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Fitternotfatter20202020 May

I’ve read so many posts on here that I can already relate to!

My portion sizes are too big

We cook from scratch at home (but I eat too much)

I drink too much alcohol

I enjoy sugary treats (cakes, biscuits, sweets & chocolate)

It helps me of those around me feel motivated too! I’m easily put down by negativity.

So why made me join? I’ve been married less than two years and I chose a pair of pjs tonight that I bought the night of our first anniversary ... you wouldn’t believe how tight they are now. It’s embarrassing! Wouldn’t believe I ran the Great North Run 3 weeks after we got married!!

I know I can do it I’ve just lost my way recently. I’m hoping to find a supportive network and in turn be able to offer my support to other too!

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Hello and welcome to the forum, Fitternotfatter2020 :)

If you've been looking in, you'll know this is a great place for support and information. I always recommend having an open mind as I'm one of many who came here thinking I knew what to do and just needed more commitment, only to have my understanding of healthy eating turned on its head.

You'll find everything you need to use the forum in our Pinned Posts I recommend joining a weekly weigh in and using the Daily Diary, where members share their meal plans.

As you mention sugary foods, you may find this interesting

And have a look at When Weight Loss is a Struggle, in Pinned Posts.

All the best :)

Fitternotfatter20202020 May
in reply to BridgeGirl

Hey BridgeGirl

Thanks for the reply and links! I’ll be sure to look at these!



You're welcome. Do some exploring and join a weigh in over the weekend. You'll find them very supportive and interactive and all they ask is that you chat to others and share the support around :)


Welcome aboard Fitternotfatter2020.

You are certainly not the first newlywed to gain weight in the early years of marriage and not the last , but the good thing is that you recognise it before its too late.

I see you've been sent the "road map" to the site by BridgeGirl in Admin. There are a range of different groups and topics on here to cheer you on. Pop in and out as often as you can and you'll find lots of tips and encouragement . Good luck. 😊

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