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Bad thoughts looming

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs

I've lost nearly 2 stone in 9 weeks. I'm happy with that. What's not good is seeing what little impact it has had in the mirror and with the tape measure. For my personal weight journey it is a drop in the ocean and I have so far to go. I think what's making it worse is that I was sorting out photos last night and found the ones from 8 years ago when I looked incredible, I hadn't seen those photos in years and I'm feeling miserable at what I've made myelf into and impatient to change it.

Sorry for the misery.

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LythamSuper Host 3 stone

Wowweee ! That's AWESOME ! You hang on in there and keep going, you'll see a bigger difference with the next stone ! :-) x

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Lytham

Thank you, hope I'm just having a bad day and will be feeling positive again tomorrow.

LythamSuper Host 3 stone in reply to IamwhatIam517

You can't not feel positive with that result, MASSIVE well done ! :-) x

Pink4eva1st 7lbs

Hi, don’t sell yourself short, 2st is 2 st and to loose that amount of weight in 9 was is amazing. You’ve done the hardest part, which is starting on your journey. Don’t give up on yourself, you can do this. We all need to take stock sometimes and set new interim goals for ourselves. Good luck for the next part of your journey😊

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Pink4eva

Thank you very much for your reply. Very helpful

I know the feeling. Despite my weight loss of 24kg, no-one has actually commented that I've lost weight yet. Perhaps it's the reverse of asking women if they are pregnant just in case you're wrong.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to BigRedDBA

Congratulations on your 24kg loss! That's amazing. People can be hesitant about acknowledging weight loss because they feel its them admitting there was a weight problem to begin with.

N-o-r-d-i50kg in reply to BigRedDBA

24 kg is a massive difference! The most important thing you are feeling better, and other people can concentrate on their own health 😊

An interesting happened to me on this subject. This time I really don’t want people to pass any comments on my weight. I remember when I lost some weight before, I would look forward to seeing people so that they can notice the difference and I was hoping for acknowledgement. This time I’m not aiming to impress anyone and I think, interestingly, I might be sending a totally different vibe out as no acquaintances directly commented on my weight 😊 when I get compliments, they are not weight loss related, and I love that 😊

Shield-Maiden1 stone in reply to BigRedDBA

They must notice it though! I never can understand that one, me, I love to tell people how awesome they look, when they have lost a lot of weight...brilliant loss! 🥳😘

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to BigRedDBA

Congratulations on the weight loss. Today people would probably not want to comment on someone’s weight as it may be considered inappropriate. I am sure people have noticed and think you look wonderful. 😊

Flo-jo2020 August

Wow you have done amazing, that is a tremendous weight loss in just 9 weeks. Yes I can completely empathise with you on the mirror image, I am in the same position. Just keep going and you will get to see a difference. I would remove the mirrors if they are upsetting you. What you have to think of is you are eating to be healthy and the benefits of that is serving you internally as well as externally. I bet already internally it has improved your health, eventually you will see good results on the out side too. Would It help you if you stuck that picture you love on the fridge, it might motivate you not to slip back into old habits. I don’t know if that would help.

Don’t give up as starting is the hardest thing. You can do it as others say.

I nearly caved today not because I was hungry but bored, I really fancied something sweet, I just drank water and occupied myself. You’re 9 weeks in I’m only four so you can see you have done really well.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Flo-jo

Hello and welcome to the Weigh Loss Forum Flowaz , and thank you for your lovely reply, it makes such a difference when someone who truly understands can support you 😊

If you haven’t already then please read the Welcome Message in Pinned Posts here Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around the forum, but just shout if you need any help 😊

Best wishes


Flo-jo2020 August in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Flo-jo

Thank you for your reply. Super well done on not caving, it is hard to stay strong but you did it.

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to IamwhatIam517

😁Thank you. You have done well too, that’s why you shouldn’t look back with regret because you can only move forward. Your journey so far is quite remarkable. If you continue as you are you will one day look in that mirror and see what you want to see. Like someone said the new you.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Flo-jo

Many thanks

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to IamwhatIam517

🙂You’re welcome.

