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Stage 4 kidney failure


I’m at Stage 4 kidney failure, does anyone have the pain under your ribs and in your back? No appetite much and nothing is helping the swelling, love talking to all of you, seems like no one understands but us what we are truly going through

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Yes I suffer same symptoms but don't have an answer yet. I have others like heart failure and getting the meds right is a nightmare so I've given up asking. If it is an isolated symptom then hopefully someone will suggest something.

I think sometimes Love101cats that the drs just don’t completely understand us at all,lol

Just to clarify, stage 5 is kidney failure, so relax and remember there is still much you can do to slow the progression. There are a number of folks in this community who have been in both stage 4 and 5 for quite some time and still working hard to slow the progression.I did have pain under my ribs and the nephrologist suggested an ultrasound and it was determined that I had blockage in my gallbladder from gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed in Oct. of 2019 and only had to make a few minor adjustments to my kidney meal plan and the pain was gone.

Hi, I’m only stage 3b (eGFR 33) but too keep getting pain under my left breast bone, and really bad nausea and loss of appetite. I’ve lost a stone since the beginning of Dec...without trying. I’ve just had a CT scan so am awaiting the results. I’m in the UK.

I hope they manage to figure out the cause for you. I always think these things are kidney related, although I have varying other health issues.

I no longer have my gallbladder so the pain under my ribs is not gallstones luckily, please everyone thank you for the comments

Likewise, I’ve had mine out too!

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Sometimes when we have swelling we limit out liquid intake. Check with your doctor to make sure you are keeping hydrated enough, even with the swelling. Also have them check for kidney stones is not a bad idea.

Bhanwre in reply to Bassetmommer

I have egfr of ~ 38. Stage 3b. Only yesterday, I felt a slight swelling, in my back, just above my hip bones, on either side of my spine.

I had discussed about acupressure treatment and was exploring.

On pressing the slight swellings, I experienced slight pain.

I have no kidney stones. My gall bladder was removed 10 years ago.

There is a growing cyst in the kidney, which the doctor says is nothing to worry about.

I believe that adherence to a good kidney friendly diet can help slow or stabilise the progression.

Can anyone suggest a good renal dietician?

Bhanwre in reply to Bassetmommer

You are labelled as an NKF Ambassador. You may be in a position to help.

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador in reply to Bhanwre

HI Bhanwre, I live in the USA and have a very good dietician. I am not sure where you live, but your nephrologist should be able to supply the name of someone in your area.

Bhanwre in reply to Bassetmommer

Hi! Basset,

That you for your quick reply.

I live in Delhi, India.

But that doesn't matter. I can consult virtually or via mail / chat.

And could you or your dietician suggest me some good books/ references?


Bhanwre in reply to Bassetmommer

My brother is in VA and my sister in TX.

Yes I do, under my right rib, it's like a deep ache, worse when sitting or lying down, slightly in back but ultrasound clear. I'm stage 3b. Doctors don't seem to have an answer but I'd be grateful if somebody did.

Same here. Stage 3a with chronic dull & deep back pain just under my rib on my left side when I lay down. Kidney scan is clear...may be one of those deep interior muscles that is strained...or maybe my kidney just aches sometimes.

I am also in stage 4 and have the same pain at times. I know this will sound odd but my internal med Dr. told me a specific nerve had been damaged and when I get the least bit constipated it will make me feel almost deathly ill. I'm sorry I can't think of the specific nerve but the pain it causes is horrible. The more I move my arms, especially upward, the worse the pain gets. There is nothing that can be done other than rest and trying my best not to get constipated.

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