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Habits that could harm kidneys.

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Article from National Kidney foundation on 10 common habits that may harm your kidneys. kidney.org/content/10-commo...

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I am very mindful that anything I eat or drink will eventually go through my kidneys. I like your post.

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Excellent article, OC!

Very tactile and informative!

Thanks for sharing!


I think most of us who have been dealing with CKD are aware of the items listed. However, I have to question the validity of number 10 on that list. Sitting Still? There is no definitive research that supports that, in fact, quite the opposite. Some people who have sedentary jobs may be active when they leave work, assuming they are working now during these dangerous times. I'm surprised that without more supporting information that the NKF added that to the list, unless they needed something to round out the list to an even 10.

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I think The NKF article on #10 is referring to physical activity helping blood pressure and glucose metabolism which can be factors in CKD.

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If that is the case they could have made #10 Get out and walk more. Something on the positive side.

I hope you are right.

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Yes you are right that would have been a lot clearer.

I wonder if perhaps sitting slouched at a desk for decades could put some kind of added pressure on the kidneys that eventually cuts off some circulation. I really have no idea, but anything's possible.

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Could be that over the years it might take its toll.

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Lol. You piqued my curiosity so I researched it. Apparently obesity rises for those who lead inactive lives as well as hypertension and diabetes. According to research, "In individuals affected by obesity, a compensatory hyperfiltration occurs to meet the heightened metabolic demands of the increased body weight. The increase in intraglomerular pressure can damage the kidneys and raise the risk of developing CKD in the long term."

Excellent points that should be followed by everyone.

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Agree Darlenia. Glad you researched further and thanks for sharing.

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