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Cinders20202020 March

Using this time to finally accept who I am and lose weight, no more point in complaining if I won’t do anything about it..

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Hello and welcome, Cinders2020 :)

You sound very determined and my best tip is to find a plan you can enjoy and stick to for good. You may find this post, When Weight Loss is a Struggle useful and this gives further information along the same lines

You'll find all our activities plus a welcome message in Pinned Posts I recommend joining a weekly weigh in - why not tomorrow? - and using the Daily Diary where members share their meal plans.

All the best :)

Tiggerr10 kg

Welcome Cinders :)

Good luck!


Well said Cinders2020! But when you say accept yourself as you are, dont forget there is more to you than your weight, see yourself in the round and have a hug 🤗

Cinders20202020 March
in reply to Diane2

Thank you 😊 that means a lot I have struggled with my weight for a long time

in reply to Cinders2020

Well done on joining Sunday WI ,they are a great bunch hosted by Elisabeth3

and Meow3 on a fortnightly rota

I've been able to award 4 team badges already this morning (badges are for weight loss to members who regularly WI and -very importantly, support their fellow team members)!!

Bee-bop2020 March

Hi Cinders,

You've made the first step, well done ! I have only been here since Wednesday I think? Although I started my weight loss journey in November. I am on the slimming world programme which is working for me but as Bridgegrrl says, find a plan that fits for you.

You could set mini goals and rewards for getting there? They can help.

Good luck and welcome!

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