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Increasing GFR question.

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Hi, I am still undergoing tests for Kidney Function, the last test was a blood fastings alonside with BP and Cholesterol as I am treated on meds for both high BP and High Cholesterol. My reading for kidney function last May 2012 was GFR 52 (non fasting), then in November 2012 it was gfr 50 (fasting). My next fasting is in the next fortnight. I just wondered please if GFR can be increased with a proper diet? I must admit I never used to drink a lot of fluids, but now I do by drinking plenty of water, also Cranberry and Blueberry Juice, so hopefully the next result will show some improvement.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to join and post up.

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I forgot to add, I am 44 years old, white, weight approx 9 stone, and height just over 5 ft 4, if this is also neccesary to know, cheers.

Hi dizzydi..My gfr was 57 in 2011.. thats when i first heard of it ...its now 60gfr..I dont eat the same as i went of a lot of foods so i got it up from 57 to 60 with cutting out potatoes, salty foods, takeaways. My colestrol level has gone up to 7.6 which is high it cant be because i eat junk foods. as i dont my dr had given me some pills called vasaterin or similar i havnt started them yet ive had them for 2 weeks..I wanted to ask a question if anyone can answer does high colestrol come with ckd 3?...........

Hiya lilyrae thank you for your feedback, it' good to know you managed to raise your gfr, well done. The tabs I am prescribed for cholesterol by my GP in Nov 2012, almost 3 months ago, are called Simvastatin 40mg, my level was 6.9 in May, dropped to 6.3 in Nov, and I also take 2 lots of meds for high blood pressure. In my case the BP and cholesterol is hereditary in my family, but not kidney disease, well not to my knowledge anyway. Like you, I am also interested to know of anyone else in the same position as us. My diet has always been pretty good, but I have tried cutting back on certain foods, like yourself potatoes, tomatoes etc but was never drinking much fluids, which made me think if my kidneys were hydrated enough, reason maybe for a decreasing gfr perhaps.....

I was told by my gp to keep taking all my meds, to help control all the above, to help slow the progress of the functioning decreasing.

Hi. Last year my GFR fuctuated between 29 and 47. My Nephrologist says that if I can maintain a level in the 40's he will discharge me. He found that it was going on with my body. Firstly it was beause I was on diclofenac and he says that I mustn't take anything with an anti-inflamitory in it. When I stopped thse my GFR went up to 47. Then I had diarrhea for 6 months due to a change in my medication and my GFR went down to 32. Once my tablets were changed it went up to 40. I am hoping that now my GFR will improve again. My nephrologist thinks that if i take care I will be ok.. Having said all this I suggest you are careful with medication and with any change in your health.

Hi Dizzydi, my GFR was 59 at the last test, and I decided to do 2 days veggie each week to try to cut down the amount of first class protein I was eating. I'm also trying to cut down on potatoes etc, as I seem to gain weight easily. I had to stop taking simvastatin as I had a muscle reaction, but they are going to try a different statin when my blood results are through. I'm on blood pressure tablets and water tablets. I'm having blood tests next week, I'll let you know if the diet has made any difference. Good luck with it all, be guided by your specialist, be sure to ask him if you have any questions about your diet or treatment.

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Thank you GrannyChris for replying to me. And the best of luck with your next test, I shall of course want to know how you got on so fingers crossed for you. I used to eat a lot of potatoes and tried cutting down, and was told if I do want to eat them, limit the amount but soak them in water overnight. I have cut right back on these and tomotoes. I also been suffering cramp such pain in the back of my legs bottom mainly below the knees and will be mentioning about this to my GP at my next app in 2 weeks time, so she what she says. I know with these Statin meds you cannot eat or drink grapefruit, luckily I don't like grapeful anyway ;-). Hope all goes well at your next test, and look forward to hearing from you with the outcome.

Hi Panda22, many thanks for your feedback, and hope you manage to maintain to increasing levels of GFR. I asked this question to my GP about the meds prescribed to me - if they could be due to the decreasing of my GFR, but was told no because what are prescribed should protect my kidneys, the BP meds I have been on Adizem 180MG since 2002, and another was added to that almost 3 years ago called Perindopril 2MG, these actual ones are supposed to protect the kidney, other than cholesterol meds - Simvastatin that was only prescribed to me in Nov 2012 I take, but do not take anything else. I have heard that over the counter meds may not help, so will not take the risk.

However, I have also heard that painkilling meds can be a culprit, such as ibuprofen, that is something I'm unable to take anyway because of being on certain BP meds, but this concerns me that my hubby has been prescribed ibuprofen and co codomal on his repeat prescriptions, and they have not once called him in for blood test since he been prescribed them, which have been some years. He was once prescribed Diclofenac and depression meds, he came off them 2 years ago.

Since reading and researching kidney information I think it's important that he should also get tested. I don't know about Co codamol but have read that Ibuprofen could cause issues with the kidneys.

