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GFR down from 41 to 31 in 6 weeks.


For the last 12 months I have been trying to improve my GFR/creatinine by reducing protein and eating only plant protein, 12 months ago my GFR was 48 and up to this latest result it has been in the mid 40's range. Everything apart from creatinine has been bang in the middle of normal. I'm a 73 year old male with multiple sclerosis in the UK, I had an ultra sound scan in the early days which was normal, and my urine sample was normal.

As my surgery weren't doing normal blood tests because of the Covid crisis, I decided to have a blood test through a private lab, this was done through the post, they only tested creatinine and urea. Urea was normal at 6.7 mmol/L and creatinine was 188 umol/L, from this they gave a GFR of 31.

So I'm a bit worried and not sure what to do next, I think I can get another blood test through the surgery if my GP recommends it, so I have emailed him asking for a phone appointment.

I have raised blood pressure and currently take:

amlodopine - 5mg x 1 morning, candesartan - 32mg x 1 morning, bisopropol - 2.5mg x 1 morning, doxazosin - 1mg x 1 evening

I wonder if any of these are causing my kidneys problems, but couldn't find anything online.

So would appreciate any help or input from the excellent people on this forum!

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You would need to go to to learn about each drug you are on and whether it is filtered through the kidneys. However, before you do that, consider that your decreased egfr may be age related not medication related. Also, protein is protein, whether it is meat or plant sourced. All protein breaks down into amino acids and that is what causes the kidneys to work harder. You should learn how much protein your body actually needs to function properly, via a dietitian, and then stick with that amount no matter the source. Here is an article on blood pressure and kidneys

Thanks for the reply Melissa!

Hi I understand how worried are u I get like that too but everything would be OK just . One question I see u wrote that u take candesartan have u alwayz take it or just recently because one my dr change me to that med and my creatine when up then he tried varsitan and same thing I remembered I when from 1.2 to 1.4 in a matter a weeks so worried . So he then took me off on it I when back to drinking amlodipine and literally when ba k up ro 1.2 again I was revelieved . The med was causing it.... Hope this help . God Bless and God luck

JAYCEE33 in reply to jennifer24

Thanks for the reply Jennifer!

Hi, reducing protein intake has proven to be futile, and that because there is no linkage or scientific evidence between eating animal or plant based protein and CKD or changes to eGFR or creatinine.

My eGFR dropped to low18,about 12 months ago , and now is 54. Thank God I avoided dialysis. I do trust doctors and I don't take any medication. Doctors have no idea what causes CKD and how to treat it.

The same thing is with dietitians... just guessing and pretending they have knowledge. I had to educate myself. My research points into ... inflamation and immune system. When body is strong it will take care of any problems.

I am taking various good quality supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and exercise 4-5 / week, drink water. I take 10g of Vit C daily.

So far all is working and I feel great physically and psychologically.

Best regards,


JAYCEE33 in reply to Andreli

Thanks for the reply Andreli. What in particular, do you think accounted for the impressive improvement to your GFR in only 12 months? Also what is your age and do you know what caused your CKD in the first place?

Andreli in reply to JAYCEE33

There are combination of factors. Actually I am finalising publication, which includes full story, accurate account of my treatment progress and applicable references.

I am happy to summarise some of my methods for your consideration as follows:

1. Regular blood and urine tests every 6-8 weeks. I had to see results and to understand what's happening and what's working. I got all my results and I have analysed them all in details, not scanning like doctors do.

2. Vitamins A, D3, E, C, Niacin, Omega 3, B6, B12, turmeric, multivitamin & antioxidants.

Beware of poor products quality, false advertising, fraudulent referrals...

3. I have eliminated from my diet; sugar, all vegetable oils and most carbs incl white flour,

4. Exercise 45 -60 min per day. Try 4-5 day/week.

5. If you are overweight, must loose toxic fat. The simplest way is to... eat less. I am eating once a day and I am not hungry. This is great, our body ad opportunity to regain its strength get rid off wastes and starts repairing. Just remember - carbs and sugar makes people fat and sick - not good fat that we consume.

6. If you are on medication, must be aware of side effects. Doctors will not tell you about it. They are getting paid for what they prescribe.

Medication is usually prescribed to treat symptoms.... almost never treats causes. I was on statins and blood pressure medications for 10y, not anymore!!! Now, I don't take any pain or anti inflammatory drugs or antibiotics.

7. Drink water. Start your day with a full glass of water. I drink about 2L of water per day and when is hot 3L. Do not avoid good quality salt. It's important to maintain your body electrolytes.

I would like to hear from you sometime and I am interested how you are doing.

I wish you all the best,


JAYCEE33 in reply to Andreli

Thanks Andre for the helpful info. I'm having another blood test done on Tues, will let you know hownit goes.John

Hells6 in reply to Andreli

Hi Andre

I too am extremely confused and find that in general, doctors seem to have no idea.

I have very little confidence in what Ive been told by GPs.

Im 55 years old, no risk factors at all, I exercise a lot , been trying to "do all the right things " but now my gfr dropped from 53 to 45 in 12 months. ( currently waiting for repeat blood test results) Its so confusing.

I would be interested to know what made you eliminate sugar and oil, rather than reduced protein and salt ? Any whay all those vitamins, cant you ge tthem form your diet?



wbiC in reply to Andreli

Reducing protein intake may well be futile, but changing from animal to plant protein sources is well known to be very helpful.



