No Smoking Day
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Day 20-somthing

sorry all, but I just need to rant....

I'm getting sick of waking up in the mornings and feeling like I've got a big moutain to climb, only to roll back down in my sleep and have to do it over again the next day.

If someone around me now smokes I act like a maniac. I either run away from them waving my arms like they are a giant wasp, or I stand and stare at them while drooling and smiling with glassy eyes.

GGGGRRRRRR I wish I never bloody started!

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lol, thanks Boudee...

the cravings are alright, I don't want to got a buy a pavket, I just don't want to keep struggling on either!


Prolly just PMT

How's you?


Hay Boudee... I'm still feeling crappy, how's you?

And you're darn right we'll stick it out together...

where's Buffy these days?


HI both Boudee You do a great job making everyone laugh bet your a scream when you go out. But do miss Buffy lucky thing. How are you today Seren. Have anyone heard from Sandra she quit same day as me so like to know how she is doing. Boudee how is Dumplin Linda


He is doing great on day 9 Was a bit low this morning. I think its because he left patch of to go to bed because of dreams. Said he feels great again now dont think he will leave it off tonight HEHE


I've been having really odd dreams from day one, so I don't think it's the patch but the lack of chemicals.

Hope everyone is doing ok?

I have a confession - where's the vicar?

Still feeling sick of the struggle, I had 4 halfs of a fag last night...

and I was as sick as a pig!

My chest hurt, I could not breathe, my haed ached & I felt dizzy and sick....

I can't beleive just how far I've come, to think I used to smoke 20-ish a day and my body can't even cope with two!!!!

I'm happy to say I'm back on the patch today!


alright for some aint it!


Hi Seren


I am sorry to hear that you have been struggling so much, But very happy to hear that you are still with it. I am having trouble donating to your run, So either IM or whatever so I can do my part.

Also how is the little one???

Good job and please keep going!

grinfire <I'm still smoke free on day 59>


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