Do I have CKD?

I am a 45 year old female. Three months ago my Gfr was 55 my creatine was 1.03. I have just received new lab results and now my Gfr is 62 and my creatine is 1.08. The doctors office said my results for the Gfr are within normal range, but isn't anything below 90 CKD? They said my creatine should be 1.03 and is only slightly high? I don't know if I should see another doctor or if I am just being paranoid for worrying. All other lab results were in a normal range. Thank you for any help.

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  • With a gfr of 62 I would say you don't have anything g to worry about. When mine was at 40 it was stage 2 ckd and now at 21 I am at stage 4. Keep an eye on it if you are worried about fluctuation, but that could be due to diet or other factors.

    I'm not a doctor and only going by my results, and my daughters that are slightly lower than yours and told by renal they were functioning well xxx

  • I am sorry to hear you are at stage 4. I hope you are feeling well. Thank you for answering my post. I am just so confused when I read things on the internet. I am in the U.S. but I think this forum is from England and it is the only place I could find where you can ask questions like these.

  • :) I am fine, but if you have any worries just ask. Worrying can make you feel ill, and you don't want that x

  • Thank you. :)

  • Yes i would agree with google don't worry just look after yourself & that will help slow down any progression ie healthy diet & healthy weight it all helps!

  • Thank you. I did read to cut back on salt and protein.

  • A locum in the uk is a doctor who fills in for when your own gp is on holiday or off sick etc! some are very good they can be sent to work anywhere! yes cut down on salt but be careful of cutting down on protein & anything else unless you have been told as you do need a certain amount to keep all your other organs healthy! just follow a good normal healthy diet!

  • Hello Im, I understand your worry, having had CKD for many years without anyone naming it as such. I have only known the diagnosis for the last 2 years. I am a lot older than you and my GFR is 34. When I queried this with the Nephrologist and asked what he would expect it to be at my age he just said, "Well, better than that," which was unhelpful. However last month I saw a locum who explained things to me and showed me the decline on a graph. He said that as long as it stays above 30 my kidneys should last me, although I will have fatigue. He said the normal range is between 60 and 90 for many people. If you look further on this site, you will find that they don't seem to start talking about dialysis until your score falls to about 15, although this varies.

    If you look on the National Kidney foundation site (UK) you will find lots of dietary advice which will help you keep your score steady or slightly improve. Certainly give up salt and most processed foods and eat less red meat. Drink lots of water. It's good to keep potassium levels down too. I was advised that the renal team will not jump up and down unless the potassium level reaches 5.4, but there again, I expect it varies from person to person and age is an important factor. I hope some of this helps. Good luck!

  • That was a very unhelpful reply. Can you please tell me who a locum is? Thank you, I will look up the site in the UK. The information you gave me helps a lot. I hope you are feeling alright.

  • I've got mixed messages here! Sorry if my reply was unhelpful! But then you said the info helped a lot, so I'm confused! Anyway, a locum is another qualified consultant standing in for yours while he or she is away. It was like getting a second opinion without having to ask! Hope this is more helpful!! Best wishes, Penny.

  • I am so sorry what I meant was your Nephrologists reply was very unhelpful. That is what you stated in the beginning of your reply and I was agreeing with you my apologies once again. Everything you told me was absolutely very helpful. Thank you so much Penny. :)

  • Ohhhh! Sorry , just a misunderstanding! Trust me to get the wires crossed! Are you feeling any better about your diagnosis? What is the next step for you now?

  • It's alright. I never received a diagnosis from my doctor she told me not to worry about it because it is above 60. Actually everyone here is so helpful. I am really not sure what my next step should be.

  • Hi jm. I agree with phillen apart from cutting down on salt and processed foods with high salt please don't cut your protein unless your nephrologist tells you. My husbands nephrologist told him to simply have a glass of water with a steak dinner. De-hydration seems to be a big problem for patients with CKD so drinking water it seems is always advised. There again the advice given was all things in moderation, not too overweight and blood pressure at as near to normal as possible. Your present levels sound really good according to my 3rd year medical student grand-daughter. She feels the best advice is not to worry, keep active and positive, and enjoy life. Bellexx

  • Thank you so much for speaking to your grand-daughter, I will follow her advice. :)

  • remember to start walking! It's easy, and free, and you can do it anytime. Start making it a daily practice. If you don't have a dog and are living somewhere where you can have one do! Great incentive when you don't want to go but your dog has to.

    I also went to the health store and bought a kidney wash tea. You brew up a strong batch and keep it in the fridge, then once a day you pour out half a cup of the strong tea and add another half cup of water and heat. Supposed to be a natural kidney aid, and it seems to have helped some people so I thught it worth a try...

  • Dear Madam, Don't worry. GFR below 15 is distressing, because in that case, dialysis or kidney transplantation may be needed. I think if you can keep a vegetation diet and limit your protein and glucose and sodium(salt) and have some walking and physical activities and control your blood pressure and try not to have stress, God willing, you will have no problems in future. Good luck.

  • Dear Madam, Remember that GFR depends on the age, height, weight and even geographical place where somebody lives. Most of the vegetables are useful, but I am not sure of the spinach. Try not to put on weight. I think vegetable oil is much better than animal oil.

  • Dear Madam, According to what I have learned, "CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE" is a cure for normalising the GFR.

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