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One step forward two steps back

So after an ok start last week, it has gone slightly downhill. Day two of week two has been bad. I walked to and from work which was good but I had a huge lunch and then ate loads of crisps this evening just because I was tired. I didn't even enjoy them. I'm so cross with myself! I know I can do better tomorrow and I just need to have a good Wednesday and then that will make me feel better.

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I hope you have a great day. Keep positive :)


Well you have done the main thing, recognised you nibble when tired. That was so yesterday so now you've learnt from it you've moved on :-) well done because in past I've used one day day as an excuse to pig out for a week! So that's 6 days you haven't disappointed yourself in, so like us fellow human beings, pick yourself up, congratulations on starting your journey and stay positive.


Well done on walking to and from work. Not sure how much exercise that was but you should feel good about that. You are not happy with the food choices you made but life is a work in progress. Let's take one day at a time and learn how to improve on yesterday. Good luck! (I didn't too well myself yesterday!)


Try not to see this as a failure, instead think of it as a massive learning curve! Today try to remember how cross and angry you were with yourself yesterday and use that thought whenever temptation creeps in!

Always have some healthy low calorie snacks available, so if you end up hungry after walking or exercising you've got something to give you a boost and remember to drink plenty of water.

Good Luck!


todays a new day start over :)


Hi fiwa,

As the old song says - "pick yourself up, brush yourself down, start all over again!"

Everyone's journey has it's spurts and blips.

As aussieblues suggests, whilst it may be a blip, you've gained an insight from it. So chalk it up to experience and keep riding the weight loss bus.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thanks for all of your comments. I had a much better day today so I'm feeling a lot happier!


Good to hear you're having a better day today and that you're feeling happier. Have a good week!


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