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Daily Diary Sunday 26 May 2019

Welcome to the Daily Diary for Sunday!

Here's where we post our food plans, along with information about our calorie allowance, or details of whatever plan we're following.

As for the picture, I think everyone is summer-body ready! Get out there and enjoy it. And tell us about your exercise plans too.

Please comment on the post of at least the person just above you in the thread - more if you can. We can share hints and advice in a friendly and supportive way.

Here's my Sunday plan. I'm a maintainer and I'm not calorie counting at the moment, just focusing on three decent meals a day, no snacking.

B: muesli, banana, grapes, lashings of coffee

L: 2 poached eggs on grilled courgette slices. 2 chocolates with my coffee.

D: Chicken with goat's cheese and tomatoes, couple of slices sweet potato, salad, fruit compote and custard.

Exercise: gardening most of the day, then cycling to and from a choir rehearsal in the evening.

Over to you ...

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Thank you for hosting bikegrrl and I love the picture 😊

Hello everyone ! Thanks for hosting bikegrrrl ! Love the pic and hope the weather is good for your gardening ! Well I was on holiday last week and tried to make some good food choices, the scales will tell in the morning! Arghh! So "Back On It" now with a lchf 16/8 day like this;

Lunch - Scotch egg salad with avocado and olives

Dinner - Bacon with something, not sure what yet, sounds a bit random but im thinking cabbage?

Have a great Bank Holiday ! :-) x


Ditto! I’ve just got back from a holiday and I’m also dreading getting on the scales tomorrow. I’ve had a rather unusual year so far in that we have been away once or twice every month for a few days or a full week, only one holiday but several breaks staying with far-flung family, and my eating has been so hard to control. I have been over my maintenance range for several months now, not by much till now, but I fear that it will be a nasty shock when I get on those scales. So tomorrow needs to be planned carefully, and every day from now on (although we have one final short break in mid-June!)

So, breakfast will be boiled egg and toast. Lunch will be a huge salad with mixed beans, and a yogurt. Dinner will be roast chicken with vegetables and gravy, and some fruit. Bit vague, but I shall need to go shopping first thing!


Ha ha ! I know, its hard when you're away regularly, we go away almost every month and I like to go away each time weighing 1lb less than the last one ! :-)

I'll be thinking of you when I get on the scales in the morning and then we've both got to "Get our Heads Down" for the next few weeks ! :-) lol

My meals are going to be alot like yours, salads for lunch and veggie dinners ! We can do it together! :-) x


It's tricky being away from home, I know! Good luck, Trimmerteacher !

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Hi were you lucky? I put 2lb on but thats the least ive ever put on after a holiday, so well chuffed with that! :-) x

Congratulations Lytham... must be a combination of good food choices and all the walking you’ve been doing!

Hiya mate ! Im not sure which one it was but certainly going to try and replicate it on the next holiday ! :-) x

Yayy Lytham - good for you getting back on it with gusto!

Oh yes, ive had a salad for lunch today and leek soup for dinner already ! Lets do this ! Bring it on ! :-) x lol

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Hope you had a lovely holiday and the scales are kind to you. I'm sure bacon and cabbage will go well together. Bacon goes with anything!

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Oh thanks for that, might cook it in butter to make it a bit more scrummy ? :-) x

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Sounds good. I'd have to put mushrooms and onion with it too.

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I love mushrooms but the OH doesnt but the onions could be a good idea, will give them a whirl ! :-) x

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Good to see you, Buddy. Hope you had a good time! :)

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Hiya mate ! Guess what? I walked 40 miles last week?? I couldnt believe it !! Hows your weight going ? Still going down ? :-) x

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40 miles, did you end up in the sea? :) I have had a poor choices day, but now it is all gone and can start my dietdoctor fortnight. What can I say, I am only human, eek!

