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energy1Restart Sept 2019
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I don’t know what to do !

I joined last year ! After joined started of ok then started to get unwell catching chest infections ! Then in November was tested for COPD result was postive turned my world up side down ! Since then been trying to gain my strength and start to look after myself and eat better !

I have turned to you guys to give me not encouragement and tips how to get my health and mindfulness back on track !

4 Replies

I'm sure the COPD is difficult thing to deal with. and I hope it is being managed as best it can.

As for weight loss, I suggest you make full use of the forum, reading, chatting, asking questions and encouraging others, as that's what keeps the wheels rolling.

A good starting place is joining a weekly weigh in and using the Daily Diary. You'll find these and everything else in Pinned Posts

gman1961Working at it

Hi energy1,

My neighbour has copd, and they have managed to lose weight over the last few months.i will ask how they did it ,but I think it was alcohol reduction that helped them.

Good luck



I’m sorry you have to deal with such a serious condition. I can only imagine how chocking it was to be diagnosed. Do you have a support group or somebody to talk to? I know there’s a lung forum here on Healthunlocked and the British Lung Foundation facilitates support groups

My father has COPD. He is taking part in a pulmonary rehabilitation programme. Was something like that offered to you?

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Sorry to hear about this setback energy but congrats on knuckling down and deciding to take control of your destiny.

Some great replies already and quite a bit to be getting on with. Additionally I'd suggest you do two things here and, if you haven't done so already, make them a permanent part of your day to day life... Use the Weekly Weigh-in regardless of whether the scales are going down or up and use the Daily Diary which can help bring structure to your eating habits.

All the best! :) :)


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