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I want to Quit


I have decided that I want to quit smoking.

I have tried before and lasted 3 months on the patches. The problem was that I put on weight and felt unhappy with myself so I started smoking again then the weight dropped off.

I want to quit because I dont enjoy it, I am smoking more and more, especially when I'm board, I am also getting married next year so could do with the money.

I suppose one thing I am worried about is that I wont be sucsessful again.

If anyone has any advice or encouragement, this would be greatful apriciated

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Go For It Gemma

Hi Gemma..........GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im 42 and smoked since I was 15.........have also given up on a few occassions with varying results.....used patches, hypnotherapy, zyban, reading Alan Carrs book, u name it!

Cutting a long story short I am now on patches again (still not smoked after 5 weeks) and they have worked great.

What I would say is read Alan Carrs No Smoking book sometime, it puts smoking in perspective and will give you some thoughts on why and how it is not to hard to give up! Basically it boils down to the fact that we are told how hard it is by every1 to give up, but..........is it really that hard?

Anyway good luck.......dont feel pressurised to give up.....just do it for yourself and work on each day at a time.....it really isnt that hard.

PS This site will help you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 march

Thank you all for your kind words of support and advice, it has helped a lot.

I am going to quit on Sunday 25th March which gives me a week to get a plan sorted. I think the exercise thing will be good as I want to get fitter so may as well start when I quit smoking.

Anyway, I have to save up for my wedding dress so have to quit now to save the money.

I am going to do it this time!

Best decision Gemma ever made :)

Well done Gemma! Be sure to route around for all those great quit tools on the net, plan things to do instead of smoking, ie coming here and playing out with us hehe, Make your cash for ash jar and go in prepared. We will all be here for you as we have been here for each other. No 1 quit tool is definitely been this site for me!

When you get married wouldn't it be nice to not have to be hankering for a ciggie and you will smell as nice as you will look with out the smokes and yellow fingers really do not go with white wedding dresses

Ah Boudee your good, this had me rolling up! though of course not just great wit also very valid point!

Nicotine yellow wedding dress with burn holes >_< not pretty (have searched high and low for any such emoticon, strangely I can't find one!)

The 25th it is then ;) I'll be keeping my eyes open for you, best of luck

Buffy x

Good decision Gemma!!!

I am on day 6 now and getting on great!!

I remember when i got married all day all that i was worried about was having time for my smokes and who was going to carry them for me cause i could with my dress and i evne asked the chauffeur driving the car if i could smoke on my way from the church to the reception pathetic really when it was the best day of my life.

So you go girl :cool: You can do it

Jules xx


Thank you for your support, It is great to have people to chat to about it.

I have been and bought patches today and my fiancee is making me a chart for the fridge so I can tick off the days as I get through them, this really helped last time.

I will have to find a cash for ash jar, that is my next mission.

I will let you know how I get on and no doubt be in touch when I am struggling fro your excelent support and advice.

See you Sunday:)

Good Preparations going on there! and how helpful, that your fiancé is being really supportive x x x

I think your almost excited about reaching Sunday!


Look forward to hearing from you, we will all be here for you 150 % :D

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