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Ha ha ! We went upto Northumberland and walked up and down the coast all week, did have a bit splodge in the sea with the dog! :-)

One poor choice day is not going to ruin all your hard work, youre flying ! Cant wait to hear how you get on with the next stage ! :-) x


Thanks, Liv. Completely forgot, I entered into a pact with telute and Richard1962. Will have to perform a small miracle :) x

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Ooh what was the pact ? :-) x

1 -1.5 lbs off

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Whey hey! Best get cracked on! Thought you were going to bed ? Lol ! You cant put it down can you? Lol :-) x

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Lol, I have replaced my chocaholism with Forum-ism :) It would be rude not to reply :)

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Ha ha ! I know what you mean! You hang-up first ! :-)

My OH keeps going to bed and leaving me. Im saying ill just reply to this message ! :-) lol


Awww, you two! 😍

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What are we like ? Lol :-) x

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You're a pair of addicts :D So far, I don't think there's a cure :)


This is great Lytham




Oh wow cheers for that hun! Definitely going to try that! Thankyou ! :-) x

very tasty :)

So I wasnt mad at all fancying bacon and cabbage! Ive loved every diet doctor recipe ive tried, lush! :-) x

Add a little blue cheese 😉

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Oooh now youre talking, everything tastes nicer with a bit of cheese ! :-) but to be honest im trying to cut back a bit on the cheese and cream, its probably not the best idea for me to have it every day (which is what I thought lchf was a license to do!) Lol ! :-) x

I know just what you mean :)

Im thinking garlic now though?? :-) x

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that would work :)

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Wow that was amazing and is going to become a firm favourite in the Lytham house, thanks for that! :-) x

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I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it and well done for not putting on much on holiday :)

I know I was over the moon considering I got it miserably wrong last holiday and put 5.5lb on ! Arghh! I was so mad ! Lol :-) x

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Sending good vibes to your scales this morning and good luck deciding on the 'something'.

Well Thank you very very much, it worked!! :-) ive only put 2lb on after a week away and thats the lowest ever ive put on after a holiday ! (Last time was 5.5lb) so well chuffed with that ! :-) lol x



I suspect that most if not all of that will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Heres hoping kiddo ! :-) lol x


Good going Lytham!

Morning hun ! How you doing ? :-) x

Glad you had a good break lovely food. 😊

Thanks hun ! X

Hi, your lunch sounds lovely.

My plan for tomorrow:-

B - egg & cheese in a wholemeal muffin with a mug of tea - 400 cal

L - Houmous & salad sandwich on wholemeal bread. An orange and an apple - 300 cal

D - Lentil curry with chappati - 550 cal

Total 1250 cal

S - Fruit and mixed nuts 400 cal

Exercise - 1 hour walk in the woods


Ooh dinner sounds tasty ! Enjoy your walk in the woods! :-) x

How did you decide on that calorie level, Spice1709? Maybe you're very short or don't have much weight to lose

Hi, I'm aiming for 1600 so that's where the extra comes in. I am trying to leave some calories for snacks.

Ah, I see, my apologies, I hadn't clocked the fruit and nuts :)

It may be worth trying to get your 1600 calories into your meals, then you won't need to eat in between. Each time we eat, our bodies produce insulin and one of the jobs of insulin is to store fat.

You might find this interesting :) dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...


Very interesting, thanks for sharing ! :-) x

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That's an interesting article, I will try to do that. I have been advised by my GP to have some vitamin C with my meals as it helps to absorb iron from food so I have started to have some fruit or a glass or juice with each meal. I normally keep some fruit and a bag of unsalted mixed nuts in my bag too in case I'm hungry while out and about.

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You may be best having whole fruit rather than juice as you'll also get the fibre that way. It may be worthwhile, also, googling sources of vitamin C as there are some veg that will do the job e.g. peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts.

I've been pushing myself to try foods I "don't like" (mostly because I didn't like them when I tried them once, decades ago). This week, it was almonds and it turns out I like them after all :)


I've recently given up meat and not missing it. I eat plenty of veg, not so much fruit.

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Thanks for that BridgeGirl

Ooh I do love a chapati! And enjoy your lovely walk Spice1709 .

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I'm Indian and eat chappati alot. Having eaten meat all my life, that's what I'm used to. I'm now exploring lots of new veggie ideas.

Great that you're exploring veggie options. I travel often to South India and the food - mostly vegetarian is delicious. Good luck.


Tasty menu Spice, I could eat all that.

