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Good first week

Just looking for the Friday weight loss stream ... meanwhile I’ve had a great week of tracking all my calorie intake in my Fitbit. I’ve been avereraging 1200 calories per day, I had a meal out Saturday and a bbq Sunday so I think I’m gappy with my weight loss which I’m sure is 2lbs, I can’t quite remember so I need to find last weeks weigh in????

Have a good week. Oh I’m also supposed to have joined WW free online but they haven’t called me back yet to give me the online code. I’ll phone them.

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Good to hear you're feeling positive Nananoodles :)

All directions for finding your way around the site were in the welcome post that lucigret sent you - here's a summary. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... The Friday weigh-in gang will make you very welcome :) To find your own weight last week and any of your posts/replies, click on your avatar top right of screen and select Profile.

I'm wondering why you're only eating 1200 calories. That looks pretty low. Did you check the right calorie range for you at the NHS BMI calculator? If you stick in that range, you should lose 1-2lbs a week in a steady, sustainable way :)


Thank you, I found weigh-in. 1200 is my average because the weekends are generally heftier. Maybe 1800-2000 Saturday and Sunday. But seriously I’m one of those that looks at a cake and it’s on my hip.


I saw you on the weigh-in, and that you juggle your calories over the week :)


Please don't take this the wrong way Nananoodles but I have just done some sums, and I am concerned you are not eating enough to keep a steady weight loss going, even allowing for you eating more at weekends.

According to my calculations from what you say above, you are eating an average of 1,370 to 1,425 calories a day - which will be less than the NHS BMI Calculator suggested calorie range for someone of your height and current weight.

You can still eat more at weekends using the calorie range given - but I would expect you could still eat more than 1,200 calories a day even allowing for this.

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Thank you, I checked my BMI and it says I should be eating a minimum of 1495 calories per day. But that’s if I’m maintaining. I’m trying to lose weight and I understand I have to have a 500 calorie per day deficit in order to do this, that’s what my Fitbit app tells me. So at the weekend, I drink wine, have steak, have a pudding. During the week, I’m averaging 1200. Everybody tells you something different. In actual fact, it’s perfectly fine and GP approved to eat just 800 calories on 2 days. It can help reverse diabetes type 2,which I thankfully don’t have.

I lost 1lb this week, a sensible amount.

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Nananoodles, the 1495 is the figure for weight loss, the defecit has already been calculated 😊 it should suggest a range? And we always advise starting towards the top so you have “somewhere to go” as you lose weight 😊

But you sound as if you’re spot on with 1lb a week, and your GP supporting you 😊


As Indigo says, the range given has already taken into account the 500 calorie deficit so you will still lose weight on 1495 calories average per day.

If it is working and you are happy and disciplined enough to stick to 1200 calories during the week - and my concern for you is that it does take a lot of discipline to do that, then see how it goes. As you say, there are as many opinions as people out there, and much of healthy eating, is about finding something you can make work for you all the time.

And it looks as if it is time you had your badge upgraded - congratulations. :)


Thank you

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I do similar Nananoodles and as long as the overall average is correct for you, you are enjoying your food and not feeling deprived that’s fine 😊

Maybe read this about why it’s impor to eat enough


Best wishes

Indigo 😊

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