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Need some help on half a stone to lose!!

Hi there,

Just hoping if anyone has any tips on shifting that last half stone?

I'm 5'4" and was always just under 9 stone but then after I hit 30 it just seemed creep up to 10! Over the last 5 years! :(

I'd really love to get down to 9'7" as a starting point. I exercise regularly, Zumba, high interval training and eat healthily but can't seem to get under 10 stone??

I'm eating about 1300 cals a day, sometimes less. I have a desk job, but try and move as much as possible throughout the day!

I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks, so really want to shift it by then!

Anyone else in this limbo position?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I'm wondering if you're eating some thing(s) that are causing you to have a blood sugar spike which would raise your Insulin levels and encourage your body into fat storing mode.

It's rather easy to do, a glass of fruit juice might do it, let alone any 'naughties' left in your eating regime. [I'll admit that I've still got one or two!] If that is, or might be a, problem, just consider watering down the fruit juice, or drinking / eating something less sweet. Or eat the fruit, instead of the juice, as the fruit itself will contain fibre to lessen the sugar spike.

Also, drinking green tea allegedly increases your levels of Adiponectin which helps you to burn body fat. (This is easy for me, because I like it, and I also like white tea too which contains higher levels of antioxidants).

One last thought: Are you spreading your eating across the day enough? If your body is getting too hungry and your blood sugar levels going too low, it could be triggering it into starvation mode, so it tries to store what food it takes in. Thus the importance of 'snacking' to try to keep your blood sugar level at about the right place.

But then you may well have all of those issues covered already.


Well. I don't have a magic answer but I do sympathise because the same happened to me. At least you are trying to reverse the weight gain, which is something you'll be grateful for when you start approaching 50.

I managed to get back under 9 stone, by cutting out alcohol and I took up running. But everyones different and i expect you have something in your diet which is blocking you from losing the weight. I am trying to get to 8stone 7lb (I'm only 5foot 1") now by eating more of an italian diet, with no processed foods. So we'll see if this has any impact.

Good luck! and let us know how you get on.


Hi Jasmine11,

If you're keeping to 1300kcals a day you're doing well. Perhaps, you need to try to mix up your exercise routine. Try difference exercises, make some of them harder or try a new activity.

The body is very good and getting used to a routine and over time, it will need to burn less calories to produce the same effort.

These free exercise plans and tools may help:

Free running podcasts:


Strength and Flex - five-week workout plan:


What's Your Sport - work out what sport you're best suited to:


Good luck!


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