Hello. Got my grf from dr and says I went up 16 points in 4 weeks from 37 to 53 and my creatine from 1.48 to 1.10. Running grf in another 5

Weeks and say they think it was the dye I had from my surgery 3 weeks prior to bw and behind dehaydred.

My glucose went from 87 to 100 and she wants me to watch that but

Feels I'm in no danger as now drinking 80 oz water a day. She would like me to raise it to 60.

Whoever said grf can't be raised is

Not true as I did it in a 4 week

Period. I really feel relaxed today

And only pain I have is from a bad

Muscle sprain and had a shot of predsone.

I will update again after my next

Visit. Happy Holidays to all

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  • Yes in some cases you van have improvement it all depends on the cause contrast dyes

    can cause a drop in kidney function ie when used in various scans & exrays etc this is why they tell you to drink more to flush it out when flushed out the function should improve again

    pleased to hear of your improvement

  • Excellent news Carol so very pleased and happy for you...... Thinking back my husband had a pacemaker fitted because his heart rate was too slow and irregular...At that time he was de-hydrated. That happened last December and that was the time his kidney function began to drop......I think it was the de-hydration that caused the problem. He is not a great water drinker, tends to throw it back if he drinks too much. Now his diet and water consumption follow the same rule..... all things in moderation.... Also the nephrologist noted that his kidneys take a hit if he has any infection or inflammation, i.e. gout......At the moment I feel a bit sorry for myself as in spite of having the usual annual flu injection I went down with flu-like symptoms last Tuesday... Saturday to-day and still feel exhausted, no appetite etc. If I feel the same on Monday will give my GP a ring as my greatest concern is husband picking it up from me.....hope not.... Keep up the good work, less than a week to Christmas lets hope it is a happy healthy one. love Belle xx

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