N-o-r-d-i50kg in reply to Flo-jo

I found that actively acknowledging positives however small - helped me a lot. Initially when there was not much difference in actual weight I would note that I stuck to the plan, or didn’t buy some extra food and saved some money 😊 that i managed to avoid eating something unhealthy, so there’s no guilt. Later on other things followed: trousers are stretching less, easier to put socks on, easier to pick up things of the floor. I am still actively doing it, just noticing those little things and giving yourself some credit - really helps. My other ‘technique’ is to swap some sentences around. If I catch myself thinking ‘I lost a lot of weight, but it’s still so far to go’ I then remind myself to swap the components around and I say ‘I still have a long way to go, but I have lost so much!’

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to N-o-r-d-i

🙂Very good tips, thank you.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to N-o-r-d-i

I'll need to start saying that, thanks 😊

BigRedDBA22kg in reply to Flo-jo

Hi Flo-jo,

not related to Bo-Jo I hope. Don't be afraid of failure (I'm looking at you profile) losing 1 stone is a big achievement in itself. Even if you stay steady for the rest of the year and lose another stone next year it's all progress in the right direction, instead of gaining a stone a year. Any loss you can consolidate is great.

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to BigRedDBA

Hi Bigreddba, no not related to bo-jo.😊 IamwhatIam sounded a little sad, it just touched a nerve, I just wanted to respond. Thank you for your reply.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Flo-jo

Awww you're sweet thank you

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to IamwhatIam517

Your very welcome, you sound much more positive now, that’s good, I hope you continue and you will definitely reap the rewards of all the effort you have put in so far. 😊

Flo-jo2020 August in reply to BigRedDBA

I will change my profile as I don’t think I will fail, if I carry on doing what I have for the last 4-5 weeks.😊22 kg is a enormous weight loss congratulations.

You’ll feel better in yourself soon enough, and sharing is caring, so tell us about it.

I think I may be starting to look like what I think I looked like all along. If you’re anything like me, avoiding mirrors at my worst, you won’t have anything to really compare to now... And that’s OK too.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to smartoak

Thank you, this forum has been excellent for support, so nice to be able to share these things and have people help you because they want to.

smartoakHost in reply to IamwhatIam517

Imagine how bad it would be here if we all just glossed over the misery and shared only success stories? Everyone would give up and disappear. It’s posts like yours that form the social glue on this site, so thank you!!!

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to smartoak

You're gonna make me cry. Thanks for that food for thought

However slow it’s going, however far it’s still left to go - the fact is that you are nearly 2 stone lighter today.

If you didn’t do what you did during this time - you would have been heavier, most likely by more than these 2 stone.

Let’s jump 9 weeks forward in our mind - where do you want to be then? Probably another stone or two lighter than now? I really doubt you would want to be back where you were 9 weeks ago.

It’s the direction and the tendency that’s important. Wishing you strength and sending you a hug.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Many thanks. In 9 weeks I want to be 9lbs lighter, I never want to see 23 or 24 stone on my scales again.

N-o-r-d-i50kg in reply to IamwhatIam517

I have seen about 22 stone on my own scales and I’m with you on not wanting to see that number or higher, ever again. There will be wobbles, there will be disappointments, there will be hopelessness at times. They come and go if we don’t let ourselves get lost in them. Let’s do everything we can for ourselves and each other to cope with those wobbles and then the scales will be friendlier 😊

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to N-o-r-d-i

This made me smile. Thank you

Thank you, I hadn't condsidered the fact that I'm currently in control of myself. That is something to be happy about.

Justine552020 August

Congratulations on your weight loss so far! I understand what you’re saying about not seeing a difference in the mirror because I’m just the same: got a lot of weight to shift. However, your knees will thank you and your heart will be joyful at what you’ve achieved.

You might like to start some toning up exercises like yoga or Pilates because that will improve your muscle tone and make you strong. You will notice a difference in a few weeks if you do it regularly.

