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Happy New Year - What are your goals for the year??

Hello everyone, firstly Very happy New year to you!

I am just away to work (no rest of the wicked) and thought I would post my goals for this year to come since you are all such amazing folk and really good at keeping us all on track.

Goal 1 - Loose 5 stone within this year (target would be 8 but lets be sensible here)

Goal 2 - Get pregnant and start our family :)

Goal 3 - Find a dress I feel amazing in.

Goal 4 - Finish decorating the new house.

So those are mine, what are yours?

All the best,

Charlie xx

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Happy New year to you too Chasarama

Wishing you all the best with your goals - mmm I don't think I have ever found a dress I felt ok in let alone amazing :)


Every woman should have a dress that they feel like a princess in! I have about 14 ball gowns (can’t fit into any of them now) but honestly it’s suck a feel good thing give it a try cxx


Once I have lost some more weight I will ;)

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Nevee had a ballgown but actually like the idea of getting into one this year that looks good on me.

I do remember when i was losing for my 50th I found a beautiful monsoon dress a bargain for a £5 too in a charity shop and brought it cos I loved it determained to fit back into it ☺ will post a pic


That sounds epic! I love a bargain! Can’t wait to see your photo xx


Happy New Year to you all.

My goals for the new year.

1. Ideally loose between 1 to 1 and 1/2 half stone and feel comfortable in my skin.

2. Try and balance what I am eating, to get more varied diet.

3. Continue to exercise minimum of 5 times a week.

Wishing you all lots of happiness and success in the coming year.


My weight loss is 'mostly' under control (although I need to maintain vigilance).

I've already been working on these things but will endeavour to work harder at them...

1. Carry on improving my knowledge of all things

2. Remove my tendency towards over-cynicism

3. Improve my fitness and look after my spine a bit more

4. Stay on top of paper work

May everyone's wishes be fulfilled... boing, boing, boing!!!


Happy New Year Chasarama and good luck with your goals, I especially like number 2 ❤️

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Reach my goal of 9 stone.

Get fitter than ever before.

Knit a jumper.

Read 52 books.

See more of my family and friends.

Walk Offas Dike and/ or Wye Valley walk.

Watch less television.

Pack more in to each day....

....... So can't stop to chat... It starts today 😁😁

Great Post Charlie!!


Hi Charlie,

Wishing you a Happy New Year! :-)

Zest :-)

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