Phewwww made it!!

Just a quickie, lying in bed having a very quiet cup of tea before the rest of the house wakes and the madness begins haha!!

I can't believe I am on day 3, so happy to be here and at this moment of time i wont let anything spoil that!! Book club was a giggle and my 1st social evening in a good 3 years where I didn't feel the need to excuse myself outside in the freezing cold and smoke!!...ate about a zillion Pringles mind you but no nicotine haha!!

Today I have a few bits to do in town and then coffee at my friends so more than enough to keep me busy!! :)

No doubt I'll be back on later!! Vx

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  • Indeed it's such a magic moment when we realise the power is in our own hands to quit, so pleased for you doing great, just keep going.

    Before you know it, you will be hitting the week mark, just fantastic well done you !!

  • Brilliant Vicky! :)

    These victories we have over smoking make you feel awesome don't they :)

    Over the first year you'll experience lots of them as you beat one trigger point after another. It's likely that in your first year you'll come across, and beat, every situation that in the past would have led you to smoke.

    As the year progresses they get easier and easier to beat :)

    Don't worry about the Pringles, you can always join our associated site, NPD ( No Pringles Day) at a later date :p

    Enjoy your day out and see you later, along with your two partners in quit Ali and Donna :)

  • Well done, did you sleep better last night? If you did I am buying some pringles today :D

  • More good news and day 3! Ha ha @ the zillion Pringles, my poison was cough candies. Hope today goes well x

  • Well done x

  • Thanks guys, I did alibonger although I think that is mainly due to the bottle of Cote Du Rhone more than anything else!! :)

  • Days 3 is amazing. Well done. Mmmmmm Pringles! Xxx

  • Yeehah we made it :) xx

  • Well done on the 3 days, what pringles do you pop? Must say I am a bit partial to the sour cream ones myself!!

  • Well done on the 3 days, what pringles do you pop? Must say I am a bit partial to the sour cream ones myself!!

    Yep, sour cream all day long :)

  • I've got to be honest, when I read the first 6 words of the first post this morning, I thought I'd logged on to the wrong forum :p

    Just a quickie, lying in bed...

  • Lol Capitan..:D

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