Your doctor is the one to ask, not people on the internet many of which dont think doctors are any good even though its their profession. Forget gimmick diets and eat a normal mixed diet including meat, fish and veg. Another poster here says they take supplements, thats up to them but its a multi billion pound con and if your diet is correct you need no supplements.

My specialist NHS dietician rang me recently as my potassium levels were too high on my last blood test, she advised me and sent me booklets on how to keep that down, the ususual boil spuds, not too many bananas etc etc. She said my diet was fine, I eat a proper cooked breakfast in the morning a sandwich for lunch and usualy a meat and 3 veg dinner early evening. She even said my white bread was ok as is everything in moderation. The trouble is you will get many conflicting reports on tinternet which sometimes can be of help but medical professionals and your nephrologist that know your case history are the ones to listen to. remember your kidney function naturaly decreases with age.

JAYCEE33 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the info. I'd be interested to see your journey, where you were when you became aware of your CKD and what's your position now?

Hidden in reply to JAYCEE33


I was told when I was stage 3a that I had ckd. Mine was down to ridiculously high calcium that was off the scale and I had a parathyroidectomy which undoubtedly saved my life as I had sever symptons and it would have killed me. Also over use of NSAIDS for many years for pain due to the high calcium and gout. I dont blame the doctors as one or two didnt like prescribing them but they were the only thing that worked so I kept taking them, my fault and badgereing for more. I was then diagnosed with a large tumour on one kidney and had a partial nephrectomy. This realy pissed my kidneys off and my egfr dropped quite markedly which is to be expected as the kidneys are annoyed with me lol. Anyway I am at stage 4 at the moment hence having regular visits to the nephrologist. I am white male aged 64.

I look on the bright side that stage four is better than stage five as I am a glass half full kind of bloke. Also I count myself as very lucky as the specialist told me the tumour after seeing the scans was 85 percent likely to be cancerous and when it was tested it was benign. Take care.

JAYCEE33 in reply to Hidden

Thanks again for the replies

userotc in reply to Hidden

With respect, Andre had clearly demonstrated how you can improve kidney function naturally without doctors. 300% improvement, wow!

My mum's nephrologist has been useless (spends more time trying to sell her statins!) so we've done DIY too.

Hidden in reply to userotc

Fair enough. If I have a medical problem I go to a medical proffesional, if my car goes wonky I go to a garage etc etc. I have learnt in life that people who specialise in a particular field know more than those who try out things their own way. Two specialists have diagnosed different serious complaints for me and thats why I am still here.

Billions are made through gimmick diets etc but not from myself.


userotc in reply to Hidden

We all have different experiences. With several examples just in my family, I've learned to treat medics with extreme care...and it appears so have numerous others including many on this forum. So our preference is to listen to respected natural practitioners that treat root cause (rather than symptoms) allied to applying our own intelligence.

Multi-billions are made by pharma but not from us.

Hidden in reply to userotc

Yow this is like tennis. I listen to everybody who knows orecsiely what they are preaching and not any form of quackery. My mum told me many years ago to simply eat a balanced diet to include meat, fish, dairy, vegetables etc. As I have no allergies thats what I do and will remain doing. My mum still has the occasional bacon sandwich and always but always on white bread with proper butter. She will not even look at any form of skimmed milk etc and always buys real milk. She never over eats and is still slim. She is 99 and will be 100 years old in november, offer her quorn and she would poiltely tell you to offer it to the birds in the garden lol. Do you think the white bread and butter and full cream milk will shorten her life?

userotc in reply to Hidden

Happy birthday to your mum from me.

Hello JAYCEE33. I searched online for and I’ve copied the link below. I also was on Norvasc (Amlodipine) once years ago, earlier in my CKD journey, and my nephrologist discontinued it as it was worsening my edema.

If you type the first letter of each of your medications on the keyboard they provide on, below, this site will show you a list of medications that start with that letter, and give you all the side effects information you will want to know.

With regard to your GFR levels, I know that sometimes drinking more water daily can help to improve the GFR as it aids in flushing the kidneys. Always consult with your physician though about how much water daily is a safe amount for you. This tends to differ with everyone.

I hope you find this helpful. Do take good care of yourself. All my best to you, sir! God bless. 🙏😊👍

Thanks Sammi. What's your situation now with CKD and what was your lowest point?

Well, according to my blood results from mid March of this year, apparently my GFR is 31; my creatinine is/was 167 umol/L; and my RBC is/was 5.17.

I’ve been on this CKD journey since 2009 when I was first diagnosed (could very possibly have been even before that time, but I only count from the time of diagnosis) and I would have to say that this now is my lowest point so far.

I’ve been working on eating more plant-based foods, but I’m struggling a little with that for a couple of reasons: 1 is, I’m a type 2 diabetic, and vegetarian eating isn’t really encouraged for people like me; and 2, I miss my chicken burgers and pork chops!! (Wah, wah, wah!!!) I know. I’m a big baby! Lol!!

But, I have been exercising twice a day (just a little walking for cardio as it’s encouraged for those of us with a high red blood cell count and high creatinine), and drinking more water daily as well. That part hasn’t been easy for me either. It’s somewhat difficult to drink when you’re following a strict, saltless, flavourless, unsatisfying diet. I’m sure almost everyone here can agree. Lol! 😊👍

Thanks Sammi!

thankyou,,so similar to myself x

What sources of plant protein are you using? (are you home cooking, or relying on processed/canned foods?)

JAYCEE33 in reply to wbiC

Mainly home cooking with the occasional Linda McCartney veggie burger!!!

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