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I know what to do why dont I do it!!!!!!!

Why is it so difficult - sometimes I forget 1/2 an hour after giving myself a good talking too, TODAY is the day I say, then 1/2 an hour later Ive popped something into my mouth.

What am I doing !!!

Im obese my joints ache Im sure Ive got a gall stone rumbling my snoring is enough to keep the whole house awake, why isnt this enough motivation to just do the right thing???

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Hi Carhev,

I really don't know what the answer to that question is.

But, I suspect you do.

And my guess is that it's something around making a commitment, or perhaps you don't really want to change the situation.

Some people have dreadful fears about changing things in their lives. And they allow those fears to just bring them to a dead halt, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

But, sometimes, for some things, you just have to feel the fear .... and do it anyhow.

Think of it like a roller-coaster ride. If you let your fears and doubts rule you, you'd never get on it and would never actually know what it was like and would never experience the exhileration, excitement and fun of it.

If you let whatever it is stop you from actually starting your weight-loss efforts, you'll never know and enjoy the benefits of it.

But don't take my word for it, Read around these blogs and especially the posts from people who have lost significant weight and just read how much better they feel for it.

I'd encourage you to overcome whatever it is, because in my opinion, the reality is the only thing you really have to lose is the excess weight and the negative effects of having to lumber that around with you.

Good luck.


Have a read of the nhs 12 week plan.

Maybe you need a fixed staring point and some other help to give you that push to get going.

You know the reasons why you should start to lose weight, its just that at the moment its easier for you not to do it!

If you download and print off the plan you'll see there's a weekly tracker sheet for your calories, aerobic exercise, 5 a day, core strength exercise, weight and waist measurements.

Print it off and stick it on the fridge as a reminder of what you need to do and fill it in everyday.

Take the rest of the week off to read through the information on the nhs choices site, theplan and blogs on here, do your food shop healthily and start on monday.


A change of diet/lifestyle is a big deal and the first few days are the hardest. Dont try to change too much too soon, take baby steps and your mind wont feel so overwhelmed and switch off -which is what it sounds like is happening to you.

It may sound a little simplistic, but to try to help get you in the right mindset, try putting a note to 'remind' you in the fridge, the breadbin, the biscuit tin, anywhere that unhealthy snacks lurk. Better still get rid of the unhealthy stuff from the house. If, like me, this is impractical because you have a family, have a shelf n the fridge of just your low cal yogurts, cheese, salad stuff etc and a cupboard dedicated to your own diet food/snacks so that when they have their biscuits, cakes, etc, you can have something healthy. Carry sugar free polos in your bag and place tubes so they are more easily accessible than the bad stuff. Once you have the taste of mint in your mouth, you wont want to snack on anything for a while. cleaning your teeth often through the day helps in the same way. Try to get into the habit of having a drink rather than snacking. Having a mug by the kettle already with tea bag/coffee in it so all you need do is boil the water may help. Plan your meals for the day and prepare the day before if possible.

And read these blogs, there is a lot of helpful advice and good ideas for coping.

Don't give up.

I hope these ideas help, good luck.



Hi carhev, you being aware of your unhelpful heating habits is the first step. So we'll dome. You can't expect to be able to switch off habits with have developed over many years overnight. Work on it. It's worth it. And please share you progress with us.

Good luck.


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