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New to CKD w/ Anxiety


Hi, I’m fairly new to CKD. I am a 42 yr old male, no wife or kids, diagnosed last yr w/ Stage 2, Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis w/ long term use of NSAIDs. My hypertension has been under control for about 10 yrs and I don’t have diabetes. I haven’t told anyone in my family because I don’t want my parents to know, as they would worry unbelievably. Mom is 74 yrs old, and is on her forth yr of dialysis. Mom was type 2 diabetic for many yrs and put on dialysis 3 yrs after a stroke. So, I have quite a bit of exposure to ESRD, which is why I’m pretty terrified. I have been doing quite a bit of reading this past month on this forum (Shout out Mr. Kidney) and appreciate all the information and advice. I finally found the courage to post. I went on the DASH diet a month ago, watching protein (.8g/kg) and sodium (<2000mg/day). I have stopped eating red meat. I stopped drinking alcohol. I was a social smoker until about a few yrs ago, so that’s no longer in my life. I wasn’t a big soda drinker, so that’s no longer in my life either. I’ve lost 22 lbs in the last month. I’m 5’9” tall and was 38 BMI a month ago and currently at 34 BMI w/ 30 lbs to go. I cycle about 6 to 9 miles, 5 days a wk. I have a follow up appointment w/ Nephrology in two wks. I did labs last wk, and have been having serious anxiety leading up to the appointment. I have frequent urination w/ proteinuria. I have major anxiety every time I need to urinate, as it reminds me of my progressing CKD. I used to take 10mg Lisinopril, but developed the ACEr cough, so PCP switched me to 100mg of Losartan, which is the max for an ARB. I also have leg twitching, which is also a reminder. I didn’t know frequent urination during the day and leg twitching were symptoms of Stage 2 from all the internet researching I’ve done. Sorry for the long post, but I will start here. I have a lot of questions and comments. Appreciate any and all feedback.

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Hi Guy,

Just reaching out and will catch up later. You are not alone!

One day at a time. Your concerns, fears and anxiety are very normal.

Your diet changes can only be to your you know, good diet and exercise are the best things that you can do to stop progression of kidney issues.

Anxiety is very normal when seeing any doctor with a medical issue; especially one with kidneys which is newly diagnosed. It is not easy.

Take a copy of your labs and a notebook. I check off labs that I have questions on. Write down answers to your questions and also what your doctor tells you.

Being that you haven't told your family, possibly ask a friend to come and scribe for you- it will relieve the pressure.

Alot of deep breaths and remember that your friends will be there as well as us when you come out of the appointment.

As far as Mr._Kidney, click on his picture post and send him a private message if you want to talk to him as he will be notified and answer rather than a generic post.

Please feel free to do the same with me if you need to talk.

Stay strong and know I am here..



Guy2 in reply to Bet117

Thank you for your kind words and support, Bet.

I found my CKD at stage 3b. I went through the exact same anxiety. I now know one year later that my immediate fears were just a waste of time. My previous diet was similar to yours. I too have stopped alcohol, soda, and only have 2 cups of tea or coffee daily. But 60oz of water daily, minimum. Of course this causes frequent urination. But it is due to the water consumption, not the stage of CKD. My diet changes are almost identical to yours except while I eliminated beef (don't miss it), I consume pork. Perhaps once or twice a week. But only the daily amounts of protein. I eliminated anything that comes in a can, since they are simply full of salt. I was put ON lisinopril because it is supposed to help the kidney. It reduces protein leakage. I experience no symptoms of CKD. I walk 3 miles daily. My life is BETTER than it was before the CKD! I have lost over 30 lbs and really without eating less, just eating sensible. With the moderate exercise of walking. With the drinking of water. My CKD stabilized. Most important I feel great. Do NOT go into a state of panic. And it sounds a bit that you are like I was. Every single symptom within my body I blamed on the kidney, even though it really had nothing to do with it. If my arm twitched. Or one day had an itch I never had, or this, or that, I was too too sensitive to blaming it on the kidney. When it really was nothing more than daily, normal life. If I got an unusual discomfort in my back, I would panic. Would turn out to be muscular. Be alert to the fact that everything is not CKD related. Just use your common sense on diet, exercise, and I bet all will be fine.

Guy2 in reply to RickHow

Thank you, RickHow. I appreciate the words of encouragement. And yes, I have been blaming everything on CKD. I went back to my labs and saw that GFR had dropped 20 points in the last two yrs, so the Nephrologist had me do a biopsy. I believe Losartan is in the same family Lisinopril. Last April, the Nephrologist said he may put me on Prednisone, if the proteinuria persisted. Appointment is a wk. Thanks again for your support. (Deep breath)

You must become positive and be assured that with stage 2 you have a great chance to stabilse the condition. Arm your self with good information....ref. go on line to n.h.s. site etc..... by taking only appropriate levels of salt....reduce same to recommended levels and lower protein phosphate and sulphate levels too etc. will make a wonderful difference. Make notes to refer to same. Remember you need these foods for healthy bones etc. so don't overdo cutting back. You will find that your blood results will become much improved and frequent peeing lessened. Bet117s reply is very good advice!!

Guy2 in reply to citronc3

Thank you, citronc3.

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