No Smoking Day

Start of Week 3

Well here I am. Yesterday was the first day of my 3rd week Im really not sure how I have kept it up. Somehow I managed to loose 2 patches yesterday while out and about maybe the new pack I opened are'nt sticky enough. I have put extra surgical tape over today's just to be sure. However I actually didnt feel any different without patch untill I realised it wasn't there then I sort of panicked and quickly reached for some gum. I have been reading all your lastest posts and everyone is doing so well even in the face of temptation So big pats on the back to you all Sue x

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Well Done Sue!!!!!! :) :)


Thanks guys :) Was bad last night think I over did the gum ended up with stomach ache, was really wanting to smoke last night I knew I should get up and do something but just didnt have the motivation, just thought maybe the stomach ache had something to do with the amount of crap I had eaten :o I lost count of how many cups of tea I had as well. Bright sunny day today maybe I can keep busy outside X


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