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age 27 GFR rate 66 , diagnosed CKD STAGE 2 by my doctor, am I ruined?

I am aged 27 and when I received my report couple days ago my doctor and I couldnt believe at such a young age GFR only at 66 and diagnosed CKD stage 2. I am so afraid I take immediately control my eating habit and hopefully I will survive.

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Please do not worry so much my Mum gave me her kidney over 30yrs ago so has functioned with a eGFR of below that since then she is 82 now and still goes to the can have a normal life with jjst one kidney and an eGFR of lower than 66..........hope this helps


So many positive energy, thank you you lit my hope.


wow this is the most inspiring testimony i have heard ever since i started researching kidney disease.i found out i had some dysfunction through a renal function test when i was having right side hydronephrosis. my gfr had dropped to 56.well i didnt quite know what my function was prior.i am 32 and almost lost my mind when i heard that.the world felt like its ending and i was going to die really know it is not exactly a fun place to be with kidney disease but in reality 90% of those dignosed of this would probably die of something else which is not related to kidney disease.i guess its just the mental part of knowing something is killing one slowly that makes it difficult.

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dont panic there are good consultants out there...going vegetarian prolonged my life to get transplant...when i had kidney desease at 6..there were no transplants...i met dr chritian barnard

in 1985..he told me to hang on in its coming soon...i was 27...and had to wait another 31 years .when i was get 60 i have ladies kidney working at over 100 percent i tell all people out there waiting..never give up...😊

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Were you ever in dialysis? How much gfr did you manage for 31 years?


I feel you. I'm 28 y/o female with 60 gfr


When were you diagnosed and whay was your gfr from then till now? Was there any underlying cause of your dysfunction?


hi i had kidney reflux as a child which is quite common...i was on peritoneal dialisis for just over two months before lucky it wasnt was not nice..

regards chris


I found out about it in September only this year. I don't know what my current GFR yet. I haven't done my CT angiogram so we don't know yet what caused this


Don't can live a long and happy life. At stage 2, there is still a long way to go before intervention such as dialysis may be needed. It may never happen. My kidneys failed at 17- 30 years ago. I'm still here, still dialysing and life is good. Eat healthily, limit salt and processed foods, drink water and take a little exercise. There is nothing to be afraid of. X


Nothing against dialysing patients but I really do not want to get into dialysis in such young age. I am doing everything I can to prevent it. but thx for your reply I hope we both live strong!


Hi Jackie,

Hang in there! It is very normal to feel shocked and frightened when you are told that your kidneys are not 100%

You are not ruined unless a doctor tells you so.

Kidney issues are chronic and annoying but can be delt with.

The key is to eat a diet low in sodium; about 1500-2000mg a day, no processed foods as bacon, cold cuts, frozen dinners and canned soups.

Red meat is not favorable, but chicken, fish and eggs are fine. Lower protein diet..

Potassium and phosphorus should be kept an eye on as well, so dairy in moderation. Water should be consumed as well. Exercise 3 times a week, even if you walk.

It appears that this has been identified early so that is a plus.

Speak to your nephrologist and see what he/she feels is right for you. Set a plan.

Unfortunately, kidney issues can happen at any age; there are parents of young children who are having their young ones treated, middle aged and elder folks. No, it is not fair, but it is and as much as it is upsetting to hear the words, is just is.. Numbers will also fluctuate.

Remember that you are not alone, there are great people on this site who are always willing to reach out and support.

Please let me know how you are doing.

I care!



Yes I was completely shocked and when the doctor handed the report to me my hand couldnt stop shaking. My creatinine level at 1.3 as elevated high and GFR only running at 66, at the age of 27. My doctor questioned me what I have been taking that been "ruining" my kidney. I admitted that I was very in a very un-healthy eating habit because I live along in US for 10 years I always eat takeouts always red meat preferred and sodas everyday.

I was frustrated and scared. However, I took immediate respond and change my eating habit. I been on no-meat diet for 3 days now , sweet potato&1 egg at breakfast, I know sweet potato is high in potassium so I peeled the skin and cook them first, however, if they are still not good for CKD, I need subs them with something else.

By lunch I have steam white rice and broccoli / other green veges. of course, boiled them.

At night I usually have rice noodles.

As fruit , I have cherries , apple , pears , orange so far.

I cut meat/ and even cut fish out.

However, am I too low on protein if I follow this menu? I done some research protein is the key to maintain a CKD patient healthier but lack of protein can cause other problems too.

My next blood test in 3 months, hopefully I continue this eating habit and GFR not dropping by then.

Need some advises.



