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Day one smashed it


Day one done

I did get to 11am and thought i must of lost weight by now ive been dieting for 5 hours

Alas i know this is not the case

I have smashed day 1, kept to my calorie limit, drunk over 2 litres of water .....made swaps of sweetner instead of sugar, ive done one and 1 and a half hours of yoga

Had 2 green teas instead of coffee

My change tomo is to have a bigger breakfast 4 breadsticks was no where near enough so i have boiled 2 eggs for my drive to work breakfast

I know have taken the smallest step and i know im gonna fall off at some point but today and just today i feel as though i have achieved .

Tomorrow im working towards another good day

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"I did get to 11am and thought i must of lost weight by now ive been dieting for 5 hours" ... made me smile. I reckon we all think that at some point.

I feel that there's nothing wrong with staying (worried) focused about your future but there's no requirement to fall :) You can do this!


The first day is the most difficult, so very well done 😊👏

13ValerieHealthy BMI

"I know I'm going to fall off at some point..."

Would you tell your friend "I know you are doing great now, but you're going to fall off at some point"?

See how good it feels to be successful.. doesn't it feel great? You can have this feeling every day. It's in your hands😍

HappyBeee3 stone

Well done!!! It all starts with one day. You have done well to make swaps and keep adding or improving as you go. You're right, the chances are you'll have some fails, mistakes and crises of confidence. As long as you come back and say "right, onwards, what's the best I can do today?" you'll succeed in your aims. It may just take longer than a 'diet' but diets are the wrong path!

Doing brilliantly keep going!!

Yay! Well done :) I did day one as well! Major achievement as I normally get to 3ish and think, ah never mind, I've done well I'll start properly tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes ... yesterday I kept thinking I can do this 'just for one day' and it worked. I'm doing it just for one day again today! Hope you don't fall off :)

When you use carbohydrates or fat for energy, you exhale the carbon as carbon dioxide, so stay positive - you lose weight every time you exhale!

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