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Smiley Face :)

The week gone i completed my first week on the 12 week weight loss plan and completed my chart from the NHS website and also logged everything to 1300 calories on myfitnesspal.

My weigh ins are on Monday.

Week 1 - 143.50lbs

Week 2 - 141.1lbs

So i have lost 2.4lbs this week :) :) :)

I was going to start the c25k program but i am going to wait a little while as its my brothers wedding and i just wont have the time to commit to it and dont want to break off halfway thru. So watch this space mid march when i begin my running which im actually looking forward to altho very nervous.

Water intake has been rubbish. Started off ok but just manage to drink 3 glasses a day for now. So my main focus from now up until mid march is counting calories and water.

Oh and i have a meal to go to on saturday which is going to throw things off, plus my brothers 'wedding week' is going to be busy too. Hoping to always pick something healthy and not use it as an opportunity to comfort eat or binge. Boy have i been craving chocolate and stodgy foods!

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I too tend to struggle with water intake. Not particularly bad tasting but a few sips and I'm done. To get my eight glasses in I usually have half boiling water from the kettle and half cold from the tap. I 'down' two cups when I get up then try to do two with each meal. Doesn't sound very appetising but works for me.

Perhaps shouldn't worry too much about it as I have read that we get plenty water from other sources and the eight glasses thing is a gimmick from a bottled water company!

Hope this helps.

Happy heathy eating!


lol im happy to use that as my excuse lol

oh i did have sugar free jelly which has water in it so im sure that counts as 1 glass! :D


Hi Folks,

Can I suggest you look at this?


Firstly, note the term 'fluid', rather than water! (Tea, Coffee, fruit juice, milk, etc., etc.)

Secondly, note that the suggested intake is eight by 150 ml glasses daily.(1.2 litre). Now, that's not really all that much if you're counting all the fluid you drink in a day, is it?

Hope that helps.


Herbal tea or hot water with a slice of lemon is nice too :)


That website is brilliant thank u

Doesnt feel so hard now :D


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