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Hi bikegrrrl, just realised I responded to lytham not you with my menu! Not paying full attention! 🤣

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Ha ha ! Still in "Holiday Mode" ! :-) x

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Is OK, I saw it anyway! And I do that all the time.

Slapped wrist for you TT. That sort of thing could lead to excommunication ;)

Sounds like you've been having exciting times with all your travel. I'm not sure how you do it, as OH and I went 'up North' last w/e to visit various people and whilst it was good it wiped me out.

Fingers crossed that the scales are kind and good luck with getting back to a regular pattern.

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Evening ladies thanks for hosting bikegrrrl

Well I stuck to my food plan yesterday but then it all went out the window when I had some drinks with my mate on Friday night!! unknown amounts! I think I may have to factor in some evenings off plan - lets be realistic :D

Does anyone know of a decent lower calorie wine that doesn't taste revolting?

So now I have a horrible hangover and just want to eat crap so today is a write off but back on plan for tomorrow (winning in my first week haha):

B - Veggie breakfast box from costa - (212 calories) - coffee with milk (26)

Snack - fruit salad (50)

L - Chicken dinner - (400)

Snack - more fruit and coffee ( 50 +13)

D - chicken and veg soup - (400)

Snack - healthy munchies - cucumber, tomatoes, celery, hummus dip (200)

total - 1351

Can I ask peeps a question - how come people are having coffee with cream? Isn't that quite calorific

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Hope the hangover is getting better, have an early night, itll be gone in the morning!

People doing lchf are supposed to have cream in coffee instead of milk, you dont count calories on that, red wine is also allowed within reason! Lol :-) x

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You have some tasty food but I wonder why your calorie target is so low. Have you got a personalised range from the NHS BMI calculator? If you're going by the 1400 figure, that's generic and suits very few of us. Makes sense really: you wouldn't have the same figure for a chihuahua and a Great Dane :)

Put your details into this and see what range you get nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-we...

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Hi Fitformybday and great to see you here!

I don't know of any good "low-cal" wines but dry sparkling wines have fewer cals than reds.

I also don't know about "evenings off", they sound a bit dangerous to me! I think you might have more success if you factor in a couple of glasses of your favourite wine into your calorie count for those days - that seems more realistic to me, provided of course you can commit to a limit! Maybe alternate them with a non-sugary soft drink in between?

I'm fond of alcohol-free beer, I like it better than alcohol-free or low-alcohol wine. Becks Blue is my favourite and it's low in calories.


I hope you're feeling better today and ready to get going again.

I've just deleted a long reply, based on my own experience, about drinking and weight loss which would have bored you to death.

The short answer is that drinking on any days in large quantities is likely to sabotage your weight loss journey in many ways.

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Hello, I drink coffee with cream, I am in a pre diabetic range and it is supposed to not cause an insulin spike,so it is my first go to if I am feeling peckish. Good luck with the weight loss :)

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Thank you for hosting bikegrrrl. I think I have a Pooh tummy :)

B Yoghurt and mixed berries with nuts 350

L Keto pizza frittata with green salad 410

D Keto cauliflower chicken alfredo 930

Drinks 190

Total 1880 Allowance 1770 - 2276

12% Carbs(32g) 70% Fat, 18% protein

Hoping the weather is fit to pootle round the boot sale and dog walking regardless of the rain.

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Ooh I adore the keto pizza and the diet doctor cauliflower and broccoli bake, its lush, enjoy! :-)

Good luck with the bargains at the car boot, does your car boot allow dogs ? Alot dont so I only end up going to the ones that do ! :-) x

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My dog has a few problems, so a car boot would be too stressful. He is great company, but not up to busy. Great at catching vermin and pulling up brambles though

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Awe bless him! Mines a JRT and wouldnt spot a mouse if it ran over his tail ! He does like chasing the squirrels in the garden though! Dont tell SquirrelNutkin though ! Its ok hes too slow to catch one ! :-) x lol


Mine is a Jack too. Night, night

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Sweet dreams hun ! :-) x

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If you do, it's a very cute tummy!

Enjoy your day's eating and good luck with the boot sale.

