Depression...the ups & downs

A couple of years ago...well 2years & one month now, I was in a vulnerable, scary place, I found life unbearable & with regret I did the ultimate sin, I guess, & yes I paid a small price, I guess maybe, after 5 weeks on dialysis & a full recovery "yes I was a very lucky man" I began to put my life back together slowly but positively & surely, I'm now at a stage in my recovery to lose a few pounds & get a little fitter. I don't drink any more however I seem to have found comfort in food, not necessarily to much food just the wrong food & with a devilish sweet tooth, I really struggle to keep away from the goodies. I am determined now though so any tips i would be truly appreciated


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20 Replies

  • Hi Skoobs and welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Glad to hear your recovery is going well for you.

    You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:

    Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

    Good luck with your first week.

  • Well done for joining us Skoobs i don't think you will regret it. However, the real secret is coming on here often and chatting to people - there is always something to learn.

    You might be surprised how easy it is to turn away from sweet toothness. Take it one day at a time and celebrate each day, or part of a day, that you can forgo the sweet treats. They are so bad for your health and having been through what you have been through you really don't need any more health scares.

    Make the most of the forum and get to know people.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

  • Good evening Skoobs, I am sorry to hear you have been through a tough time, pleased your at better place now.

    Someone who's struggled with their mental health in the past, I am listening ear should you ever need to talk.

    Everyone tackles weight slightly differently for me. I started cooking from scratch again, has taken time. Weighing out snacks seeds and nuts can have more calories than you think.

    Please your hear with others determined to battle on.

  • To be honest my intentions are far superior to my actions, however I've a few positives on my side with not drinking, don't like cheese, butter, margarine & only myself to fend for.

    I just need to kick myself up the backside

  • Don't be to hard on yourself, wishing you well .

  • Unfortunately Skoobs even with the very best intentions, it's very difficult to kick yourself up the backside :D ! My tips are - don't buy those little morsels of devilishness!! And keep checking in with us and we'll all give you a 'virtual' kick whenever you want it...xx

  • stronger than I imagine, so I'm told....I've decided to give myself a treat at the weekend...saturday's are usually the best because I can pound the field's with the win for both me & the growler.

  • Hi skoobs, welcome to the forum, it’s lovely on here and I hope you find it as useful as I do. Lovely to hear ur getting better now. I actually suffer from anxiety and am on tabs for this but I have discovered a meditation app which really helps me - called headspace. Have u heard of this. Apologies if u already have tried this but this really helps me, there is a depression pack in headspace app as well which I want to try too but just getting through the anxiety pack too.

    Would be brilliant if they did something about food!!!

    See you around 😄

  • I've yet to discover any Apps like that, will give it a look

  • Have u manages to have a look. Take a look at the reviews and I think you get the first 10 meditations free but u may find it helpful. Stick at it for 10 days and then decide. I know the first 2 sessions I felt a bit silly but now it’s my me time x

  • Well done on not drinking alcohol. I’m enjoying my 10th sober Hogmanay. It’s truly wonderful.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum Skoobs this is a very supportive forum

    Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

  • Plenty of great replies already Skoobs ... welcome aboard

    Lots to read and assimilate in the Newbie Club post. Try and take in as much as you can but definitely don't feel you need to try and do it all at once. Slow steady steps on a long journey :)

  • Well done proud of you for giving up alcohol. Hope your 2018 is happy healthy little bit slimmer and blessed. X

  • welcome Skoobs, you have been to a very dark place and have come back again, well done. You have now arrived at a magical destination - lots of lovely replies so far, the best advice I can give is to come here as often as you can and join in with conversations, get to know people and before you know it you will have a huge support network and be part of THE BEST forum family ever.

    If you only have you to think about, may I suggest you just don't buy those tempting sweet treats to keep in the house. I also have a sweet tooth and have not managed to get rid of mine completely but it is diminishing. Strangely the chocolate and sweets seem to be being replaced by sweet vegetables, especially sweet potato :)

    Good luck :)

  • Its a brand New Year now and it can be a good one for us all

    good for making changes in your lifestye its something we can all do This is such a great forum

    all the luck to you xx

  • I've started a exercise regime, in fact I started it boxing day after over indulging Christmas. To be honest when I'm back at work I think the eating will be back on track.....i only ever take a banana, apple & a handful of salted nuts....i seem to get coppiace amounts of tea & coffee as my job is at different customers properties & if i avoid the shop on my way home i eat pretty well, over the years I've been lucky 32" waist until a couple of years ago & now is the time to get back into those 32 jeans......anyway the exercise regime is 6mins of high intensity with no breaks 😅 press ups 3x15.....sprint on the spot 3x20 seconds (really push the sprint) then 3x15 sit ups.....i break it up...... press ups....sprint....sit ups & back again....finally after the 6mins get into the plank position & hold for as long as possible. These exercises are best done just before food for men & 1to2 hrs after food for women.....the exercise needs to be done 6 days a week with a day of rest. It's amazing how good you feel after & it seems like cheating.

  • I promise Skoobs, you have done nothing I haven't already done and survived to tell the tale so good for us both! I quit drinking about 5 months ago so I understand. why do we all of a sudden go to sweets then? I don't know, I do it too. I try to eat more fruit to stop the cravings and indulge occasionally in the sweets I love. I just do moderation which is something I have had to learn being a former drinker. huh, imagine that. anyway, it can be done, I am living proof of it and I wish you luck luck luck darling. if you hang around here a while, you will see that good advice on how to stop the sugar cravings is here and we are, well some of us are, most knowledgeable in the ways of the weight loss. I recommend that you think of it as a new way of life, one day at a time, rather than a diet and you will stick longer. chin up doll, we can do this together!

  • When I first stopped drinking I ate so many sweets that I had to get 3 fillings 🍩

  • Well done for coming such a long way.

    You've got the self awareness to-do what it takes and you'll find the support here.

    I'm really looking forward to cheering you on the way 😁

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