quinine bisulphate and CKD

Since my last posting I have found more info. on the use of Q Bi-Sulph for leg cramps. It is not recommended, as one side effect is stated to be possible renal failure. Why then, I wonder, was I prescribed it many moons ago at 50 (I am now 81) when I was already at least Stage 2? I can only think that present thinking/training (ie by more recently trained medics) is more advanced, which of course happens all the time. I have noticed purely by chance that since being assigned to a new younger doc 2 months ago, following the retirement of an older man, that she has removed Q Bi-Sulph from my repeat scripts. This also makes me aware that I must be very careful to give any of this sort of intended help to others, and that anything read on this site should be run by a medical person. Cheers and all the best to everyone.


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