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If you coloured my shadow profile in orange it wouldn't be far off that pic too :)

I haven't tried the pizza frittata yet but it's still on my list and your dinner sounds interesting too.

I hope the weather holds for your pootling :)


Looks like a great day. Are you starting another keto challenge?

Well, yes :) I joined dietdoctor.com for a 30 day trial as Sexy for summer challenge and this is part of it. Cannot eat eggs for brekka every day, but there are alternatives. Why, do you fancy it, Juppy? Takes the planning out of DD!

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Not yet... I’m still ploughing through my summer challenge, so that’s enough for me right now! I may pick it up once I stall. I’m really impressed with you though!

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Thanks. The Diet Doctor says it is like showering, if you stop you get dirty. Have a few problems with my health at the moment. So it might prove to be the wrong time for me. But as it is just eating whole food it should be fine. Did you post today? I cannot find you. Have a good day!

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Thanks for looking for me! It keeps me going. Yes, just posted as I was on the road til past midnight and slept in this morning. I have to post... it’s my summer challenge! I hope your health challenges improve. That can make it a lot tougher, but I also agree with you that whole food is good.

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I managed to keep on plan today despite it being the weekend, just need to keep it up for the next week (half term so we're all at home).

Tomorrow I am aiming for 1400-1800 calories.

B - porridge with raspberries.

L - scrambled egg on toast.

D - roast chicken and mash.

Have a great weekend everybody.


Whenever I have scrambled egg I always say how much I enjoyed that and we should have it more often, enjoy! :-) x


Mmm porridge sounds good. Enjoy the family. I am waiting for grandchildren to read to and finger paint with again. Hopefully one of my children has it in the ten year plan now :)


Ooh some lush grub there, Schoolie ! Well done for staying on plan so far, keep going!

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Great news about keeping to plan yesterday Schoolie. One foot in front of the other is all we can ask of ourselves.

Good luck following today's plan and the rest of them this half term.


Well done for staying on plan and best wishes for today!


Hello bikerrrl thank you for hosting. My meals for Sunday.

Breakfast Porridge with mixed seeds and strawberries and a little cream.

Dinner Spaghetti Bolognese.

Tea. Egg salad.

I plan to do a good walk today.

Have a good Sunday. 😊😊


Enjoy your walk. 😊 and the bank holiday Monday

Thanks BlueMat. 😊

Ooh love Spag Bol and I have it with courgetti these days and its still tasty ! Hope the weather holds out for your walk ! :-) x

Hi Lytham I am having white cabbage this time. 😊

Oh that could be interesting ! Im having bacon and cabbage tonight for the first time and really looking forward to it ! :-) x

I'm trying to keep away or at least minimise my spag consumption but the thought of spag/bol is making me salivate.

Enjoy your walk!

I use a veg no spaghetti. Today I have some white cabbage. It needs using up. So that is a first for me. I hope it works out ok. 🤞😊

I love cabbage too. I think it is very much undervalued. White cabbage spaghetti sounds delicious

Cabbage... good luck with that, I hope it works out ok too!

Sounds a very tasty day, Caroline62 . Enjoy your walk.

Loving the breakfast, Caroline. Dog and I have been out and frightened the rain away. Have a good one!


You are Early I have just got up. 😊😊

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Thank you for hosting bimegrrrl.

Ive been revisiting the keto/ low carb thing of late.

My carbohydrate consumptio has gone up recently and my jeans are a bit tight around the middle.

I wonder if I need to do the keto induction pla a again?

Well its too late to start tomorrow but I can do one thing -STOP SNACKING !

i dont know why I do it. I dont feel hungry.

In my defence it is usually cheese or an apple, buy as I have been reading it still raises insulin and stops fat burning. I thought to myself, why do I bother running and cyling miles every week, stick to internittent fasting and home cook, if I am going to snack.

So today will be

Breakfast - coffee

Lunch- cannilinni bean and spinach stew with qourn sausages. Grain free granola and coconut youhurt

Tea- aduki bean pie ( witg potato topping - I only have potates today!)


Drinks Tea or dandelion tea.

