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New year, new me

Boltbrain2020 October

I decided to start my weight loss journey around this time last year. I didn’t have a photo of myself from the beginning but the one on the left is from the end of February when I had already been being healthier for about 8 weeks. The photo on the right is on Xmas day when Santa had given me some new clothes that fit 😁

It was the first time I could see a real difference in myself and a number of my friends and family barely recognised me.

Still a long journey ahead but I’m feeling confident as having been doing this for a year it really feels like a lifestyle change that has now stuck and not just a diet.

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Wow Boltbrain that's amazing well done you. Xx

Wow what an amazing transformation. A huge pat on the back from me for your achievement and best wishes for the rest of your journey. Lifestyle changes are so much better than diets 😁 xx

Your smile looks much bigger 😊 well done, what a fantastic achievement!

Aginghippy1 stone

Well done what an achievement and what a Christmas present ❣


Well done that’s a great achievement you must have lost a good 3-4 stone already.

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to Tall1732

Low nearly 5 1/2 stones so far, just another 4 or so to go! It’s a long journey and my aim this year is to add more exercise


Gosh what a difference. You are such an inspiration . People do think physical but the difference for me is also my mental health . Like you - looking good in clothes I want to wear . No baggy shirts or the opposite where the buttons are hard to fasten . Nice to wear T shirt and jeans with ease . When I see photos like this it helps me to maintain . Thanks for this .

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to focused1

All my clothes were at least 5xl, I’m still 3xl as I don’t quite feel comfortable in a 2xl yet but it is close and I know it won’t be long until I can buy clothes in most shops which will be a big change for me

focused1Maintainer in reply to Boltbrain

I am only 5ft 1 so there isn't much room for any of the weight to go .I weigh myself and I am still in the obese range although I wear Size 12 jeans . I do feel a lot better though .I am 63kg .

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to focused1

According to the NHS website I still need to lose another 8-10 stones to be in the healthy range. I think I’d disappear if I hit that.

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Looking good !👀👀 would you like to join us on our weigh in? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x

Amazing Boltbrain, what an amazing achievement and inspiration! You should be super proud of yourself, especially choosing this year of all years 😂 massive condos to you! You planning on applying to the avengers now hahaha 🤣!! X

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to purple_ums

It’s been a tough year but in all honesty it’s actually helped me being at home and the desire to get my bmi under the 40 number that was listed as a big factor to your recovery if you got the virus

Amazing 🤩

lea57-49r3 stone

You’re an inspiration. Well done.

Well done Boltbrain ,Thanks for sharing,


Muncher4442020 December

A big well done Boltbrain. I’ve literally just found this website and am now going to join ;hoping to have a much slimmer photo of myself this time next year in 2021 !

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to Muncher444

I look forward to seeing an update picture when you smash your goals 😁

Muncher4442020 December in reply to Boltbrain

Cheers Boltbrain I need incentives like that !

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Muncher444

You'll be very welcome to join us here for a chat over new year :)

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Muncher444

Do join in with a weekly weigh-in and using the Daily Diary: I'm sure you'll find alot of support and information.

And, for a chat, you're welcome to join us here

Muncher4442020 December in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you BridgeGirl that’s what I need to begin with- The Weigh In !! 🥴

Climb0072020 March

Wowwww . You are an inspiration. You have motivated me to keep going. May I ask what plan did you follow?

Boltbrain2020 October in reply to Climb007

I think if I had to put a name to the plan I’m following it’s the Corona Virus/redundancy/calorie counting/saving money/my fitness pal plan 😁In all seriousness it’s basically just monitoring what I eat but it was made easier by required changes to my lifestyle due to redundancy, being at home more and now working from home. In my previous job due to shifts etc it wasn’t unusual for me to have 2 or 3 takeaways per day.

Climb0072020 March in reply to Boltbrain

Thanks for the honesty. I agree the home cooking & regular sleep pattern help. You have totally motivated me and many others. Thanks for posting on this forum.I wish you a great 2021.

What a transformation- good on you. Happy New Year. Looks like it will be a good one for you. X

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to DizzeeB

This is a great place for support and information. I see you've joined the Wednesday Wobble Warriors: they'll be your team for as long as you want.

I recommend you also join the Daily Diary and say "out loud" what your meals plans are each day

Susasha1st 7lbs

Very well done Boltbrain! 😊

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Susasha

I see you've joined the Tuesday weigh-in team and they will be a great support for you throughout your journey. I recommend using the Daily Diary as sharing your meal plans can really help you make your plans more concrete (and it's a great place for chat about food choices :) )

BJ20205 stone

Amazing transformation. I also started this time last year 2nd December. Like you also I don't have a pic from right when I started

TotalNewbie12020 July

This is fabulous, not just the weight loss or the way you look but the change in your lifestyle. You should be super proud of yourself.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to TotalNewbie1

Hi, have you joined a weigh-in team yet? That's the best place to start, for team support. The the Daily Diary, for chat about food choices. You'll find them - and all our other activities - in Pinned Posts :)

If you're wanting a chat over the next couple of days, join us here

Well done on your new life choices and the great and obvious results!!Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

Wtg Boltbrain! A nice xmas pressie to yourself (and others) :)

PamedRestart Dec 2020

Wow you look amazing do you have any meal ideas my hubby only eats meat veg and potatoes, he can’t stand rice pasta spaghetti or fish so it’s really hard for me to think of things to give him .Congratulations on your weight loss well done

Boltbrain2020 October

I’ll be honest, I have hardly eaten rice/spaghetti/pasta. Most of my main meals have been meat, vegetables and a few potatoes with a bit sauce. I just have loads of different frozen veg and different meat options and just mix it up. I carefully monitor the weight of the meat and potatoes and keep it to set amounts but then pile in the veg. Occasionally I will use baked beans as they are a good healthy substitute.I also have my favourite “cheat meals” I found some great pizzas that I can fit in to my daily allowance easily for example.

I think it’s important to find healthy meals you actually like as you are more likely to stick to them. I found pasta while a great cheap meal actually didn’t work as well for me an I felt more bloated.

Sounds like you're doing the feel-good things you need for you. Well done. If I were you, I'd start calling it a healthy lifestyle change and leave off the word 'diet'. This is your new life, doing what feels-good for head, body and heart! Now, help others by spreading the word.


What an incredible change, amazing progress. Well done you!!

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