Thank you again and good luck.

In regards of my recent blood tests my GFR results have improved and now gone to 55GFR.

Last May 2012@ 52GFR

November 2012@ 50GFR

Feb 2013 test one @ 51GFR a few days on test two @ 55GFR.

So this is stable at the moment, and put on the list for he nephrologist, this can take some time.

I shall of course continue with lots of veg and fruit and lots of water, I have cut out salt, cola, coffee's, banana's, chocs and tomatoes.

However, I was on 2 lots of BP meds, they have taken the one off as it was raising my potassium levels, that is now stabilised.

Cholesterol was 6.1 and now 4.7, they have changed my cholesterol meds from Simvastatins to Provastatins, still at 40mg strength, the other was causing lots of cramp.

I shall keep you updated ;-)

In 2007, at the age of 43, I had a eGFR reading of 69, which was noted as a bit low, consider my age and overall state of health and fitness. I researched, perhaps erroneously that kidney function and eGFR would drop on average 1 point per year after the age of 40. Lo and behold, same lab, two years later, the level had improved to 85! Perhaps one of the two readings was off...but in subsequent years 2011 and 2013 level continued to improve to 93 and then 100.

No real change in diet (shift perhaps to less carbs, gradual weight loss of 5kg), alcohol consumption, no illness, no medical conditions, never on any medications.

Interesting though, obviously appears GFR can improve.

2007 - 69

2009 - 85

2011 - 93

2013 - 100

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dizzydi in reply to SquashPlayer

Wow that is so fab, well done to you. Since I started this post my last reading did actually drop down to 43eGFR, all other labs in normal range, however I am due to more updates in the next few weeks and due to see my Nephrologist again 14th April. I am doing all I can to help my kidneys but despite being told I am stable, my numbers are still decreasing. Was you actually given a diagnosis if you dont mind me asking please? And are you under a kidney specialist/nephrologist? x


pls suggest me how your gfr increased as my nephew's gfr is decreasing day by day.his age is 8 yrs.

Hello can you share with me diet to improve gfr?

U can email me at

Thank you for your reply

Congrats, amazing! God is good

Any other advice or anything else you have done?

There are several mentions in this thread about decreasing potatoes and tomatoes. Anyone know what the underlying reason for this is? Are there certain nutrients in these that effect ones' GFR? I want to raise mine a good 5-10 points.

Also what effect does hydration, or specific juices such as cranberry or blueberry seem to have on Gfr? Does it just dilute all of your bodily fluids or actually restore kidney function?

When your kidney function is severely impaired they cannot deal with high levels of potassium and as a result the potassium can become a danger point. But that shouldnt be a real problem for anyone who is CKD 3a or above.

One of the biggest things i have noticed that improves things is to cut salt markedly and move away from the fizzy drinks whilst drinking lots of water. I do drink fizzy water but dont really touch the sweetened fizzys.

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healthnut16 in reply to SKUZIN

SKUZIN Kidney disease and impaired kidney function also indicate there is inflammation in the body. Following an anti inflammatory diet like the AID auto immune diet or GAPS diet can be massively helpful (and in improving overall health and lowering cancer risk). Interestingly these anti-inflammation diets all avoid Tomatoes and potatoes, as part of the nightshade family they are inflammatory for a lot of people.

Hi all the only thing my specialist has told me to stop is cranberry juice, I specially asked him about my diet and condition( I have had a kidney removed 1 year ago and test show only 25% of the other one is working )he said to just eat normally just sensibly and not too much, I have asked if I could do anything to improve my condition he said no but I should stay stable if sensible, I find it all really scary to be honest and daren't think about it too much or I'd be a gibbering wreck. I find it strange that everyone seems to be on different medication and told to do different things. All very confusing.

Hi SquashPlayer,

You said:

Interesting though, obviously appears GFR can improve.

2007 - 69

2009 - 85

2011 - 93

2013 - 100

Whereas, my GFR rating is getting worsened gradually.

Presently it is 18. My age is 60+

What can you suggest me to improve my GFR,

Please mail me alternatively at:



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Drink Nettle leaf tea and stay hydrated the tea will increase your urine out put but must drink lots of water when doing so

My GFR was at 60 over for years ago I was not driving my water like I should Now I drink half my weight in ounces which is required. Now its been 4 years and I have been able to increase my GFR to 96 I say a miracle. But I was consistent drinking my water. I also drank Nettle leaf tea which is a natural diuretic that increases diuresis. Under supervision of my nephrologist. Drink your water all the time this will save your kidneys. ˆF --caucasian age 56 Nettle leaf tea will remove Creatinine .. Elevated creatinine levels signifies impaired kidney function kidney disease. Education is your best tool

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Monte1770 in reply to sheminkie

How much tea do you drink?

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