You're going to be fine! It all takes time and will have its peaks and valleys on this journey.

It's important to balance what you are eating.

Check out as they have some great ideas. They also offer free 90 minute Smart Classes which are informative...check one out in your area.

NKF has lists of recommended foods which is also excellent. If you follow me, you should find a posting that I put on the site from them which gives excellent suggestions about eating out.

If you can't find it, let me know and I will get it to you.

I personally have become vegetarian for the last year or so. I generally eat an apple with hummus ( read the sodium content...I don't touch anything above 100mg) or light wheat toast with hummus or low sodium/ cholesterol butter ( land o lakes). I eat 2tbsp of Lite and Fit Greek Yogurt for digestion. Some days 1\2 cup iced coffee with Carnation original FF creamer in it.

Because my albumin level has dropped I may have to eat 40oz of egg whites with some onions, peppers, broccoli in it in the AM.

If anyone has a suggestion as how to up the albumin please share.

Lunch or snack steamed veggies with a dab of 80 mg sodium guacamole as the avacado helps digestion.

Dinner...salad with onions, peppers. Cukes, chick peas washed or black beans. I watch sodium salad dressings

. balsamic vinegrette no more than 115 mg sodium and portion control. If not oil and vinegar. Subway makes a great salad. I also add hummus.

If I have cola it is 3 times per week and 8oz or less. Bread I watch sodium.

Fresh and fresh frozen veggies steamed...cabbage, onion, red pepper cauliflower are delicious. That is with dinner.

My husband eats this as well and we both have lost weight.

A palm of chicken is 3 oz...dietician told me.

I am going to think of more and get back to you...

Got to run..

Hang tight.

Talk later!


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Is foot bathing good for me? I been foot bathing for last couple days for like 30 minutes every night. With no any ingredients, just warm water .


Pamper yourself!

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Love it! I go for massages!


I think your comments are so helpful and positive! I thought it was the end of the world having recently been diagnosed at stage 2 but reading your posts have really helped!

I would love some further information about what your diet entails. My GP does even want to see me about my results...apparently, a telephone call will suffice! Thank you!

Jackie, hang in there. You are not alone.


Stage 2 was caught early. As long as your GP is in communication with you, that is positive!

Food?. I drink 25 oz of water with my meds when I wake up.

I generally have 2tsp of Lite and Fit Greek Yogurt with some wheat germ on it in the morning.

Occasionally a small amount of gluten free oats, but usually apple slices with 2tsp hummus is another favorite. I found low carb, low salt bagels at a local store and will have 1/2 with hummus on it. I sip a small iced coffee with Carnation Fat Free Creamer in it-take it when I travel or go out.

Egg whites or egg white omelets are also healthy, but since becoming vegetarian, haven't been able to touch it.

Away for the weekend, may take some oats or 2 slices of light wheat bread with hummus or margarine.

I munch on steamed veggies such as cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, onion or a veggie wrap made from lettuce, celery, carrots at noon to 3pm which is my savage time. I add a tsp of guacamole but do not buy anything with more than 115 mg of sodium in it.

Sip 25 oz water during the day.

Dinner can be salads with lots of cucumbers, onions, red and green peppers, spinach. I add strawberries and or blueberries, chick peas or black beans but only if I cook them or low sodium canned and wash them. My salad dressing is oil and vinegar ( subway is great in a pinch) or dressings with no more than 150mg of sodium.

Breakstone puts out a low sodium 2% milk fat cottage cheese which is also very good.

I often have a serving of steamed veggies with dinner.

I make a vegetarian pasta for my husband consisting of browned onions and peppers with black pepper, onion and garlic powder and use wheat pasta. I use low sodium spaghetti sauce.

Fresh fruits for dessert.

My treat is Panera green salad with 1/2 bagette.

Land o'Lakes makes a great buttery spread with no cholesterol and low saturated fats.

You can make hearty soups with Swanson no sodium broth- 45 mg sodium.

If you like chicken or fish that is also good.

I hope that this has been of some help.

Please let me know how you are doing!


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Thank you so much for replying and for the helpful information. I’m a vegetarian so the meal ideas are great and doable. I just need to start exercising! I hope you are doing well.


consult with a dietitian. the amount of protein intake should vary with ckd level. too low of it is harmful as well as you know.


Become an expert in CKD by searches. Eat healthy food, keep well hydrated, no colas, reduce or stop caffeine(also in colas) keep BP under control, exercise moderatly almost every day, enjoy life! Get a good nephrologist from a university hospital, and if desired a renal nutrionist also from a hospital

Good luck-you have a long life to live!


Agreed! All a process!


Thank you!