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Good luck with the "No Snacking" ive been trying to do less of that too! Ive never heard of aduki bean pie, I take it the aduki is a type of bean ? :-) x

The recipie is on the forum under 'vegetarian' it's lovely and so filling. You could substitute potato for cauliflower rice and a layer of coconut flour to stop it going soggy.

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Thanks for that ! :-) x

Earlier in this post, Bridgegirl linked a good article on snacking, well worth a read.

Just a thought or two but are you eating enough for your main meals plus if you have been eating more carbs then that can lead to cravings.

Good luck with sticking to your plan and stopping that snacking.

I'm going to look thanks

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I definitely found that cutting out the snacking gave me an advantage in weight loss terms. But the important other half of the story is to have enough at meals. Your lunch sounds lovely, BlueMat - I am off to look up grain-free granola!

OMG, grain-free granola looks lush!

My Granola has appeared out of the oven a couple of hours ago and it's now cool, broken up and in a container, waiting for lunch! It looks and smells delicious.


Sympathise on the carb front. We had one of four family birthdays in the next six weeks, HELLO! Am really going to have to watch myself. If you want to buddy up I am starting dietdoctor. com two week trial. Your aduki bean dish looks fab. Have a good week :)


Oh yes defiantly. I'd love to.


Great. Printed off menus. Just about to clean out the fridge and cupboard, then off to shop.

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I was going to say has anyone availed themselves of the free 30 day DD trial? But then I saw, from a previous post that that you had. I am going to sign up too. I like the idea of accessing more veggi and egg free menus .

And the idea of a shopping list is tempting too- I always forget something and it's usually the game changing ingredient. For example spinach for my canillini bean and spinach bake!


Thank you for hosting bimegrrrl.

Ive been revisiting the keto/ low carb thing of late.

My carbohydrate consumptio has gone up recently and my jeans are a bit tight around the middle.

I wonder if I need to do the keto induction pla a again?

Well its too late to start tomorrow but I can do one thing -STOP SNACKING !

i dont know why I do it. I dont feel hungry.

In my defence it is usually cheese or an apple, buy as I have been reading it still raises insulin and stops fat burning. I thought to myself, why do I bother running and cyling miles every week, stick to internittent fasting and home cook, if I am going to snack.

So today will be

Breakfast - coffee

Lunch- cannilinni bean and spinach stew with qourn sausages. Grain free granola and coconut youhurt

Tea- aduki bean pie ( witg potato topping - I only have potates today!)


Drinks Tea or dandelion tea.

Ha ha! Am I seeing double ? :-) x

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Lovely food bluemat. I understand about snacking when not feeling hungry. For me a danger time is in the evening after supper. I go for olives and nuts ......for me it must be a kind of comfort eating so I need to keep an eye on it.

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For me it is between lunch and tea. I'm sure I'm not eating enough, as others have said.

I'm working on that, but it is a long road. I've said before that I feel I am slowly turning a corner then I turn back again.

But I feel confident I can keep trying with all the support from the forum.

I'm going to re do the keto induction again with Hopalong1

Morning all and thank you bikegrrrl for hosting today's DD.

After reading through everyone's posts today, it got me wondering if I really need to have my breakfast anymore. I can't remember the last time I felt hungry in the morning. Coupled with what I've just been reading on insulin production and when fat burning occurs I'm going to try and skip it for a while (unless I have a heavy work day or exercise planned).

L: Lamb burgers with a Moroccan spiced roast veg (840)

D: Steak and guacamole with a fried egg (1190)

Slightly above mid range of my cals

Exercise: Feel like having a day off but some seed sowing and lawn mowing need to occur.

Have a good day everyone :)

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Both meals sound lush! I think of guacamole as something you put on doritos or as a dip, do you just put a dollop on your steak? :-)

Its raining here so the lawns are too wet to cut, you could try that excuse and have yourself a day off? :-) x

Likewise, I've only ever made guac as a dip. I was wondering how to add avocado to my meals in a less boring way and thought I'd give this a whirl. I envisage it as a splodge (technical cheffy term) next to my steak. In my head, I think it will go well but I'll let you know.

