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Decreasing GFR but stable Creatinine

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Every month I test my GFR it drops to 2 points, the latest results showed it was down to 23, the protein level in blood and urine are normal, Creatinine is stable around 1.2, but potassium high and keeps climbing higher. Uric acid is high. I am not diabetic. If any one can point out anyway to stop the GFR from falling, Please can you share.

Also is drinking Distilled water good for my condition?

Has anyone reversed the GFR from decline? Please guide. I am attaching the results, if any one can given any guidance, it would be very much appreciated

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I forgot to mention, I am Vegetarian, I never Smoked, also do not drink alcohol.

Taking 4000 IU of Vitamin D3, 800 mcg of folate, 400mcg of B12, 50mg of B6, 500mg of B5, 500mg of L-arginine, 200mg CoQ10.

I am using BP meds to keep my pressure under control.

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Have they checked your Vitamin D? I forgot to tell you that I am on it for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but was also taken off it (Vit. D) cause was told that too much could make kidneys suffer as well.

Hi James,

Egfr does go up and down and can come up with appropriate diet and excercise. Regular walks, keeping yourself hyderated and watching what you eat is all part of the strategy. Getting a dietician ‘s advise based on your lab results is particularly helpful. There are many prior posts that have underscored this better than I can. Please check them out.

I have a question, with a stable creatinine why is your EGFR going down? Are you including other factors such as weight since the age will be the same if you are measuring every month? Or are you also including cystatin- C?

If weight is a factor here than I would certainly suggest that you work to reduce any exess weight. Again a dietician can help in this.

For potassium you could avoid high potassium foods. Some vegetables can be very high. The range that I have seen is up to 5.2. Your lab’s range is up to 5 and you are at 5.3. So it’s very manageable and you can by reducing high potassium vegetables and fruits address this. Dietician can help you in this. Also some blood pressure medicines such as potassium sparring dieuritics can increase potassium levels. You can discuss this with your doctor.

Also check if you are well hyderated specially before the labs.

Prayers and best wishes.

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A creatinine of 1.23 is really not all that bad, but compared to your GFR it doesn't seem those two numbers mesh. A creatinine of 2.0 indicates a GFR of about 50% so if you have a creatinine of 1.23 and a GFR of 23 don't necessarily coincide with one another. Could be difference in lab values or perhaps you're outside the U.S.? Also your albumin level looks good and the potassium isn't all that high. They usually begin to direct attention to potassium if its over 5.5 or under 3.0. However the lab values must be different as they seem to measure calcium different from what I'm used to doing. Hydrate, exercise, limit protein, don't smoke, keep bp in check and/or any infections. You could live a long while at this stage. Hang in there. Blessings

I don't have my labs near me but I can tell you that I was at 29% GFR; Stage 4. About 4-6 weeks later AFTER stopping ALL anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, etc. ) and 1 diabetic med (Metformin) I went up to 42.8%; Stage 3b. So even though Stage 4 is not supposed to be reversable, at least in my case, I WAS able to reverse from Stage 4 back to Stage 3b. And I will tell you I asked God (in Jesus) everyday to heal me. :)

I was the same, I have been as low as 38 Stage 3b, and stopped all NSaids and now I have been sitting at 45 gfr. I have had this now for two years with a Creatinine of 1.4. Now I have elevated Bilirubin at 1.8 and my direct is at <0.5, my Calcium is now 10.3 and it was 10.1 thirty days ago. My bun is at 25 and my lymphocytes auto is now at 36.7. my hemoglobin is 16.7 and hematocrit is sitting at 48 once again like last month. I have a few large platelets, and was diagnosed now with a purpura on my right arm. I have had a liver biopsy last year and it was so hard they couldnt punch needle in without have his nurse on top of me to hold me in place. Liver went crazy but is fine now. There is something going on and no one seems to care lol

Did you say that you had a normal urinalysis? Have you done a 24 hour creatinine clearance test? Was there any protein in your urine or no? Did they do any sort of scans of the kidneys.

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