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stage 5 kidney failure

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Yes my aunt has stage 5 kidney failure plus chf, diabetes. Her creatine is running around 2.79. I would like to know what that level means. She is currently in nursing home.

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It’s hard to answer your question without more information. If you’re comfortable sharing more information, the following would be helpful:

1. Potassium

2. Phosphorus

3. Hemoglobin


5. Protein in her urine?

6. BUN

Is your aunt a smoker? And is she on dialysis at this point?

I’m 66 years of age. My creatinine is typically 3.0 to 3.1 which gives me an eGFR of 1-15. That puts me in high stage V or low Stage IV. My potassium can elevate but is in control right now. My phosphorous is in the normal range. My protein in my urine I’d nearly always in the abnormal range although on the high end of that range. My BUN has recently come down noticeably, thankfully; although, it is still elevated at 55. I have severe anemia which is under effective treatment.

Is your aunt seeing s nephrologist?


she is 77 years old. I am unsure of those other test. Yes she has an nephrologist

this why she is in a nursing home, she can't even walk now. They are discussing comfort care ( hospice). She has no appetite and when she tries to drink anything she gags

she has refused any life saving measures has signed the dnr. she is on oxygen and not a smoker

This is definitely hard. Have they started comfort care for her yet?

Also, what are they doing to keep her comfortable?


no they haven't started any yet.

I’m keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


To answer your question on what is Stage 5 I've included a link below that will explain it in some detail. The only other option not explained there is Palliative Care.

The second link I've included will explain that to you and help you understand the choices you have.

When you have the opportunity to speak to the rest of your family and your aunt's doctors you'll have some information to share and base your questions on. Best of luck going forward.

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My aunt also refused further treatment when she was in stage 5. She was 85 and did not wish to go on dialysis. She was quite ill but at the end she passed away peacefully. I know it's very hard.

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I suspicion that most of us participating in this forum who have CKD Stage V have given this issue considerable thought; I know I have. When I went through the renal failure education classes I made definitive decisions with regard to what I would try for treatment and so forth. I, too, have identified specific medical circumstances that would lead me to deny treatment as well as other circumstances that would cause me to pursue treatment, eg, dialysis.

These are definitely very difficult and personal decisions. My father also had Stage V CKD. He chose to pursue in home hemodialysis. I was one of his care partners. I don’t know that I would have chosen what he did; however, I strongly supported his decision and was honored to be one of his care partners. As difficult as that was; I cherish my memories of that time.


thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate the time you have spend talking to me

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Yes it is to watch a love one health wither away, She's the only aunt I have left on my mom's side of the family. I grew up in the same house with my aunts mom and granny. I have took care of her and all her daily needs for the past 5 years. I was a care taker for my younger aunt who passed away 5 years ago of stage 4 mestatic breast cancer. I was with her to the passing. Its breaks ones heart. I already see the signs coming and her comments about talking to my mom and one of my aunts. Its heart breaking

Hello everyone I'm a 30 year old female recently diagnosed just over a week now with stage 5 end stage renal disease

Welcome, so glad you found us🐶

How are you doing? I remember well how I felt when I learned my kidneys had plummeted into Stage V. In many ways there really are no words.

Let us know how we can help, eg, share our thinking about our individual decisions regarding renal failure treatment...


Well I'm trying my best to stay positive and deal with my condition

I've found this forum to be incredibly helpful as I've been traveling this journey. Hopefully you will as well:)


How are you doing? My husband was just diagnosed with stage 5..very scary!

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I’ve been in Stage V since the first week of January 2017, nearly 4 years. I’m still not on dialysis, although I’m not sure how much longer that will be the case at this point.

How long has your husband been in renal failure? How is he feeling? Has he selected a dialysis modality? Is he considering evaluation for a transplant?

Sorry for all the questions. I know it’s overwhelming. But I’m convinced that being proactive when my kidneys suddenly plummeted into Stage V really helped me. Knowledge is critical. So is effective renal care. I made some dietary changes that have helped me some too.

Anyway, I was, according to what my nephrologist told me, pretty proactive. I live alone and am the last person alive from my family so felt I had to be proactive.


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