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Stage 3 ckd and gout problems



i have stage three ckd and have been at that stage since 2007. I have had the odd gout attack over the years and am on 100mg per day.

My question is, i have started getting gout pain constantly in my right foot, and don't seem to be able to get rid of it. I went to my doctor and he gave me some Prednisone tabs 20mg to take two of in the morning. I got rid of the pain but it came back once the Prednisone stopped doing its thing. I am very careful what i eat so as not to cause gout. But am still getting it :(

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sorry i am on Allopurinol 100mg per day and have been for years

I have read that eating foods which are red can exacerbate gout i.e. tomatoes, beetroot, red peppers (although red peppers are good for CKD) and drinking red wine etc. Hope this helps 😋

whooodaman in reply to sukki

Hi Sukki

I am on a pretty strict diet as to not aggravate any gout attacks even while on my meds. The problem is I am still getting gout even on my medication and my strict diet, and am concerned that this is an indication that my kidney function is getting worse :(

Mysticlad in reply to whooodaman

Have you had your uric acid levels checked? Are you taking Allopurinol at the correct dose? Diet under control? Some gout meds such as colchicine are bad for the kidney as well. Is it gout or arthritic gout?

whooodaman in reply to Mysticlad

Hi there

I am taking allopurinol but may need to up my dosage. If I still have it in a months time when I see my doctor I will make him look into it more deeply, eg arthritic gout.

Stay away from hight fructose syrup! Read Labels. I drink 140oz of water everyday. I understand what you are going thru.

My uric acid was high before my transplant and was put on allopurinol. High uric acid is what causes gout. My husband, who does not have any kidney disease, gets periodic gout attacks and swears by drinking sour cherry juice. It is more expensive and is not the sweet stuff you usually see. You can buy it at Walmart. But you should check with your nephrologist first

Hi There, I tried allopurinol and got severe diarrhoea, it was awful and gout did not get any better. I have been taking Febuxastat for about 3 years now and never had a flare up of gout.

whooodaman in reply to cmcginily

That's great news! I have had persistent gout for over 3 weeks now and my dose of allopurinol doesn't seem to help anymore. It maybe time to up the dose or try something new. Also diarrhoea seems to be a nasty side affect in some people when taking allopurinol, including me :/

I suffered with gout for four months in 2008. My kidneys weren't getting rid of the uric acid, Since being put on Allopurinol 200mg a day I have not had another attack. I also limit my purine foods too. Eating cherries helps too.

Hi, My eGFR is now 13 and I regularly get Gout. I take 2 x 100mg per day, but I also have COLCHICINE tablets (500mg) which I take when I feel an attack coming on. They are quite toxic and you can only take a maximum of 12, but I usually clear the Gout with max 9 tablets

I learned that any fructose can contribute to Uric acid - this means sugar which is half fructose - adios!!! And fruit even I use cronometer and look up fructose content - limit to 15-25 grams daily - that did the trick when I learned not to guzzle fruit - it works - those with gout can look at this and see what happens by lowering fructose - anything with high fructose corn syrup now labeled as fructose :( is poison as there’s measurable mercury - which damages nephrons - no thanks !!

Try Black Cherry juice for your gout. It worked for me and is better than pharmaceuticals.

I had the same problem so am now on 2 allopurinol tabs a day instead of one and haven’t had gout for few years now .

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