You have to be In perfect health to get on the kidney list?

Hi, my name is Debi. I just signed up here. I have been on dialysis for about 5 years. I wanted to get on the waiting list for a kidney and I was told that I couldn't because I have other things wrong with me. I have COPD. So, do you Really have to be in perfect health other than kidney disease to be able to wait on a kidney? This sounds ridiculous!

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  • Hi Debi! From my experience, you really do have to be in perfect health sans kidney disease. My blood pressure runs on the lower side and I have been removed from several transplant lists!

  • I hate to be so blunt...but that sucks!

  • I am not on it yet but last time I saw the doc he said that I would not be considered for it unless I was in good health (kidneys aside!) and optimum weight.

  • Sadly this is true for many transplant centers. They want the youngest, healthiest, strongest candidates for transplant to get the best post transplant outcomes and give their centers near perfect or great numbers to draw in even more people. This gives them their good reputations. Some centers aren't as strict as others. For instance when I was listed at MAYO they didn't have a weight (BMI) limit, they evaluated individually. At that time I weighed a little over 330 lbs. Since then I've lost over 120 lbs and listed locally so even my current BMI was okay. I tried listing at another center but they want me to lose at least 30 lbs more and do a bladder study which no other center has required of me. I also have chronic low blood pressure and I was told my low bp would likely not be an issue. I'm still working on losing the weight and trying to list at other centers (like St. Louis, KY, IL) but its costly to travel to these places so I'm fundraising to acquire the necessary money. Hubby has psoriatic arthritis so he has his own health issues. Check out other centers as well, you may find one that's a perfect fit for you. Blessings

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