Day 1 done

Here goes to Day 2. Didn't find day 1 too bad, became a bit emotional in the evening, but read and had an early night. I know I may be jumping the gun, but I do consider my self a non-smoker. I haven't had a cigarette and I don't smoke keeps me going if I think that. At the moment I just don't want one, I am sure that will change, but I feel that I have done well so far.

Hope everyone else is doing ok, one day at a time. We have done day one, what is the difference on Day 2? We can do this, we just need to believe in ourselves:)

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  • Onwards and upwards

    Congratulations Sandra!

    1 day down, the 1st day is the worst day and you have done it!

    Well Done and Keep it up

    Buffy x x

  • An added incentive is to think of £4.50 a day! I have a kids money box- £157.50 in it! Will need to open a savings account at this rate- its not easy and money is only one minor reason, but it helps- will have a brill night out when am sure have cracked Nick for good!

    Take care


  • You are doing great!

    The benefits will come quick, increased money, breath, etc.

    You can do it!


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