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Only just joined

Ok so i know im only 14 but im 5ft 1in and 12stone, ive tried various things to help me loose weight.. I started taking diet pills wich kind of worked.. It cost my mum £100! But it still didnt work enough so i started at slimming world and just in 1 week i lost 7pounds! In two weeks i lost half a stone. But then i quit because i wanted to try something different but i havent succeeded yet.. YET.so i thought id join this and maybe from support and people that believe i can do it.. Maybe i can. I want to loose at least like 3 stone for summer maybe.. Possibly. I will so this!

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Hi Brookxmx,

My advice would be don't take pills, just take control of your eating and exercise/activity levels. And that's because once you've taught yourself how to do that and what it looks, sounds and feels like, then you'll have that skill for the rest of you life and not just until the pot of pills runs out.

There's loads of really good, sound advice on the NHSChoices weight loss pages. Stuff about nutrition, dieting, particular diets, weight loss, exercise, food types, etc., and there's a BMI calculator (a proper one weighted for younger people) and a free 12 week plan too.

The really important part is to not see it as an 'event', like a thing you do and then forget, it's much more like a process whereby you improve your understanding of what goes on in your body, how your body works in relation to fat storage and fat loss and what causes you to gain weight or lose weight and how you can control it.

Just one thing I do emphasise is that, as you're "only 14" as you put it, your body is still growing and changing into its adult version. And some of that takes energy! So when people are talking about calorie intakes, you'll need to use different figures to those for adults.

There's lots of good and also interesting stuff that comes out in these blogs as well, so they're well worth a read. Even if they don't actually teach you anything, you'll at minimum say "I've never looked at it that way" quite a bit!

It's not about starving yourself, or going around really hungry. It's about eating tiny bits of cardboard-tasting food. It IS, usually, about eating sensible-sized portions of good nutritious food.

To over-simplify it, if you're taking in too many calories compared to the number you use up in exercise/activity, you'll put on weight and if you're taking in less then you'll lose it.

But it's not really quite as simple as that as there are various things that cause your body to either store fat, or burn it.

And, like most things to do with human bodies, it's not all perfectly mathematical - most people have their blips and spurts. Just read around these blogs to confirm that!

Lots of good luck with your weight loss journey. DO, please, have a good read up on it all and understand clearly what it's really about.

I've lost 10 kgs since 11/1/13 and I've not popped one pill, nor given Weightwatchers, Herbalife or Slimmers World one penny!


YES - that was a 'typo'!

It should have read "It's NOT about eating tiny bits of cardboard-tasting..."

(I've just had to have a serious word with my fingers about their poor typing skills - it's just not good enough!)


Hi there,

I am 5 ft 1 as well (somewhat more elderly than you) and I am trying to lose weight for the summer. I have just come to the end of week 2.

It makes sense for you to look on the NHS site for help with this and it looks like your mum wants to help you as well so there is every chance you will succeed in the end. I would suggest you don't pay too much detailed attention to calorie counting etc and concentrate on learning and choosing healthy lifestyle options.

As you lost so much at the beginning with SW I would guess that you changed your eating style quite drastically for the week and then found that the change was perhaps too drastic to continue?

So look at your current food intake, is it a healthy diet where you need to have stricter portion control, it it very unhealthy with lots of processed, sweet or fatty things you ought to avoid or is it (like most of us) a mixture of the two where you need to find a balance that swings more to the healthy options? Talk it through with your mum, you may both be able to see areas where you can make sensible changes.

At the moment do you take much exercise or is it something that doesn't really appeal - if that is the case have a look at the NHS couch to 5k site, it has a 9 week jogging plan on podcasts that you can download and use on your ipod or phone, at your age you will find your fitness improves quickly week on week and it may be that a little extra exercise is all you need to do to start to bring your weight down. Again this is something you could persuade your mum or a couple of mates to do with you as its easier to keep going with something if you have someone else doing it too.

I hope this helps you a bit, let me know what you think, stay with it and blog here to let us know how you are getting on,

Best of Luck


Most pills for weight loss are just waste of time and money. Cardio is good way to drop weight and having the right food intake too.

Xtrainer 20 minutes twice a day

Nutrition is the hard part

I eat every 2/3 hours of small amount of food

from chicken skinless boneless

Brown rice


Cottage cheese


2 brown bread


2 whole eggs

Oat pancakes

I have set times I eat my food to hit the gains right


Hi Honey

Welcome to our family, you are among friends here and will receive lots of advice for any help you need and the best support anyone could wish for.

Thanx for answering and sharing your experience with the tablets. They do seem to be a quick fix but no good for your body long term.

We will achieve our goa together!

lTake care honey and may your guardian angel watch over you.


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