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Tie me down

Day one done. Exercise and a bit of weights done. Very proud of myself. Just need to tie my hands to the bed. Nothing kinky. It's just that the fridge is calling out to me. Or rather the ham in the fridge is.

Thanks for all the support, I could be writing a blog often if only for the morale boost.

Oh and if anyone has any ideas of how to convince the other half that he doesn't need to bring the full packet of biscuits to the living room when he has a cup of tea, please let me know. It's torture to resist. Have had a word but he says to get me some willpower!


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That is fantastic news! Very well done, you could try emptying the biscuits into a tub or if that doesn't work, if you have time try making some healthy oat bars that you can both eat, may help.

May your angle give you the strength to keep on your journey of new healthy beginnings xx



I found that keeping a bowl of fruit on the coffee table removed the desire to nibble sweet baddies in the evening, as i would reach for the fruit rather than any rubbish the girlfriend was chomping on. Eventually she began reaching for the fruit and not the rubbish. ( Mind you putting all her chocs and cookies in a box marked " PORKIES SNACKS" may have dropped the hint as well. it certainly stopped her talking to me when watching Tv)


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