Keep going x

morelessAdministrator in reply to Justine55

Hi and welcome, Justine55 :)

You may find this of interest

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

Justine552020 August in reply to moreless

This has come at a timely moment because I have been thinking about reducing my carbs but didn’t know how to go about it. Thank you for this link!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Justine55

You're very welcome :)

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Justine55

Thank you. I've been looking into Piltes and its something I'm hoping to get to in the future.

Honeybee552020 August

Congratulations, 2 stone is a fantastic loss. When I have a bad day thinking how crap I look And thinking I don’t look any better, I get the pair of trousers that I was wearing when I was at my biggest that were tight and uncomfortable and go and put them on. It is nice to find that they are now loose and baggy in places. It gives a boost to see in your clothes that things are working, even if in your eye you don’t see it in the mirror... but that’s because we are too critical of ourselves. Hope that makes sense. Don’t give up. You are doing awesomely. X

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Honeybee55

Thank you

Jpu19662020 May

Well done on the 2 st loss. Do not give way to thinking this is not working . Think back and ask if you would have been happy losing 2 st a few weeks back?. I have lost nearly a stone and don't real see much change . I am happy to know I've done it and its something I have to go through get to where I want to be. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing your's to the next 2 st on your journey.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Jpu1966

Awwws thank you, I'm touched


Do not despair, it can take a while for the tape measure to catch up with the scales. For most people, losing a pound or two a week at a fairly steady rate is a healthy way to lose. What is more, as many of us have proved in the past, a slower weightloss is more likely to stay off longterm because our body metabolism adjusts slowly and becomes the norm. Unfortunately a very speedy loss will invariably result in a full regain in the following year or so... not recommended!

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to elliebath

I can attest to the truth of rapid weigh loss and gain, those photos I was looking at were the skinny part of big, rapid weight loss that inevitably piled back on.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to IamwhatIam517

Oh, sorry that happened last time, but it's good that you know the risks for this time. Good luck.

ElsaandwoodysmumRestart August 2020

Hi. Two stone is not nothing. Fill a bag with the equivalent weight in rocks or potatoes. Pick the bag up and see what it feels like. ? How long you want to carry it around. ? Two stone is a considerable weight to carry around. Think of the pressure on your joints and your whole body. . Then put the bag down and feel proud of yourself for this weight loss achievement. Please carry on.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Elsaandwoodysmum

I'm gonna do this with weights and go on a walk to recognise the difference 😀

ElsaandwoodysmumRestart August 2020 in reply to IamwhatIam517

Interesting idea! Good luck. Taking the strain off your body has to be the best reason to lose weight. I’m doing it to take the weight off my arthritic knees !

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Elsaandwoodysmum

Hello and welcome back, Elsaandwoodysmum 😊

What a very supportive and helpful reply. We all need to acknowledge how far we've come, however far we have yet to go.

You'll find all the information you need about the forum in our Pinned Posts including a Welcome message. I hope you'll get involved with forum activities and a good place to start is by joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

This gives you a tour of the forum and, along with Pinned Posts, will show you how things work. I hope you'll become an active member and we will see you joining in around the forum 😊

PS the app doesn’t give access to all parts of the forum so we advise everyone to get rid of the app and log on to the full website using the browser on their phone

This is so true - last year I had to have a hip replacement operation and before the op I was reading that 1kg of body weight transfers to 6kg at the hips so just think of the songs of joy our hips and other joints are singing as the kgs roll off.

MrBeen in reply to sardinella

I had hip done last year too. Is all back to normal with complete movement and no crunch nor stiffness? Awaiting other to be done but body doesn't want to go through it yet!!

sardinella8kg in reply to MrBeen

I have some stiffness in the thigh muscle but I think that is due to me stopping doing exercises too soon so must resume when it's cooler. I have no problem with the other hip but part of me wanting to lose weight is knowing that anything I can do to reduce the work load of the hips will hopefully reduce the likelihood of another op. Hope yours has been successful too -if you have pain in the other hip you'll know when it's time to get it done. It is a life changing operation - that pain is horrible. Good Luck.

