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CKD Stage 3, but normal diet is enough (?)


Hi, I went to dietitian (advised by my doctor) 3 days after had my biopsy done (still waiting for the result). She said that I should only have to limit my salt intake to max 6mg (2400mg sodium)/day and only one source of protein for every meal (either natto-japanese soybeans-, 70-80 gr fish, or 90-100 gr). Even she didn't mention that I have to do really strict protein intake (like only several mg/ Kg of weight) since I'm still young (22) and need protein to for muscle, she said. As for now I don't have any restriction for potassium and phosporus since both are normal (from labs examination). Overall, the only things that she warns me about are to avoid fizzy drinks, pre-cooked foods (nuggets, sausages, bacons, etc), and don't use too many salt (I never use it to cook my own foods lol). she said that I can even have yakiniku (japanese-style-beef barbeque) but only if I kind of really wanting it (which I suppose like once for 2-3 months) and should eat it in moderation.

My question is, does anyone here has any experience on having only "normal" diet after they're being diagnosed with CKD?

Is it okay to do just that ? since I feel that I just have to believe her (well, japanese are reliable people, aren't they?) and she knew my labs result as well as (should be) communicating it with my doctor.

P.S. I communicate with my doctor and dietitian through friends that can speak japanese since they can't speak any english at all

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Hello Gillang, Happy to see you be so proactive. Your dietician’s advice is generally correct. Avoid processed food, go low on salt, avoid colas and choose and have measured protein. The national kidney foundation’s doctor also recommends DASH diet for early stage CKD. Based on which you could also add salads and fruits such as apples, pears and pineapples etc to your diet. Even though you are not required to restrict your potassium and phosphorus there is no harm in being mindful of these and watch out for foods that are overly laden with these for example some snacks and cereals or even milk.

You are absolutely on the right path. Continue doing everything including excercising, drinking enough water and doing regular lab tests and reviewing them for trends. All the very best to you.

Gillang in reply to SN23


As I remember she did mention that in general I should eat every kind of foods in moderation, including potassium-rich fruits. To be honest, I'm still eating chocolates or sweet crackers as snacks right now but only for low-sodium snack (I always see every nutrition fact of my foods and count it).

Hi, I restrict the sodium, potassium, phosphorus even though my labs are fine. Sodium can cause higher blood pressure which is not good for kidneys. I watch the protein, don’t eat dairy, no pop no alcohol. Many medicines and supplements can be harmful to kidneys as well. Hope this helps.


For me, the key words are "As for now I don't have any restriction for potassium and phosporus...". If, at some point, they plan on telling you to restrict potassium and phosphorous because they are not normal, would it not make sense to restrict it now and never get to that point? You are only 22, you have a lot of years to go and wouldn't you like to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible. Btw, the first thing I stopped, cold turkey, was chocolate, and of course, dairy, nitrates, potatoes, tomatoes... Do your research and make the decisions that will help you have a long, healthy life.

Gillang in reply to lowraind

That's obviously make sense, thanks for reminding me. I'm already monitoring my potassium level although not in detail (but yet for phosporus).

Cassieanne in reply to lowraind

Hi Gillang can I just ask when you went 'cold turkey' did you suffer any headaches, feeling lousy etc? If so how long did it last?

Cassieanne in reply to lowraind

Sorry I posted to wrong person!! When you went cold turkey did you suffer any symptoms and if so how long?

lowraind in reply to Cassieanne

Not unless you consider missing chocolate a symptom...and bananas and potatoes, and cheese...!

I really miss chocolate. I never had a real "sweet tooth", but always had a weakness for chocolate. Then, when dark chocolate suddenly became "healthy" some years back, I could indulge guilt-free. Have you tried carob powder? I just ordered some from Amazon.

Tried the carob powder - not quite like chocolate but pretty good.

"Even she didn't mention that I have to do really strict protein intake (like only several mg/ Kg of weight) since I'm still young (22) and need protein to for muscle"

I'll be 60 next week, was diagnosed with high stage 3 (58 gfr) a year and a half ago. 6 years ago, my gfr was 75. I'm still at 58. Doc told me to watch my it to around 50-60gms. Said I could eat most anything because my labs are normal, but also watch my salt. The funny comment your doc made was that you don't need to be strict about protein intake because you're only 22 and need protein for muscle. I wonder if your doctor is saying that older folks such as myself don't need muscle, because that would be silly.

Gillang in reply to Marvin8

Actually it's said by the dietitian and perhaps the reason on why she said that was because my weight was (and still) around 55 Kg (which I suppose it's quite light for a guy with 172 cm of height, just my opinion). Anyway your protein intake that you mention about, is it per day or per meal?

Marvin8 in reply to Gillang

It's per DAY...which was quite an adjustment for me since I like to lift weights and work out and eat more protein. Btw, I'm 168cm and 63kg. I really should be 66kg for the amount of muscle I should be carrying, but my dietary restrictions have lowered my muscle mass which I really don't like. And if I overload the carbs, it makes me afraid of contracting diabetes, which I don't yet have. Fasting blood glucose is around 90..

Gillang in reply to Marvin8

I got it. I like to do exercise too but more like cardiovascular exercise such road cycling (which build muscle in my leg) that usually do for long distance. Anyway, you sounds quite healty for someone in your age, may that lasts for a long time.

Marvin8 in reply to Gillang

Most deeply appreciated. And to you as well. I do cycling as well, but it doesn't put much mass on my legs. Maybe it's because I can only keep up a 16mph pace for around 35 miles. Burns a crazy amount of calories.

Hello gillang,

I would like to agree with others here.

From my personal experience I can say that it's not only about ckd patients but it's about and applicable to all.

And that is we should live healthily. Restricted amount of salt, potassium, phosphorus, protein is any day a better choice irrespective of the age.

Eat everything in moderation but avoid things like chocolate, processed food, dairy products, nuts and limit animal protein.

Fish is excellent, and have it 4 times a week. Include apples, guavas, pears, and lots of fresh vegetables.

This way you will steer clear of diabetes and high blood pressure.

All the best.

Keep us posted.

Gillang in reply to Saaba

Thanks for the advice Saaba, I think for the time being (at least until I get my biopsy result next month) I'll stick to my dietitian advice (although max 70-80 gr fish or 90-100 gr chicken per MEAL ain't reassuring enough, I always try to make it less than that amount I swear).

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