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I’m 73 , have been diagnosed as osteopaenic and have Achilles tendonitis from running couch to 5k where I got to week 9 run 1! I’ve just started walking again and have a sprint bike and weights!

I weigh 67.9 kg and would ideally like to lose 7 kg. My lack of motivation and control over my food is beginning to concern me. My clothes are tight and I’m fed up !

Im confused- low carb? High fat? Fewer calories? Sensible eating? No sugar? How do I find out which is the right way to go? I refuse to use the word diet as I know it will turn me off even more!

Any advice will be gratefully received! Im happy to follow exercise plans - Les Mills is my go to , but I’ve been used to going to the gym and have now cancelled my membership as I have all the gear! ( But no idea! 😂 )Thanks .

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Hello and welcome, great to have you with us. Ouch, sorry to hear about your tendonitis!

I agree with you about not using the Diet word, it needs to be a new lifestyle that we're happy with and can keep up forever. Personally for me it's low carb, the food is lush and it's great not feeling constantly hungry.

We hope you'll be joining us on all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weekly weigh in and the Daily Diary, the best places to give and receive advice, support and bucket loads of encouragement.

Here's the link to Pinned Posts where you'll find them all, Good Luck with whatever plan you decide on and hope to see you around! x

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Rogo101kg in reply to Lytham

Thanks for replying🤗

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LythamModerator in reply to Rogo10

You're welcome, the best place to start would be with today's weigh in and I'm sure Tonkabella and the Tuesday team will make you most welcome, here's the link :-) x

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Hello Rogo10 and welcome to this friendly community. It's definitely the right place for support and encouragement.

With regard to a healthy eating plan, there is no 'one size fits all' - we are all different and it's a case of finding which type of plan suits you. That way, it's more sustainable. Where the word 'diet' is used (and it seems to pop up everywhere at the moment) I just think of it as an abbreviation of 'dietary requirements' which is something everyone has.

I see you have already started joining in with the various events here so well done on a great start. My best wishes to you.

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lea57-49r4 stone

Hi Rogo10,

I wish you the very best on your weight loss journey. I too have osteopenia. There is a bone health group on this forum which you might also find helpful.

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Rogo101kg in reply to lea57-49r

Thank you for taking the time to tell me! My mum, gran and great gran all had osteoporosis and I was determined not to go down that road but hey ho it caught up with me eventually!

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AnnieW55Maintainer in reply to Rogo10

Your family history certainly makes it more likely you would have Osteo issues but getting to 73 and “only” being ostepaenic shows you are doing something right 👍. I prefer a lower carb/higher good fat way of eating. Once fat adapted I was able to run when fasted which made early morning running a lot more practical (no waiting for breakfast to digest).

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I can sympathise with you on the tendonitis, I've ben there myself for almost exactly the same reason.All the diets you mention are basically the same. Think of your diet as a cake cut up three ways, around 20‰ will be proteins with the rest split between carbs and fats which both give you calories. If you want to keep your calorie intake the same, reducing carbs must mean increasing fats. Carbs tend to increase chronic inflammation, so I think you'll wee your performance improve because reducing inflammation dilate the airways leading to improved breathing. Eating beetroot regularly will also improve performance because it's high in nitrates and nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, improving circulation.

More than that, I would be questioning whether you're eating enough highly nutritious vege like dark leafy greens which are high in calcium, vit C, Vit k (which is essential for the bones) and many trace elements and minerals.

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Rogo101kg in reply to Eryl

Great reply thank you! Love beetroot so no hardship to increase that! My daughter says I need to eat more protein!

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ErylVisitor in reply to Rogo10

That's a distinct possibility as the body needs more as we age to counteract muscle atrophy.

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Rogo101kg in reply to Eryl

Great talking to you thank you. I’m on this! Determined to look and feel better next time I see my daughter in Aus!!!!

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ErylVisitor in reply to Rogo10

I'm 67 and have been following this regime for three years now and I feel ten year younger.

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