Climb0072020 March

Well done. You have done great. You are an inspiration to me.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Climb007

So kind, thank you

Megamags2020 August

I hear you and feel so similar 2 stone in 9 weeks is brilliant though. Definitely don’t give up. Put on your best pants, use your favourite toiletries and spray your best fragrance/aftershave whatever on yourself. Love yourself you’ve done great and deserve to have the body you had before.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Megamags

Thank you for your lovely words

Aginghippy2020 August

No I remember when I lost a stone and nobody noticed ! But you know and we all know. Keep going and suddenly it will notice. Meanwhile try wearing things that were always a bit tight bet you notice the difference then.

Keep doing what you are doing because it is obviously working !!

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Aginghippy

Many thanks

Paddedpeggy2020 August

Don’t get disheartened! The photos should remind of of what you can look like. Try some easy toning exercise. I like the lady on you tube who does fabulous 50. It’s not very challenging and will get you going. Stick at it and tomorrow is another day x

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Paddedpeggy

Thanks for the tip, I'll look them up


I think this happens to a lot of people whether they've got a lot or a little to lose - you can get a good chunk of it off and not seem to look that different - then do! You've done brilliantly, it'll happen honest. I find the same thing happens the other way around...I can get into a bad way with overeating and put on a few pounds...don't look that different...few different...then suddenly none of my clothes fit!!

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Eleanorba

Thank you very much 😊

Bless ya

You’ve done so well, that’s fantastic. Rather than look at the whole journey and get despondent about how far you still want to go, might it help to break it into small targets? And each time you reach one of those targets you celebrate in some way? Doesn’t have to be expensive (or fattening!), just something that you will enjoy. x

PS. I’ve got my eye on some special art paper for when I reach my next mini-goal! 😃

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to Amber1959

Will do, thanks.

I've come to this a bit late but I want to reiterate what everyone else is saying - WELL DONE! It will show soon - in the mirror, and in your wardrobe. If you're anything like me you may have two (or three!) sets of clothes. Big clothes, medium sized clothes and those that I loved and were a bargain but were never large enough..... I've still got stones to go but I have managed to get down a dress size. I took everything that's too big to the charity shops as soon as they opened. This time am determined not to keep larger sizes 'just in case'. Some lovely clothes are still too small but I'll keep trying them on. I haven't got any photos of myself when I was slimmer (years ago) but if I had I'd put them on my fridge to inspire me. Keep going, you're doing so well. Xx

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to PurpleRaine

Thank you, I think I'll do that too with clothes I'm gonna get too small for. Got stunning clothes in descending sizes all the way down to size 14 waiting for me. One of my goals is to try some on again.

lighterflyerRestart Dec 2019

You’re doing really well. Soldier on. You’ll get the results you’re craving. I Wish I had your strength and will power.

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to lighterflyer

awww that's really kind of you. Thank you

Please rejoice in what you have achieved and stay on that path! Pat yourself on the back if no one else around. None of us, no matter what size will look as we did eight years ago!! In another eight years you hopefully can look back and see how wonderful you were to be aware and take charge!! Chin up, you can do it, just think how divine you'll look at Xmas!!

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to MrBeen

Thank you very much 😊

UnitedRed4 stone

Our 1-year-old weighs about 2st, that’s a lot of weight to carry round all day - trust me!

Seriously though, I’ve been there. I’ve lost about 3.5st over past 12 weeks. I didn’t think I looked much different until I went back to the office after lockdown a few weeks ago. A couple of people I’m closer to at work mentioned it and couldn’t believe the change. They noticed right away.

I think part of it is people feel awkward asking / commenting and then there’s the fact that you see the small changes in the mirror every day, but not the big cumulative loss.

Don’t give up, you’re obviously on the right path.

(Sorry, tried to post this a couple of days ago, but the app wouldn’t do it. Had to change to the website.)

IamwhatIam5172st 7lbs in reply to UnitedRed

Thank you very much. Congratulations on your own weigh loss, amazing

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