GRR dropping fast, no diagnosis, spine surgery upcoming, what to do?

Hi, I recently had routine blood test, and GfR was noted to be 41. My doctorcalled me and we began discussing test results. My GFR has steadily, quickly decreased from 60 in March of 2015, 55 in August of 2015.51 I Feb of 2016 andnow 42. This s the first time it was even mentioned to me. Obviously something significant is going on, and new blood is to be drawn in a week after I stopped taking anti infammatories (I am scheduled for lumbar spine surgery Aug 26.) Now they are planning ultrasound of kidneys. My PCP says thereis no increased risk in my spine surgery due to these numbers. I disagree after reading up on CKD. Sounds like I coulld be in big trouble, and there needs to be some urgency to determine what is going on with my kidneys. My BP is under control with meds. I am overwight.but chlesterol levels also managed with meds. I am a 59 year old mmale fomrer heavy smoker, 2 packs a day, quit smoking in Aug 2013. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • Sorrfor typo...GFR......

  • Although I have CKD, I'm not able to address that issue for you. Just want to say that I had lumbar spine surgery when I was in my early 60s, had an easy recovery and long-lasting results. I'm now 85. Best wishes for a good surgical outcome.

  • Thanks!

  • you should be ok for surgery anti inflammatories are notorious for causing a decrease in kidney function you may find your figures will improve now they have been stopped you have given yourself the best chance by giving up smoking & having well controlled BP my husband is on dialysis & had major heart surgery last year which was tough but he came through it you will be well looked after you should be ok with your surgery, egfr of 42 is around 42% kidney function they use it to work out the average amount of function left!

  • Thanks, and bast of luck to your husband. Appreciate the info.

  • GFR IS FILTRATION RATE , as u were a heavy smoker u have willfully continued to damage your lungs and kidneys,Both organs are very important in purifying blood.

    u are still not late give up smoking all together and try to eat less protein and drink more of pure water also decrease intake of salt.

    An apple a a day do marvelous , JUST TRY , I M PRACTICING AND NOW FIND MORE COMFORTABLE.




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  • Hi Billyt,

    Can't help with back surgery stuff but if I were you I would see a nephrologist and get blood work and other tests to check it. I was told in 2003 when I went to ER for something else that I had PKD. I asked what could be done, they said "nothing" so I just forgot all about it. Now my GFR is 15! There are things you can do to slow the progression of kidney disease. The sooner you start the better off you are. Prayers for you. God can do anything!!!

  • go vegan..drinks lots of processed meat and dairy products...low potassium..low phosphorus will lose weight...gain your energy back...get mental might even stablize your gfr or raise it...i am waiting to see what my lab results are after doing this for 2 months...i have lost close to 30 pds..good luck

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