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Emerging from the lurk

I've decided to out myself on the forum :) I've been reading for a while. I'm on the Couch to 5K and joined the 5x50 Challenge last week. I lost some weight over the past two years and got down from 32 BMI but have been stuck at or around 26 BMI for over a year.

Hoping the daily exercise will help me to break the 25 barrier! My GP has asked me to aim for BMI 23 which would mean losing another stone. But I can't get my head into diet mode at all.

So I have decided to post here and hope that being public about it might motivate me to get those pounds off. Thanks all !

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Good job getting down from the BMI of 32! Don't think of it as getting your head into 'diet mode' though. Good luck with all the activity, but be sure to take breaks now and then so you don't wear yourself out too much. I've been stuck at a BMI of abotu 27.5 for AGES now, and I just can't seem to break it, so I'd be quite interested in how you get the weight loss moving again.


One thing I do kinda struggle with is the diet + exercise. I have read so much about making sure you eat enough to support the exercise but nobody seems to put a figure on it :) What I do know is that you don't use up as many calories as you think you should by exercising ;) If effort = weightloss I'd be a skeleton by now :)


Well done for going public :) Over the last two years I found the cross trainer and a heart rate monitor worked for me. The monitor showed me the effort I was really putting in. Yesterday I started with a personal trainer and she told me that I should exercise using interval training as I dont have any major physical problems.


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