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need support to lose weight

sophstar19902020 January

hello everyone. I recently had my second baby well 5 months ago and need help with support to lose the weight I am curranty 83kg(apx 13 stone) at my best I was 69kgs apx 9 and a half stone.

due to the loveliness that is labour and delivery (thank you mother nature) I have trouble with exercise due to stress inconitance and damaged ligaments and have been advised by physio no strenuous exercise or weights ect, although Pilates and swimming should be fine, however trying to do these things firstly cheap (maternity leave) and finding time and motivation with a 3 year old and also, breastfed baby, who will not take a bottle, try as I may.

just looking for people to communicate with and support each other as I don't have many friends and my family's idea of support is to have one last big meal....which doesn't work if you have them every week.

thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon

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Good morning sophstar1990 and welcome to our friendly forum :)

Congratulations on the birth of your second child, still early days. You have your hands full.

You will be pleased to know that loosing weight is more about what you are eating rather than the exercise you can do. On the exercise front, I would suggest that you go out each day for a walk with your children for at least half an hour. I am sure you get plenty of exercise running around after your 3 year old as well.

We are a friendly lot here and if you become an active member, you will soon make lots of friends that will be a great support to you :)

A good place to get to know a supportive group of people would be on the daily weigh in - here is the link for today’s -

Here is a list of all that the forum has to offer and a great place to have a chat about anything -

To make navigating the forum easier, we’ve put all the information you’ll need in a Newbie pack and here’s the link -

We also ask that you read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Please be aware that if you leave your post unlocked, it can be seen on Facebook, Twitter etc. Some of our members will not respond to unlocked posts as they value their privacy.

Please take the time to read all of the above information carefully and ask questions if you need to :)

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

I second lucigret's welcome. I really do sympathise, Darling, but be sure that you will be amongst A Good Company of Bods here, many of whom have been through pregnancy and birth and who know what it can do to you, despite the Joy of a New Life. I hope that you have been given good support by the local health community, so you will know the importance of good leafy greens which are rich in iron, to ensure that you are not anaemic. I lost a lot of the Royal Stuff having my second (this is back in medieval times, you understand) and my Beloved P force-fed me with liver casserole with spinach for four weeks, which may or may not be your idea of hell on wheels but it helped a lot to put the iron-spark back into my system.

Then try to find a local Pilates class or failing that look online (Youtube) for some gentle exercises to strengthen core muscles which will have taken a bit of a battering and should respond well to being given some daily exercise. This is a good start before you try to address the extra weight you are not happy with.

I had to lose 4 stone (that's nearly 25.5 k) after I had my second but I did it, with time. You can do the same but my advice to you is Start From The Outside In. I know that's not easy when you are looking at the Outside!! However, slow and steady wins the race, and you can and will get there.

All good luck to you. BB x

sophstar19902020 January
in reply to BerlinBetty

Thank you for the replh and support, i enjoy the humour and think im.going ro like it here :)

Yes, I'm confident you will: there's lots of Love and Laughter here!

Have a Lovely Day BB x

BungiecatWorking at it

Go for it you just need to get moving more and try to eat less than you are currently eating now your baby should give you the chance to walk more Good luck Gsil

sophstar19902020 January
in reply to Bungiecat

Thank you for the motovation;) ive started strong so far today so hopefully i will continue to do so x


Hello and welcome sophstar 😊. Please have a good read of all the information you’re been given and just ask if you have any questions

Losing weight is more about food than exercise, although moving more has many benefits

Good luck

Indigo 😊

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