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Week 1 weigh in... Starting week 2

Hello so its the end of week 1 and my mum weighed and measured me. I am happy to report that i lost 2kg(4pounds) and 5cm(2.5in) from my belly :) im really pleased with myself i didnt think i would stick this out! So im in week 2 now still eating smaller portions and eating healthy also keeping up with my exercise. Looking forward to the weeks to come! How did you get on?

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Well done you, after falling off the wagon on week 3 I'm trying to get back on track, I think I might also measure myself as the scales do not always give the true picture. Good luck for this week xx


I find that my measurement goes down alot quicker than weight, every cm helps!


What an inspiring post :) Brilliant!

I have swapped to metric both in my weight & my measurements.... I find it so much more motivating as I can record the smaller losses to keep me going.

Thanks for posting



Thank you :) aw yeah any loss is a good loss :) im really glad i joined this site, so many lovely helpful people


Hi have you joined a sliiming group that you pay for or is it through this nhs couch to 5k site (if thats makes sense)


No i dont go to any group, I just eat healthy and exercise at home :)


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