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Happy Healthy 2018

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad to leave 2017 behind me. It was rather an eventful ending.

My father in-law fell sick beginning of December than my husband followed. Back and forth to the hospital weekends and after work was stressful. I fell off and dove in comfort food. I gained 4 pounds and really kicking myself.

I am so happy I have rowing. I haven't been in ages. Bad weather cancellations and a very sick husband. So, when one of ladies wanted to row this morning I jumped at the chance. Weather was beautiful and the fact I missed so much I was more than eager to go.

I completed just under 10k and it was a struggle. The erg is definitely not a replacement for the real thing. It felt great completing the course and will focus keeping up the sessions.

My husband got me a gadget for Christmas to clock my row rate and time. I was excited using it today. For the sharp turns I didn't realise how slow I take them! I know the angles scare me but didn't realise how slow I take the turns. Something for me to work on.

Happy healthy New Year to everyone. I absolutely love this group!

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This is a lovely post, ShadowDee - well done on going rowing, and what a beautiful peaceful photo - I love it! Great that your husband got you that gadget to clock your row rate and time.

I can see you had a lot of stress with your father-in-law and husband both falling ill, but it's good that you've had a nicer day today - to make up for it.

Happy Rowing!!! :-)

Wishing you the very best for 2018. :-)

Zest :-)

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I’m glad that you’re back to rowing 🚣‍♀️ ShadowDee. I love being outdoors but know how difficult it is to fit in exercise when family are ill. I’ve promised my husband that we’ll go for a walk tomorrow. I hope you get back on the water again soon.

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Sorry to hear of the health problems in your family, hopefully on the mend now. What a beautiful peaceful picture I bet that was just what you needed for mind and body. Enjoy using your new gadget hopefully as often as you want to. Lizzie

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