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New to ckd, stage 5 getting ready for dialysis. Was denied transplant due to low pulmonary function. Can this improve? on oxygen at night only. 63, also diabetic, chronic pancreatitis, cant have kidney/pancreas my pancreas is too far gone. have love and support from family but still feel alone in this some how. ckd is a very depressing disease! try to look for pos. things about this disease. would like to hear from others.

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Hi Rascal,

Welcome to our group. There are people on here in all stages and with many other health conditions as well, so you are not alone. Feel free to vent and/ or ask questions. We will listen.

Sending positive thoughts your way!

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Sorry to hear your situation CKD is a horrible slight disease and people who don't suffer will never release how it effects a person on a daily basis.

Not sure if you are a member of the NFK dialysis forum, I have found them a great help as every one on there is either on dialysis or about to start and great to ask question. This forum is a bit more general and found many are in very early stage and not always from the UK so treatment and advise vary.

Take care


Have you tried going to the National Kidney Foundation website? They have so much information, try Next I would definitely recommend (by MEI Medical Education Institute. They are little snippets that inform, educate and you can also challenge yourself at the end of each one with a little questionnaire. Super easy and very informative.

I don't know about pancreas transplant too much, so the "my pancreas is too far gone" (for a transplant) makes me question that. Transplants are exactly for the organs that fail. The oxygen levels may improve over time depending upon the reason. Don't give up hope. Talk to your transplant center about these concerns. They should be able to give you further explanations.

I've been on dialysis for nearly 16 years and currently working between 28-38 hours per week, but its only temporary (tax season) then thankfully I can get some sleep, lol. I love working but its definitely *not* something I can do for long as its really wearing me down.

Just remember, you are not alone. Keeping talking and ask questions. Someone here is bound to help you find answers.



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