort to OH's help here in view of being a complete blonde when it comes to anything involving IT...:rolleyes:


It certainly is! :D

Thanks Kat- much appreciated- and lovely to see you by the way.

What a lovely thing to say Kari! You're a lovely lady too and the forum would be a lesser place without you.

Thanks Max- your posts have been such an inspiration to me. I shall look forward to the personalised bunting! :)

Glad you liked the photo girls. I've been trying to post a pic for ages but had to resort to OH's help eventually. He's definitely the brains of the outfit!


Congratulation to you skiddaw on reaching halfway house. A fantastic achievement! You have been so supportive to myself and many others on here so is great to see you hit a major milestone!

Well done again


I've been waiting for this and missed it due to being away on the weekend. Seriously well done, so pleased for you:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Well done Skiddaw:). You are a star:)

Fi x


Bless you Debbie- what a lovely thing to say! :o You are far too kind...:)

Very nice to see you by the way. I was getting worried about you. :)


A excellent post for an even better accomplishment! :D

Congratulations, Skid. I'll be seeing you in the halfway house in a couple days!


Hi Skiddaw

Just read your 6 month mark post as I'm in sore need right now of some inspiration, and that's what I got. Someone, think it was Steve or KK (memory like a sieve!) suggested I read posts of Oldies (in the context of quitting age!) as a top up when I'm feeling a bit white knuckle, so it was wonderful to have found yours.

Thank you for going ahead to scale the quitting fells before the likes of me, and giving a report back on the terrain ahead, and more importantly, that you surmounted it...there is hope!

(PS: I'm a Sam too :):) )


Hi Sam :D

How lovely to meet a fellow Sam! Also very glad that my 6 month post has given you some inspiration. One thing which really has surprised me is how fast the time has gone actually- it seems only a minute ago I was on Day One (and time seemed interminable at that point) but it really does speed up.

I shall be at the summit waiting for you with a hip-flask of something nice I promise :)


Hi 'Sam' ;)

Definitely - see you there :)


OMG - I'm so sorry I missed this:o

Congratulations Sam - you are another sure bet for the penthouse. You look so happy in your photo - newbies, take note, this is how quitting can make you feel - on top of the world xxx


Thanks Jenn :D

Save me a place at the Big P bar won't you? Am well looking forward to cheering you home in a few weeks time. :)


Well done Skiddaw.

You sound so proud (rightly so) and are a role model and inspiration to us newbies.

Massive congratulations to you :)


Thanks Cam :o

That's really sweet and lovely of you. :)


Yaaay for you :) Ive loved seeing your posts, seeing us walk the same path and im so glad you are still going strong :) Keep it up, I want you holding the doors open for me please 😁 xxx


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