Lucky you with the rain :) I think!! :) My lawn takes about 3 hours to mow at this time of year but the longer I leave it the longer it takes so best to do it's bidding :(


Ooh I dont need to change avocado, love it just sliced and on the plate ! ! Cant get enough of the stuff ! "Splodge or not" ! :-) lol

Best get out there and crack on with the lawn, im washing so hope the rain stops ! :-) x


Loving the sound of your meals, Tiggerr ! Especially lunch.

Will be interested to see how you get on with the "no breakfast" idea.

We have rain here which has kind of knocked my gardening on the head a bit. If it will just stay off a little while I will put cages round the tomatoes. Good luck with your mowing.

Will keep you up to date bikegrrrl

Sounds like I'm the only one not experiencing rain at the mo so I'd better get my skates on.

I managed to tame my toms so that they're happy to stay where I put them ;) Good luck with your caging.

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Heh Tiggerr, Please may I ask who you are reading for insulin production? I am in a high end of normal Loving the menu :)

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Only reading what the likes of our admins are saying, StillConcerned and various links that they've supplied. Although Bridgegirl linked this earlier in this post...


I'd currently class my knowledge as just above zero (so a little knowledge can be dangerous :O ).

Basically I'm just trying to say that I'm stumbling along and trying things out (hmmm... sounds like most of my life :) ).


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Starting the day with gained 0.7 kg = 110kg.

But I have a long walk coming up (9miles moderate).

I have to make some breads for lunch and eat 2 now I guess.

Also taking a 2l bottle of water with me.

Oh dear but hopefully the 9 miles will take care of that for you !

Is that going to be bread for breakfast and lunch? :-) x

Yes, I usually only eat bread during the day.

This is until maybe 15:00 today:


Ooh I love bread but im trying to cut carbs out atm so bread is off my menu ! :-) x

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I first read that as 21 bottles of water, which seemed a tadge extreme but reread it properly in the end.

Are you weighing yourself every day?

9 miles is a pretty good walk... enjoy!

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Haha, carrying 21 extra kg with me on the walk :D

No, wait. 2litre bottles = 42kg

yes, every morning, if I don't forget since ~March this year. I protocol everything in the phone application, to keep track and see how it develops over time.

I feel very energetic and look forward to nature, taking pictures, conversations...

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Have a lovely walk (9 miles! respect!) , but don't expect it to shed any meaningful weight disi - your food choices will do an awful lot more for you in that regard. What else are you eating today?

20,883 steps, 2676 calories, 17.01km, 490.2m ascent, avg hr 102 bpm

And a lot of nice views. :)


From one side of the valley:


Lunch break at the church:



Got wet feet during a brisk rain :(


From the other side of the valley:


The whole area looks like this :D


I had about 200g of that bread (half the loaf) with salami and cheese + water so far.

And a coffee in the morning.

Beautiful - so green!

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Yes, I love these walks and do them nearly every Sunday. There is so much beauty that you don't usually see, except if you are a farmer maybe.

Morning bikegrrrl thank you for hosting us today. You have a great day planned and a well thought out menu.

I had a good active, satisfying day yesterday and stayed on track. Really enjoyed my supper at a very gorgeous veggie/vegan resto.

So not feeling very hungry this morning.

B Black coffee,two chocolate tahini bites

L sourdough toast and avocado

Late afternoon .... overnight oats.

I am off to chi gung soon. It's outside in the park , so I'm happy its a lovely day.

Not sure about dinner. I am going out in the afternoon to visit a friend and from there to my dance class. Too early to eat ...mmm

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

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Always good news when we can do well on a w/e.

Doing exercise outside sounds inspiring. Good luck with sorting out dinner.

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Thanks tiggerr

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Hi Brightfeather , what are the chocolate tahini bites - are they homemade?

All sounds lovely, although quite modest. But you have cleverly posted in the morning so you know how hungry you feel today!

Have a great day.

Hi bikegrrrl they are from gail's bakery. Quite small and vegan with sesame seeds and cocoa. The last 3 days I have not been hungry and yesterday apart from black coffee I did not eat until 3pm then finished eating at 9.30pm. I usually like to have breakfast and get up early so have never tried if. Anyway I'm just trying to listen to my body and am trying different things. This is my first month maintaining so just learning.


