No Smoking Day

Made it!

Hi, yesterday I went with the staff from my work to a annual festival. We went to a 4 star restaurant and got druk, I work at a 4 star restaurant where there are 16 chefs and 18 waiters, every single one of the waiters except one smokes and 14 out of 16 of the chefs smoke. I'm a chef apprentice there.

It's 17:56 in Iceland now and so far day 3 has been fairly easy, there come moments where it's hard but those moments fade in couple of minutes.

Like I said I was at the festival yesterday with people chain smoking around me and I only laughed and had a great fun. I just remember everything I've read here and that the big cigarette producers are laughing at my addiction, they are not going to beat me + all the people that have died.


This commercial was one of the inspirations for me to quit.


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