Kidney cortex thinning -- I'm new here

I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Stage 3 CKD. They gave me a pill and let it be managed by my gp. I was taken off of that pill in May due to blood pressure issues. I pursued it myself with my gp to replace the pill and she said they didn't know I had CKD. I got an ultrasound and it shows cortex thinning, which I read means a worsening of CKD. I have many other symptoms of Stage 4, and I have not been well for almost a year. We adjusted all meds to mask the symptoms, but I'm worried about my new diagnosis when seeing nephrologist on Nov. 3.

Is CKD in Stage 4 by the time you have cortex thinning?

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  • Maybe best to make appointment with a Nephrologist. They should be able to get you on correct treatment path and answer your questions. I am at stage 3 and on Doctor specified diet and exercise routine, which has helped.

  • Do you see a Nephrologist. I'm stage 3 but my Dr won't refer me he said my case is mild so there is no need I do everything on my own that I'm learning from reading. He told me no need to change diet but I did anyway and my kidney function went up at my visit this week

  • I am in similar situation. Currently my Primary Doctor is handling the CKD. Will discuss with Primary Doctor referral to a Nephrologist. 2 years ago Medicare rule would not give referral until level 4 unless unusual circumstances. I believe requirement has changed?

  • I read that at stage 3 you should be checked every year. Stage 4 is dialysis and transplant, so stage 3 should be monitored closely.

  • I insist on going every 6 mths. 1 yr is too long

  • I have a referral to a nephrologist. Have an appt. Nov 3. Im upset that noone has been monitoring me at stage 3. Im also upset with myself. I have many healthcare issues and ive always been proactive. I figured i was okay, since i have labs every 6 months. None of those were to monitor my kidneys. I also thought the pill i was taking was managing it. Now my eyes are opening and im really scared.

  • I feel the same way as you. When my Dr told me to return in a year I insisted it be sooner I'm not waiting a year, I feel like I am my own Dr at the moment It seems like they just tell you your stage 3 and expect you to do nothing until your stage 4

  • Right. When i was diagnosed stage 3, 6 yrs ago, why didnt i meet with nutritionist, etc.?

  • Some people do. My Dr says no need. I'm doing it on my own ! Crazy and overwhelming

  • Orangcecityr41 is right! I'm CKD 4 (eGFR of 27-29) ... and also bi-polar, which has nothing to do with my kidney status. However about 10 years ago, I decided it would be so much easier to have my nearby GP provide lithium for this condition vs. the psychiatrist I'd been seeing. In truth, the GP was reluctant. Within 18 months I was a hospital inpatient with lithium poisoning. A good GP is worth his/her weight in gold in terms of referrals, BUT is not usually an expert in specialties like nephrology, psychiatry, endocrinology, etc. I no longer need to take lithium. Wish you could get your appointment next week instead of in Nov.

  • I had stage 3 for past 15 years and probably much longer as it all occurred as a child due to Reflux Nephropathy. I have been monitored yearly by primary care. The recent imagining shows small scarred kidneys with thin cortex. I read that thinking goes along with damage and CKD. Several times I have dropped to stage 4 and current GFR is 21. Nephrology, which I was referred due to stage 4 changed around my meds as some can mimic damage or cause it. NSAIDS are very bad to take for pain and also Bactrim for UTI is believed to have caused a temporary decline. My CKD is supposed to progress very slowly, if at all, since has been with me so long I am 63. The recent decline is possibly from meds, not sure so returning monthly for awhile.

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