Congrats on your Maintaining status! I am still learning too. Have you been to Maintainers' Club? First Sunday of the month.

Good exercise! :)

Well done for staying on track yesterday! Sounds like you have an action packed day today? Have a lovely time ! :-) x

Great job staying on track yesterday and looks like you’re set to keep it going today! Chocolate tahini bites... sounds delicious!

Thanks for hosting bikegrrrl. Your meals look great.

I’m back online after getting home past midnight last night. A great day at my son’s sports and having a food plan in advance really helped. I brought some raw veg and nuts and that rounded out a burger (no bun). Felt compelled to have a drink even though I didn’t want it and wasn’t part of my plan. (Why do I feel compelled to join in and take a drink when offered to be polite?). On the long drive home had a fried fish (no chips) and that was within my calorie and carb limits.

Today’s challenge: an afternoon party. I’m going to eat before I go.

B: almond berry smoothie (400)

L: egg salad with olives (400)

Sn: nuts and raw veggies (300)

1 drink at the party (150)

D: depends on whether I ate at the party. 550 calories left. Possibly chicken and veg, blueberries and cream to cap off the day.

Exercise: just making sure I close my exercise rings on my Apple Watch. Pretty worn out from yesterday.

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Hiya ! Social engagements can really get in the way sometimes cant they? But it sounds like youre navigating them pretty well, well done hun ! :-) x

Thanks, yes! I’m so glad my summer challenge is posting my plan everyday. It can be hard, but taking 3 minutes to think in advance has really helped me avoid some pitfalls. Soon I’ll be navigating social things automatically after all this practice and planning!

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I know, it sounds silly, but once ive said what im going to be eating, I like to stick to it as much as possible ! Sometimes the OH will say are we having xyz for dinner tonight and I say no, ive already put xyz on the Daily Diary! Lol :-) x


Gotcha! Well done with the forward planning. I think the saying yes can be that you don't want to appear a party pooper, or turn down the gift of someone's hospitality. There is something so British in these manners. As you are at the lower end of your allowance I bet it will be fine.


Well done you for posting every day, sounds like a good day yesterday, you navigated your way through it all!

Ninja planning today as well! Impressive.

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H BG I've put up the grain-no-la recipie for anyone who is interested Hopalong1 and Tiggerr

It's in vegetarian recipies I think


Thanks for sharing, BlueMat ! Looks delicious.

Almost half those ingredients I've never stuck in any recipe.

Thanks BlueMat... It's bookmarked and I look forward to giving it a go

Hi everyone, I'm new here but keen to lose weight. My BMI is 28 and I need to get it down. I have in fact been trying to eat healthily for a while but my weight has gone up, so I think it's portion size that's beating me. So now I am going to start counting calories. Here's what I've had today:

Breakfast - 1 scrambled egg on wholemeal toast, a banana, two tangerines and two tiny apples

Lunch - wholewheat pasta cooked with cabbage, a little bit of cream, and some nutmeg. Some cabbage salad on the side (we've got cabbages growing in the garden, today I cut one for the first time and made these two recipes)

Tea - Wholewheat pasta tossed with chicken livers fried in olive oil and garlic and also with some shredded lettuce.

Sounds super healthy, no? But today I have counted the calories and that lot came to 1400 - my daily allowance. And it's true to say because I was counting I had smaller portions than normal - only one slice of bread, and much less pasta than I would normally have.

The worst is I'm up to my daily limit and can't have a glass of wine tonight!

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Hello, just spotted you in time to say welcome and yes, you can have your glass of wine :) The 1400 figure is generic and suits very few of us so, unless you are very short and have very little to lose, your allowance is likely to be a good bit higher. Find the right range for you at the NHS BMI calculator nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-we... Not eating enough is a major reason for weight loss failure so don;t fall into that trap :)

This post explains how the forum works and how to find your way around. I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

If you come here to the Daily Diary regularly, you'll soon get to know people.

Here's our information about keeping yourself secure online healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Wishing you success in reaching your goals :)

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Thanks for hosting, bikegrrrl, and to all for sharing your plans :)

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