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hi there, have you had any other blood test since then?what has the numbers been?pls advice


hi dont panic..if looked after 66 egfr should last a lifetime..keep healthy drink plenty WATER...😊 and smile a lot...i made 30 egfr last 35 years so all ok


are you for real?30egfr for did you do that?


Hi there - you have had some fabulous and supportive responses already. Hopefully this has uplifted you. Note that feeling of support and positivity in taking action for yourself as it is important to focus on the positives and to empower yourself rather than get stuck in a place of fear. Your kidney function is still very good. I am a nutritional therapist specialising in kidneys and myself have been through the whole journey from age 4 and now in my forties living a life I love despite the turbulence of dialysis and transplantation. You are very fortunate to have the early warning to really turn things around and live a far richer life. Definitely ditch all sodas and refined sugar. At your level there is no need to be concerned with restricting potassium unless you have a high reading which would be very unusual. Get to know and understand what the kidneys do in your body, send them love and attention, hydrate with water (not chilled as this is a stress to the body to drink iced water which I know most Americans do), plenty of greens such as arugula, kale and romaine lettuce. Begin to nurture yourself though home cooking. Even if you start by making some scrambled eggs, this is a great start. Keep an eye on blood pressure - magnesium is a key mineral for cardiovascular health and blood pressure so with the foot baths, add in a generous cupful of Epsom salts which is magnesium sulphate. If you take baths, bathe too in these salts.

I'll leave it there for now as you have plenty of wonderful advice to incorporate. Keep feeling your feelings and enjoy each day.



you know i bless God for your life.its been hard for me the past 2 and half month when i was told my kidneys was my case there was hydronephrosis on the right kidney which cause swelling of the right kidney.I am hopeful for recovery of that egfr was 59 when we found out but dropped to 56 after about 3 week without intervention.honestly it still bothers me.i have lost so much weight because i have been avoiding almost all foods cause i dont want to be eating the wrong things.i guess loosing the weight is a good thing too.anyway any helpful tip would be appreciated.


It is scary, yes, but....At a similar age my GP told me I was facing kidney failure, with the same GFR. I am now 86, Stage 3 CKD, have been watched fairly closely by my present GP practice and am healthy although tired, etcetera, swollen ankles etcetera, all of which come as par for the course in CKD. So I would say try not to worry, and wish you the very best. (Do keep up with the blood tests too.)


how did you do that?


Hi Cutelale3...I have always eaten sensibly, whole foods when possible, got plenty of rest (important) avoided chills and kept warm (important) drink a reasonable amount of fluids. Otherwise, perhaps I have a strong constitution, I don't know, but so I have been told. Try not to angst about it too much, I know that isn't easy though.

Good luck.


careful the more bran and whole grains in bread, the greater the potassium and phosphorus content. My dietitian advised white rice and bread is better for us compared to eating brown ones. I'm not sure with other food items


is that so? I was told brown rice is better than white rice. oh man....i just switch to brown rice for couple weeks


It actually depends on the cause of your gfr fluctuation. Did the neprologist concluded the reason for such low gfr? After understanding the reason then you can move on to the appropriate therapy for your condition.



please dont worry 66 egfr is more than one kidney...50 gfr is one kidney so your be fine just take care of diet..low fat low salt low red meat intake..keep to bmi weight levels..take care chris


i had less than 30 egfr for over 20 years



There is a fixed cutoff point for "normal" eGFR which is >59. So you fall in that range. Normally, the eGFR for someone your age would be higher. I do understand your fear even though I am more than 3x your age. Mine is below 60 which puts me in Stage 3. Docs will often ignore Stage 2 completely and claim that your kidneys are okay and normal. They will not refer you to either a nephrologist or dietician. You should demand at least the latter. Also, you should pay attention to the other values in your blood work such as BUN and creatinine. Are they normal? What is the history of your blood values? Your electronic medical records should store this history.

I would also get a urinalysis and request the extra measurement called UACR (urine albumin to creatinine ratio). Sometimes they do a protein:cratinine ratio instead. See how that is and how your urine values are. If you are still suspicious, get a Cystatin-C test to measure eGFR in a different way, but that could be just lower still.

Also review all OTC and prescription drugs you are taking to be sure that none are obviously nephrotoxic; you may need to consult with a nephrologist if you can get a referral--often difficult.

If you have a malleable physician and proactive one, you might even request a kidney ultrasound which might turn up some problem.

Wish you the best,


I did my kidney ultrasound and everything is normal. it has been nearly a year now since my last post and I am fighting with CKD.


Hi jacklei123

What is u r current GFR now after one year


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