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Newbie on a journey

Flutterbyheart942 stone

Started yesterday, I lost 3 stone 6 months ago over a year following slimming world, have been very ill over last 6 months but almost back to full health and a stone put back on, trying to use what I've learned to maintain a healthy eating plan and the support of this group. Started couch to 5 k yesterday, I have been an emotional eater in the past so support is crucial to complete this. Looking forward to giving and receiving help have a great day everybody ☀️👍☺💗

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Hi and welcome, Flutterbyheart :)

I'm glad you're on the road to recovery and are ready to get back on the weight loss wagon, I'm sure you'll be successful again :)

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Wishing you all the best :)


Hello and welcome, and well done for maintaining your three stone loss 😊👏

Have a good look at all the information Moreless has given you and just ask if you have any questions

Best wishes

Indigo 😊

Endrick1st 7lbs

Welcome! You've come to the right place, and you'll find lots of support here. You've done brilliantly so far, and I'm glad to hear that you are almost back to full health -- what a difference that makes! This group is full of kind and funny folk, so please jump right in. :)

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