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Latest lab results, GFR increased

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Hi everyone, just wanted to give an update about my latest lab results. My gfr is back up to 30 (previously 26) Bun 20 (prev. 24) and Creatinine is down to 2.13 (prev. 2.38) I am down 10.4lbs since December. Lifestyle changes I have made have been exercising 3-4 times a week, drinking more water daily (about 64 oz. +) and maybe having one non-water, zero sugar drink, keeping my blood glucose in range, and continuing on a low sodium diet with less processed foods, I’m hoping to continue to improve kidney function as much as possible. Nephrologist commented that for now medication adjustments are not needed at this time.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Excellent work Well done and keep it up.

That is fantastic. You kust be so hapoy. Can I ask what you what is the healthy range for blood glucose? My sugar level spikes depending on what I eat, usually goes back down but has been higher lately. I am not sure what a healthy range is. Thanks.

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I can’t speak for every diabetic, but my endocrinologist gave me a range of 70-160 for my range. I am also on a 1:12 carb counting ratio with meals, these were things set up by my endocrinologist and a diabetes educator. I’m currently trying out the dexcom g6 and from my experience it’s given me a better idea of how my blood glucose is doing throughout the day. Previously I used freestyle libre 2 cgm but I had a bad skin reaction to the adhesive. I would say talk to your endocrinologist about options with managing your blood glucose and ask to meet with a diabetes educator about how you can manage the spikes in your blood glucose levels.

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Thank you for responding. I am going to have to do that as I have been trying to follow a vegan diet but I notice the beans I have been eating for protein seem to raise my sugar level. When I do eat a piece of fish it is much better. Do you eat plant based/vegan? Thank you

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Darlenia in reply to DMH200435

You have a great endocrinologist. It truly is all about managing the carbs when you're a diabetic. You're doing wonderfully well with your diet and goals. Inspirational!

CONGRATULATIONS. Keep up the good work.

That is AWESOME...please don't drink diet COKE or soda. It has paint thinner in it.

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You might want to talk to your doctor about some of the new drugs for maintain kidney function and glucose. My husband who is on Farxiga brought his GFR from 38 to 56, and his sugars are much better maintained. He brought his A1c down to 6.8. He has not been that low ever.

Hey Bassetmommer, I keep seeing commercials for Farxiga, but the side effects they say made me leery of even asking about it. How long has your husband been on it and what do they say about all the side effects that are listed? Some can be pretty bad.

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador in reply to Mandelin

He has no side effects, and we think his recent weight loss is also because of Farxiga. He has been on it since September.

You made me smile today.😊

Yayy for you I hope your numbers keep going up

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