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Weird weights?

Dj9aoRestart April 2020

I have bought some new electronic scales

I know I should not weigh more than once per week

If I weigh 1st thing naked in the morning, I am consistently 2lb heavier than 2 hours later when I have been for a coffee , cake & walk & clothes. I have checked over a few days & the same thing happens?

How does this happen? 🙄

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Well Dj9ao - to be honest, I can't help with your particular question. However, I have shared this post a few times about being a slave to the scales and habitual weighing, which I hope will help you....

I was once a habitual weigher.

Until I discovered calorie counting!

The great thing about logging all my food is I know whether I can expect a loss each week - or whether the scales will be going in an upwards direction.

If I have had a week of going over my calories, I know what the end result will be! If I've been away on holiday or for a weekend and not bothered logging food or making less than sensible choices - I know I'll see a gain. If I have stuck stringently to my calorie allowance (which is set to half a pound weight loss) I know that I should enjoy a loss!

I used to go to Slimming World and Weight Watchers and think that just going to the weigh in and listening to the class leader was all I needed to do! I would hate the idea that I was not going to lose weight and the sorts of excuses I was forced to make as to why that was.

I love the calorie counting way - it's about being accountable and honest with myself. Nothing is forbidden. No food is "free". I can check the calories the food contains and it is me who makes the choice about whether I want to eat it or not.

I won't say it all falls into place just like that, but once you can get your head around the simple fact that less calories in vs more calories out = weight loss, it becomes a whole lot easier!

As a sedentary (disabled) very short woman, I know that I have to be more stringent than others who are active or more mobile, taller or younger!!

I STILL weigh myself every morning, I know that the scales will fluctuate quite considerably (depending on whether I have eaten lots of carbs, exercised, eaten salty food, etc). The one weigh in that matters is the Friday morning weigh in - the one I log.

It's not all plain sailing - life has to go on around weight loss - the birthday celebrations, Christmas, social gatherings. The choices I make on those occasions are completely up to me. I don't log when I am on holiday - and I used to just "let go" but I have learned during the course of my six year weight loss journey that I can't afford to do that. So I now reign myself in. I will still face a gain on my return, but it's never as huge as when I took a holiday from my healthy eating habits!

My weight loss chart shows that I am far from perfect with plenty of ups and downs. But I know what to do.

It's up to me what I choose to do.

Bit of a weird one... The only thing I can think is that they aren't set to zero when you weigh first thing. With mine, you step on them to turn them on and then step off, they settle at 2lb something and then go to zero which is when I get back on for my weigh in.

Dj9aoRestart April 2020

Thanks for ur replies

I just think they cannot be very accurate?

They were 12.00 in the supermarket?

My old trusty manual scales gave a more realistic reading

Oh well I suppose I just have to get used to technology 😊


Mine can vary according to which tile in the kitchen I put them on! Seriously, think long term as variations of a couple of lbs (or even kg) can be for so many reasons ... if u know you're into healthy lifestyle the weight WILL come off ... personally cutting carbs did it for me but each person has to choose their own route x

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