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New to ckd, stage 5 getting ready for dialysis. Was denied transplant due to low pulmonary function. Can this improve? on oxygen at night only. 63, also diabetic, chronic pancreatitis, cant have kidney/pancreas my pancreas is too far gone. have love and support from family but still feel alone in this some how. ckd is a very depressing disease! try to look for pos. things about this disease. would like to hear from others.

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  • Hi Rascal,

    Welcome to our group. There are people on here in all stages and with many other health conditions as well, so you are not alone. Feel free to vent and/ or ask questions. We will listen.

    Sending positive thoughts your way!

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear your situation CKD is a horrible slight disease and people who don't suffer will never release how it effects a person on a daily basis.

    Not sure if you are a member of the NFK dialysis forum, I have found them a great help as every one on there is either on dialysis or about to start and great to ask question. This forum is a bit more general and found many are in very early stage and not always from the UK so treatment and advise vary.

    Take care

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